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Odin and LokiHey guys! I’ve been more quiet than usual this past month, and I wanted to check in. Everything is actually fine, I just haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve been spending less time on Facebook in favor of getting my Etsy shop  stocked with goodies (such as the deity poppets featured with this post), and although the shop has been doing okay, I don’t think it will ever be what it once was. There were a couple of weeks there where I thought it might start amounting to a full time business again (and maybe it will eventually) but so far it’s sporadic. Accordingly, I’m not able to pour the money into supplies that I was once able to, so I’m not aggressively pursuing growing the shop. It will continue to grow, but in slow, organic stages. Saving money needs to be a…

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Oracular seidhr for November: Tuesday the 12th

My next oracular seidhr session will take place on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013. If you would like to be included, please email your question to me at: wodandis at gmail dot com.

Since I skipped my October session, I will be relaxing my limit of five querents for this month’s session; I have a few questions I saved from last month, have already received one new request this month, and have room for a few more.  So if you have a question, send it in!

Per usual, I will still be accepting only ONE question per session from each individual (with NO follow up questions, please!) . Please allow 2-3 days after the session to receive your answer, to account for the fact that Jo needs to type up the dictation she takes down during the sessions, after which I look over and sometimes amend her transcription before emailing the answers off to you.

Please get your questions to me by Monday night if you would like to be included! I will reply briefly to your email to let you know you’re in, and will post again when I feel I’ve reached my limit for the questions.

Although this is a free service I provide to the community and payment is not necessary, donations are always VERY gratefully accepted, especially this month, as I really overextended myself on preparing my booth for my recent craft fair venture and made no sales at it.  (More on that later: the venue and so many other things were wrong about this!)  Also, this disaster coincided with my having recently reduced my working hours to 25 per week, and while I am definitely seeing an increase in my energy levels as a result, there is also a rather large decrease in my paycheck.  So as always, if you appreciate what I am doing with my seidhr practice and/ or my blog, and I have helped you in some way, I deeply appreciate any financial gift you can afford to make, no matter how small. If you would like to make a donation you may do via Paypal at wodandis at gmail dot com.  Or, you could always hop on over to FiberWytch on Etsy and pick up some handspun yarn or a ritual cord or two instead; all of my prices have recently been lowered with the holiday shopper in mind (I realize many of you have money issues of your own, but you still need to get those holiday gifts bought or made, right?), and I’m adding at least one new item every day.  (Plus, domestic US shipping is now free!)

More information about my seidhr practice may be found here.

Etsy shop update!

new yarns

I’m working on a huge update over at FiberWytch on Etsy: lots of new handspun yarns, all ready to be snapped up (at just lowered, holiday-ready prices) and worked unto smashing Christmas/Hanukah/Yule gifts that will make you world-famous.  (Or at least earn you a lot in the way of happy, sincere thanks.)  If you’ve never knitted or crocheted with hand spun yarn before, you’re in for a treat you won’t soon forget.  And if you have, you know that there’s nothing quite like it for beauty, warmth and quality; there is a special magic to handspun.

All of my yarn is hand dyed, and most of it has been completely hand processed by me from raw fleece to finished skein.  I source all of my wool locally to help support the economy of the Pacific Northwest and Oregon in particular.  And I use environmentally friendly, professional quality dyes that are completely free from heavy metals

BUT best of all for holiday shopping, ALL yarns and cords throughout my store now ship for FREE within the domestic US.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go browse some handspun, and get a head start on those mittens and hats!

On Faith and Community Politics

There is so much good stuff in this post, it’s hard to single any particular statement out. There are important reminders here that those of us who are god-touched are not necessarily more special, more loved, or more fortunate in life than other pagans (in fact, depending on the deity, you could find it making your life a lot harder than it would otherwise have been). However, the thing that really resonated the most for me–and the reason I’m reblogging this–is Elizabeth’s thoughts on community. I too have become very disheartened by the polytheist/pagan community recently, in particular because of all of the infighting, and she raises some very good points about how utterly pointless and counterproductive all of that is. I have tried not to get pulled into this last round because it always ends up being a huge time-suck for me, taking time away from all of the actually important projects on my plate, and leaving me with bad feelings about everyone concerned. I’ve been guilty of making snide remarks and throwaway derisive comments from time to time too, though I’m trying to prune that tendency in myself, but withdrawing into my own little box and giving up on community is not the answer either. Recently I did a business-oriented exercise that asked what legacy you would like to leave the world with after you’ve moved on from this plane. That really got me thinking. To think of it in fiber-related terms, would I rather help weave a beautiful fabric, or would I rather be one of the ones who sits there cutting that fabric apart, and shredding everyone else’s work. There is no question in my mind that I would rather it be the former than the latter, so I need to be more conscious of that as I go forward into this next year. Let the weaving begin.

Hunter’s Moon

Get a head start on your holiday shopping, or get some handspun yarn for those DIY gift ideas! For the Hunter’s Moon/Blood Moon of October, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $20, now through 10/19. Simply enter the coupon code HUNTERSMOON during checkout at FiberWytch on Etsy.  Happy shopping and enjoy the glorious October full moon!

etsy screenshot

Out of time

Knitting takes me out of time. Sitting outside yesterday, in the sunlight, listening to the wind in the trees, watching Corbie puppy-out after bees and flies, I could have been anyone, anywhere (read: at least since the advent of knitting). If I ignored the house with its humming electricity at my back, and the cars on the road, and the planes overhead, I could have been anyone, anywhere. It’s a small step to the side to then, through this craft, reach out and touch my ancestors. It ceases to be about knitting specifically and begins to be about textiles in general, and there is something we all have in common: making portable shelter. Taking some raw material (in this case, essentially thread) and creating something that wasn’t there before.

Jo has summarized very eloquently here part of the appeal spinning holds for me: its timelessness.  Spinning takes me out of time, and often, out of myself as well.  When I am preparing, dyeing, and spinning wool, I could be almost anyone, almost anywhere in the world, at almost any time.  Sure, there are a few limitations on this depending on the equipment being used; spinning wheels first appeared in Asia in the 11th century, and in Europe a century later, but the flyer and treadle wheel we all know and love didn’t follow for a few hundred years after that.  Spindles, however, have been around for as long as people have been covering their bodies with cloth rather than animal skins.  I’m tempted to say this coincided with the switch from being hunter-gatherers to being farmers, but in reality no one knows; people were probably collecting plants such as nettles and retting and spinning those long before sheep entered the picture.

Want to feel closer to your ancestors at this time of turning towards the dark?  Take up a traditional craft.  Spinning qualifies, but so do sewing and needlework, weaving, carving with non-mechanized tools, candle-making, making herbal preparations using a mortar and pestle, and probably a hundred other things I’m not thinking of at the moment.  These crafts take you out of time; they strip away the façade of the modern era and, by so doing, they help to thin the veil.

You can read the rest of Jo’s post here.

Oracular seidhr for October: Sunday the 13th

My next oracular seidhr session will take place next Sunday, October 13th, 2013. If you would like to be included, please email your question to me at: wodandis at gmail dot com.

Also, if you contacted me about seidhr last month but were too late for September, and if I told you I would include you in the October session, please email me again to remind me.  I have a crappy memory due to fibro fog and don’t always find these emails a month later.  To help make sure no requests slip through the cracks, I am also asking that all seidhr request emails have the following subject line: ORACULAR SEIDHR FOR (fill in the month).  Please take care that your spelling of seidhr matches mine or I may not find your email when I search.

Please keep in mind that, going forward, I will be accepting only ONE question per session from each individual (with NO follow up questions, as usual), and limiting each session to FIVE separate querents. In addition, please allow 2-3 days after the session to receive your answer, to account for the fact that Jo needs to type up the dictation she takes down during the sessions, after which I look over and sometimes amend her transcription before emailing the answers off to the querents. I think these changes will make it easier for me to continue to do seidhr in a manageable fashion.

Thank you for understanding, and please email me before next Saturday night if you would like your question included in the upcoming session. Anyone who sends theirs in too late will have the option of being first in my queue for the November session!  (But I will ask you to remind me, as noted above.)

As always, donations are very gratefully accepted, as I am only able to work part time due to my health issues; if you would like to make a donation you may do via Paypal at wodandis at gmail dot com.

More information about my practice may be found here.

Oracles are Wingdings

True words on the nature of trance work, oracles, and seership. It is not a gentle or pretty process, folks–not in my experience (7 years and counting now) with seidhr, anyway…

The Twisted Rope

Alternative title: The Nature of a Trance
Alternative title #2: Trancework Will Make You Its Bitch

I recently read a post by Tess Dawson about Cradling Oracles. In this post, she suggests a number of actions to be taken when working with oracles, visions and dreams. Above all, the message seems to be that in order to be able to experience the “kiss of inspiration” that an oracle brings, you must be clean and gentle.

After reading the post, I mulled over how it is I interact with oracles and visions and I came to the following conclusion: I don’t really think that oracles, visions and dreams are something you cradle. They cradle you (to put it nicely or poetically).

To be more accurate, they drown you and suck you in. You feel the wave of the vision rushing towards you, and before you can even think to run…

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