Votive candle markdowns ($3.50 each!) and price changes

February is ending, I’m preparing to make a fuckton of new candles this weekend (including the long-awaited tinned candles in addition to some actual votives–i.e., candles that will fit in a standard votive holder and some new tealights), and once again I’m running out of storage space! As a consequence of this (and because I am going to need to replace my computer sometime in the not-too-distant future), I have marked down the remainder of my older “Dixie cup votives” from $5 to $3.5o.

This is a great chance to stock up on premium soy magickal candles, including:

Sex and Chocolate (chocolate, floral, and musky-leather notes)


Love Potion (champagne and strawberries)


Second Chakra (pure essential oils of geranium, patchouli, and spices)

New Second Chakra candles, featuring pure essential oils only!

Frigga (pure essential oils of lavender, tea tree, and peppermint)


Imbolc (clean linen, fresh cream, and violets, a perfect fragrance for welcoming in spring!)


Sunna (pure essential oils of sweet orange, mandarin and bergamot)


Also, I’ve adjusted the prices of some of my new floating candles: from $8 for a set of two large candles or 4 small candles, to $7 for a set of 2 large or 4 small floaters.  The larger candles are 3 inches in diameter by one inch high, and the smaller mini-floaters are 1 3/4 inches in diameter by 3/4 inch high.  What I have available right now includes:

Joy (tangerine and vanilla) in large and tealights:


Sanctuary (lavender and cedarwood) in large and small:


Dark Moon (pathchouli and myrrh) in large only:




Moxie (lime and lemongrass, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or Bolverk’s Day) in large and small:


There are more (too many to list in this post, which is already getting long); you can see the entire selection here.

And of course, I also accept custom orders for my fixed mason jar candles and Dixie cup votives (although I will not be making any more of the Dixie cup votives apart from custom orders; the new regular votives will be replacing them).









Soaps are live at Fiberwytch!

Jo here, doing as Beth commands while she scurries about to catch the bus to go to her day job. There may have been some muttering about my getting to be home in pjs while she’s gotta go out in the pouring rain, but maybe I heard wrong, I don’t know . . . In any event, we are super pleased to announce that Fiberwytch has launched its new soap line! Currently there are four soaps to choose from:



Awake, or what we like to call yoga in a bar! This soap is designed to awaken, stimulate and invigorate your physical and energetic (astral, etc.) body to prepare for spellwork, studying, or any task that will require just full concentration and mental focus. It also works equally well as a daily wake-up rite in the shower to get a good start on the day ahead. This is a bracing, exhilarating soap–like a blast of cool mountain air.


This is a two-layer soap with a creamy lather. One layer is infused with natural spirulina–which is loaded with minerals and fantastic for drawing out toxins on both a physical and spiritual level–as well as green zeolite clay, which has a somewhat exfoliating quality and scrubby feeling to it. The other layer contains poppy seeds, which also provide gentle exfoliation and will get your circulation going! The natural fragrance–pure essential oils of peppermint and rosemary–is refreshing, cooling, and will get your eyes open and your mind in gear. Rosemary offers clarity, healing and protection, and peppermint stimulate the mind (in addition to containing menthol which is cooling and refreshing to the skin).


Soothe is designed to help you unwind and relax after ritual, spellcasting, meditation, or even just to help you relax and prepare for peaceful sleep after a long day.


The soap is infused with activated charcoal–which is fantastic for drawing out toxins on both a physical and spiritual level–and pure lavender essential oil, which is calming and comforting, and encourages harmony and relaxation.


Indulge is a four pack of mini-bars designed to pamper, soothe and delight your physical and energetic (astral, etc.) body. This soap feels utterly indulgent and luxurious and encourages feelings of romance, affection, and closeness. They would be perfect for use before casting a love spell or enjoying a romantic get together, or you could even leave them in your guest bathroom to encourage a happy and harmonious visit!


This is a heart-shaped bar with a creamy lather, infused with exotic purple Brazilian clay with a pinch of colloidal oatmeal for extra skin-softening and pampering. The natural fragrance–pure ylang ylang essential oil–is uplifting, encouraging feelings of self-love, calm, and enthusiasm.


Bless is designed to cleanse, purify and bless your physical and energetic (astral, etc.) body before ritual, spellcasting, meditation, or even just as a daily purification rite in the shower to get a good start on the day ahead.


This is a two-layer soap with a creamy lather. One layer infused with activated charcoal–which is fantastic for drawing out toxins on both a physical and spiritual level–and the other with natural rose clay, which is wonderful for your skin and makes you feel extra-pampered. The natural fragrance–pure essential oils of lemon, lavender, frankincense, and fir needle–is incredible and leaves you feeling both clean and sanctified–ready for anything! (Those who have bought my House Blessing candles will know the fragrance; it is the same blend.) Frankincense drives out evil and negativity, raising the vibrations of an area and removing any unwanted influences attached to a place or a person. Lavender is calming and comforting, and encourages harmony and relaxation. Lemon is powerfully cleansing an purifying. It banishes negative energy and invites in clarity and positivity. Fir needle is refreshing, cleansing, antidepressant, and helps to combat the blahs.


All of the soaps have been infused with healing Reiki energy as well as magickal intent. Magickal soap can be great for your skin, too! Goat’s milk soap has skin-softening properties, and my soap is made with 10% real refrigerated liquid goat’s milk. Glycerine soap is also wonderfully hydrating to the skin in general; I have never experienced skin so soft and smooth as after washing with this soap! My soaps are sodium lauryl sulfate free and are designed to be as gentle to your skin as they are to the environment.

Turtle Island II (and a bit of life stuff)


Since my original Turtle Island necklace was spoken for so quickly and is now on layaway for a customer, I decided to create a second one–this time featuring larimar instead of amber. Also known as the “dolphin stone” and the “blue stone of Atlantic,” larimar is extremely rare and expensive, as it is found only in the Dominican Republic. A stone of volcanic origins, it also carries the energies of sky and sea, and helps to balance these polarities, working to release fear, calm temper, and soothe the physical and emotional bodies.


This necklace features a gorgeous, solid genuine brass turtle pendant with a highly detailed, openwork design. The pendant is flanked by dark green fire-polished Czech glass crystals, silky Patikan palmwood rounds, green pyrite rounds brecciated jasper, and genuine larimar chips, with gold hematite spacers. These larimar chips are BIG; the round beads are 10 ml, to give you a basis for comparison.

The necklace measures a light, comfortable 19 inches, and fastens with an easy-to-work antiqued bronzetone lobster claw clasp. The turtle pendant measures about 1 1/2 inches.

The beads are strung on 49-strand professional quality Accuflex beading wire, which is soft-drape clear-coated stainless steel.

Brecciated jasper aligns the chakras, increases physical endurance, encourages attunement with animal allies and journey guides, and protects during astral traveling.

Green pyrite reduces fatigue and blocks negative energy from people, places and objects.

This is a warm, earthy necklace that also incorporates the energies of sky, sea, and fire–perfect for elemental balancing! It would be equally at home worn to the office as your everyday talisman, or as a statement piece at your next ritual or gathering.

I have done my best to portray the colors accurately, but please be aware that each monitor shows color a bit differently.

The necklace is not blessed or consecrated, but I would be happy to do that for you in a small ritual at no extra charge.

This necklace can also be used as a prayer bead set, to adorn an altar for an earth deity deity or for the turtle spirit itself, in meditation and journeying, or as a portable altar/shrine, aka a stealth shrine (for those who are unable to practice openly). It can also be used to mark your formal dedication to a deity or spirit associated with the earth or with Turtle.

IMG_5825Comes to you elegantly packaged in a beautiful little organza bag (not pictured), ready for gift-giving!

I am, as always, willing to set up a layaway plan for you if you need to have this necklace but can’t afford the entire cost all at once; we can spit the price into two payments of $35 or three payments of $23.33, with the shipping costs added into the last payment. The necklace would be shipped once all the payments have been made. If you’d like to discuss this, just convo me on Etsy!

I also have some other fabulous jewelry selections available here (I am waiting for a big shipment of beads and findings, after which there will be a new infusion of jewelry in the shop), and of course I take commissions for jewelry, candles, and prayer beads. And I still have a big selection of candles available here, many of them brand new.

And now the brief life update: I’m having a bit of a rough week and can use some turtle energy myself. Last weekend I got first degree burns on my right hand by forgetting that Pyrex gets hot in the microwave (after five hours of having my hand in ice water on Odin’s instructions it barely blistered and is recovering nicely, but still). Also, this week I am coming off one of my pain medications because it causes mental fog and fatigue. Instead, I am on a low dose of Prozac, which is working wonders so far, but there is still extra pain to deal with. Yoga and meditation are helping with that (in addition to turning up the godphone as a nice side effect), but it is an adjustment process. I am already feeling mentally clearer and with more energy, though, so it will be worth it.

It’s a good thing I have the extra energy, because this morning I discovered that my laptop is broken. This means I am now working off the second household computer, a tiny Acer Aspire Jo has been using. (No the irony has not been lost on me. Conversation from this morning: Odin: “Don’t buy a Gateway again. They’re crap.” Me: “Then what should I get?” Odin: “Acer has served you well.” Oh, hahahaha, funny.  Get it? Aesir? Though I can’t argue.)

Anyway. Since I do not have the funds to get a new computer at the moment, if you’ve been thinking of buying something from my shop but have been holding off, it would of course help me tremendously if you were able to make a purchase. I am going to make it worth your while by making sure the shop is well-stocked with fabulous things for the beginning of March, including soap, more candles, and some stunning new jewelry.

Of course, if you just feel like donating towards the cause of my being able to get a new laptop sooner rather than later, I’d be eternally grateful, but I’d rather you just buy stuff so you get something in return. In fact, I may be doing a GoFundMe campaign for this, with incentives, because honestly, even though the store is doing pretty well, I’m trying to rely on my business income to support the household and cut my day job hours further (and eventually cut the day job out entirely) and that plan won’t support large purchases such as a new laptop in addition to supplies for the store (which I have to buy in order to continue having a store). So. There you have it.

An idea about divine relationships


A very useful chart from Thenea: where would you place yourself on here?

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:

This post will be brief. I am thinking of the various ways that I have heard practitioners describe their relationships to God, Goddess, Gods, or sacred figures across trads. I notice that there are two basic axises… at least as far as I can tell.

One spectrum runs from Self to Distant Other, with Other somewhere in the middle. On one end of that spectrum, you have people who see deity as shaping their identity in some way. They want to emulate that deity, live up to their ideals, dress in their sacred symbols, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, you have practitioners who see deities as abstract forces of nature.

The other spectrum runs from Independence to Servitude, with Dependency of some kind in the middle. On the one end of the spectrum, you have witches who relate to deities like the postman, those who relate to deity…

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What It Means to Place the Gods First


Sarenth has hit it right on the head with this one.

Originally posted on Sarenth Odinsson's Blog:

Having read Galina Krasskova’s recent piece at Polytheist.com, I have to say, when people like her or myself say “The Gods come first” that does not mean that family disappears as a priority.

As head of my little Heathen household, what it means when I say “The Gods come first” is that They are the first consideration when decisions are made, when efforts are undertaken, and around whom the placement of our lives is made.  Do we ask the Gods every time we do something small, like “Oh Odin, what shall I eat today?”  No.  What it means is that when we do sit down to eat, we pray to the Gods, Ancestors, spirits, the beings we are consuming (both animal and plant) and on behalf of all of those who brought the food to us.  It means that we recognize our hamingja as a family is tied into…

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Mani (Moon) Devotional Necklace


A devotional necklace designed for Mani, the (male) lunar deity of the Norse pantheon–although it could be worn for any moon god or goddess, such as Luna, Selene, Thoth, or Khonsu.

This necklace features a gorgeous green-glazed Raku (ceramic) pendant depicting the smiling face of the full moon. The pendant is flanked by faceted dragon’s blood jasper (shades of green and grey, with a few touches of dark red), large matter clear quartz crystal rounds, prehnite chips, and natural grey wood and ironwood rounds, with spacers of gold hematite and silver-lined glass. The necklace measures a comfortable 19 1/2 inches, with the moon pendant measuring about an inch round. It fastens with an easy to work antiqued bronzetone lobster claw clasp.



The beads are strung on 49-strand professional quality Accuflex beading wire, which is soft-drape clear-coated stainless steel.

Known as a stone of magick, green prehnite helps you connect with beings who dwell on the higher spiritual planes, supports discipline, and encourages surrender to Divine will.

Clear quartz can be used to accelerate the fulfillment of prayers, or enhance healing or spiritual growth.

Dragon’s blood jasper helps to balance the aura, break bad habits, and develop confidence and purpose.

This is a light, comfortable necklace with an elegant lunar glow to it; it would make a great “everyday” necklace for someone strongly attuned to lunar energies or aligned with moon deities, or a fabulous statement piece to wear to lunar coven or magickal group gatherings.

The necklace is not blessed or consecrated, but I would be happy to do that for you in a small ritual at no extra charge.

This necklace can also be used as a prayer bead set, to adorn an altar for lunar magick, in meditation and astral travel, or as a portable altar/shrine, aka a stealth shrine (for those who are unable to practice openly). It can also be used to mark your formal dedication to a moon deity or spirit.

Comes to you elegantly packaged in a beautiful little organza bag, ready for gift-giving!


As always, I am open to doing a layaway plan for you with payment installments for this necklace; just convo me on Etsy and we can set something up!





New magickal candles!

There will be still more magickal candles (including the tinned candles, which I have finally figured out the perfect wick for) rolling out over the next couple of weeks, but for right now I was very excited to get this batch of my newest ones up in the shop. I love, love, love a few of these fragrances; I tend to keep one of two of each type for myself, because I just can’t resist them. One of the nicest things about making candles is always having a selection to burn for yourself!


Moxie: a set of 2 floating candles dyed a vibrant leprechaun green and liberally dusted with gold and green glitter. These are generously scented with pure organic lime peel and lemongrass essential oils.

Obviously, I designed these with Bolverk’s Day/St. Patrick’s Day in mind, but I have also magickally charged them with moxie, which can be roughly defined as:

1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage
2. Aggressive energy; initiative
3. Skill; know-how

Lime is fresh, energizing, and promotes action and daring. Lemongrass is balancing, uplifting, and centering. The two oils combined inspire initiative, courage, and boldness combined with strategy. Burn these when you have a thorny problem to face and need energy, initiative, and a touch of daring.

Moxie mini floating candle sets can be found here.


My Ostara floating candles are pristine white and liberally dusted with white glitter and large sunny yellow glitter flowers. They are generously scented with premium milk and honey fragrance oil, which smells so delicious you may find yourself wanting to eat these (but please don’t). The fragrance is evocative of comfort, nurturing, and new beginnings

I have magickally charged these candles with the initiative to start something new, to plant a seed and watch it grow; they are also filled with Reiki healing energy. These are perfect for an Ostara or Spring Equinox ritual, or to begin a project and nurture it along the way. You can get a set of two of the larger candles (3 inches x 1 inch) here, or a set of 4 mini floaters here.


Refresh floating candles are dyed a pale tea green and liberally dusted with silver glitter and large white glitter hearts. They are generously scented with premium white tea & ginger fragrance oil, which smells incredibly refreshing, evoking the atmosphere of taking a break for a nice, quiet cup of tea.

I have magickally charged these candles with renewal and refreshment, in addition to Reiki healing energy. Use them when you need a moment to step back, think, reflect, and come back refreshed. Sets of 2 of the large candles can be found here, and the mini-candles (which are perfect for a candlelit bath) are  available here.


My Dark Moon candles are dyed a sleek dark charcoal grey and liberally dusted with black and multi-colored glitter. They are generously scented with pure organic essential oils of patchouli and myrrh, creating a darkly resinous fragrance.

With Odin’s assistance, I have magickally charged these candles with the energies of the dark moon; they would be ideal to use in spellwork for banishing and binding magic, protection, keeping secrets hidden, warding, seeking justice, and working to rid yourself of bad habits (or of anything else that needs to go). These candles could also be used to honor gods who resonate well with dark moon energies, such as Odin, Hela, Hades, Nepthys, and Hekate.


Also, the Sanctuary essential oil blend (which sold out when I featured it in tea lights last week) is back, available in both full-sized and mini floating candles! These are dyed a beautiful light royal violet shade and liberally dusted with silver and violet glitter. These candles are beautiful and would enhance any shrine or ritual. They are generously scented with pure essential oils of lavender and Atlas cedarwood, which conjures up feelings of being in a sacred grove in the midst of the forest. Lavender increases awareness, psychic clarity, and your inner sense of well-being, while Atlas cedarwood brings balance and purification and a connection to the spirits around us.

I have magickally charged these candles with the energies of awareness, purification, and well-being, with the intent to consecrate your space and drive away any unwanted energies.

Yes, the floating candles really will float, and would lend an aura of glamour to any ritual, making it extra special! All of my candles are made from EcoSoya soy wax (soy wax is a renewable resource, and buying it really helps American farmers), and I source all my dyes, oils and other materials right here in the US–preferably in the Pacific Northwest, where I can support other businesses in my local area.

I am really loving making candles (and soap!) more and more as I do it; much as with my fiber work, I instill magickal intent into each batch from the beginning (melting the wax and mixing in oils and dyes) right through to the final sprinkling of glitter. I really love working with Odin on charging each batch, and I’m enough of a corvid that I go crazy over the colors and shinies and can’t wait to see what I can make next. The first batches in my new soap line with be unveiled in the next couple of days (a lot of you have already received samples), and there is lots more to come, along with still more candles. I hope you’re having as much fun seeing (and hopefully buying) them as I am making them!