Two new journal options

I posted two new options for my handmade “fauxdori” leather traveler’s notebooks today, and they can be summed up roughly as “plain or fancy”.

  1. Plain:img_9756Like to keep things simple? This listing is for a “plain” (no cover design) Midori-style leather traveler’s notebook cover, with your name or monogram (or that of a gift recipient) stamped on the cover if you wish at no extra charge. (If you want a name added, please message me via the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen.)

    Your journal will be bound with black elastic that can hold your passport in addition to 2-3 travelers notebooks, folders, and other inserts, and comes with ONE hand cut and hand sewn notebook insert in the appropriate size to fit your cover, with dot graph pages; other notebook fillers will be available in the shop soon.

    Size options (approximate dimensions of the book when open):

    Dollar Store: 7 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ (holds 2-3 dollar store mini composition notebooks)

    Passport:  8 1/4″ x 5 3/4 ” (holds 2-3 passport-sized notebooks)

    Standard: 9″ x 10 1/2″ (holds 4-6 standard sized notebooks)

    Wide: 9″ x 12″ (holds 4-6 standard sized notebooks)

    Colors available: scarlet red, black, TARDIS blue, buffalo brown, timber brown, canyon tan, violet, yellow, forest green, off-white, pink, turquoise (More color choices coming soon!)

  2. Fancy:

    custom-journalAll the bells and whistles! Do you have a particular image or theme you’d like featured on the cover of your journal? (Your favorite animal, plant, deity, TV show, etc)? After consulting with you via Messenger, I will design a cover to your specifications, provided your suggested design is one I think I can execute. You will have approval of the final design before I begin work on your journal. I will pyrograph your design into the journal by hand, along with a short stamped phrase or name if you wish. I will then dye and paint the journal in the colors you choose. (Size is also up to you, per the choices listed above.)

If you’re thinking of placing an order for holiday gift-giving, just a reminder that both of these journal options are made to order, and you will need to place your order by 12/5 (this coming Monday!) to give me enough time to get it to you by 12/19.

Holiday shipping fees got ya down?

I hear you! In fact, there are lots of times when high shipping costs make it impossible for me to follow through with an order I’m trying to place for myself. (Example: I’m shopping for candle jars for a new line of spell candles and haven’t been able to afford them yet because the shipping is about five times the price of the actual item.)

And so, I’m doing a little experiment right now in my shop. For the entire month of December, I’m offering FREE shipping within the domestic US for any order of $50 or more, and FREE international shipping for any order of $75 or more. There are no coupon codes to type in for this–just put together an order the way you normally would, and if the dollar amount reaches the above, there won’t be any surprise shipping charges tacked on at the end. (Secretly, I would really love to tweak things so that domestic US shipping is free, period–because figuring out shipping costs is a pain–but that won’t be happening until January at the earliest. First, we’ll see how the experiment goes.)

You might have noticed that there’s a bit of sawdust in the shop right now, and this is partly my way of apologizing for that. I was forced to discontinue my line of prayer candles this week due to no longer being able to source the jars (don’t worry, I’m looking into replacing them with something even better!), and most of the lotion tins are no longer available because I can’t afford to reorder the containers. But the new store did start out as a carbon copy of my former Etsy shop, the Candle Invasion, and it was never intended to stay that way. I have a limited amount of soy wax left for pouring candles, and have pretty much decided that once that’s gone, I am done with pouring candles. (The dressed tea lights are staying, though, and as I mentioned there will be other types of magickal candles available–I just won’t be pouring them.) At the same time, I am adding to my growing inventory of handmade leather Midori-style journals, with the latest batch being these:

That’s right, I now have a line of Game of Thrones-inspired fauxdori covers, with each design available in several different sizes. Each journal cover comes with one handmade notebook insert, and I’ll have a selection of standalone inserts available in the shop soon!

And speaking of the journal covers? If you’re thinking they’d make a great gift for someone on your list, you’re right–but you need to get your order in quickly! My cutoff for made to order journals that you need in time for the holidays is Monday, December 5th–which gives you the rest of the weekend, basically. You can place an order at anytime, of course, but after the 5th I can’t guarantee to get a made to order journal in your hands by December 19th.

Wondering what’s the best way to ask questions about an order, a product, shipping times, or pretty much anything else to do with the store? Private message me! In the lower left hand corner of your screen when you’re in the shop you’ll see a big blue button that says “Message Us.” That button connects directly with the Sea Bunny Facebook page, and will let us use FB Messenger to chat in real time about your orders, or any other questions you have. See you in Messenger, and have a great weekend!

River (aka Beth)

Grand Opening Sale

Sure you could hit the stores–but it’s pretty crazy out there. So why not just kick back with a cup of hot cocoa and shop online from tiny little handmade businesses (like mine), where your purchase really makes a difference? I’m still busy adding things to the shop for the holidays, but right now I have candles (including my new Tarot magick candles and wood wick votives), altar or Tarot cloths, triptychs for your shrine, and the brand new leather Midori-style journal covers. Pick up some holiday gifts, or get yourself something special.

From now through Tuesday 11/29, enter the coupon code BUNNYSALE at my new shop to take 20% off everything in your cart! (There is no minimum purchase, but please don’t forget to use the coupon; I will be unable to give discounts after the fact.)

You can use the coupon as many times during the sale as you like, so keep checking back for new items. (I will be adding some new journal covers in the next day or so–the dye is drying on them right now!) Happy shopping!


Lots of brand new items!

I spent last night and part of today uploading new items (some of them are the beginnings of new collections, actually) to the shop!

Here’s what’s new:

Leather Midori-Style Traveler’s Notebook Covers


A rotating selection of hand-stamped and pyrographed Midori-style travelers notebook covers, with designs inspired by activism, paganism, and pop culture. I hand cut, design, dye, finish, and condition each journal using only eco-friendly dyes and finishes. The elastic binding I use for holding your notebook fillers in place is 2 mm fabric-wrapped elastic, of a much higher quality than what is normally found with this type of journal, to extend the life of your cover. The leather is full-grain oak-tanned cow, which I have carefully conditioned to enable it to soften with use and provide you with years of journaling pleasure.

More journal designs coming soon, including a custom option–and there will also be handmade notebook inserts and other extras for sale!

Tarot Magick Candles


14 oz creamy white unscented soy wax hand poured into a glitter-coated 7 day candle jar, adorned with a high-res image of Tarot cards from the 1910 Pamela B deck. (A fore-runner of the Rider Waite-Smith, which unlike the latter is unambiguously in the public domain within the US.) Invoke the power, wisdom, and magick of the Tarot into your life to help yoi bring about needed transformation!

Wood Wick Soy Votives


Perfect for a cold day, these adorable little candles crackle like a roaring fireplace as they burn, adding a wonderful, relaxing ambiance to your home or sacred space!. Made from pure, renewable US soy wax, undyed and scented with only the finest phlalate-free fragrance oils, hand-poured into 3 oz glass votive holders and topped with extra-fine glitter in sophisticated shades to add a festive touch.  No mess, no looking for a votive holder that will fit, just light the wood wick and settle down to relax, meditate, read, or just enjoy!





Handmade using recycled cardboard and gorgeous public domain images, a triptych can be used as a backdrop for your statue, or as an instant shrine in its own right. Painted by hand in a beautiful metallic black and trimmed with washi tape, these pieces of mixed media art will make stunning tributes to your deities!

Comes with one undressed tea light to get you started, and folds flat for easy travel or storage. (More designs coming soon!)

Announcing Sea Bunny Designs!


If you’ve noticed my two Etsy shops are both on vacation, and wondered when they’d be coming back–well, they won’t be. I put them on vacation a few days ago to prevent further orders from coming in because I cannot afford to keep paying Etsy for traffic they aren’t sending me. So both shops will stay on vacation until my final bills with Etsy have been settled, and then they will be closing for good.

In the meantime, and going forward, you can find me here:


Jo and I decided to launch a jointly run standalone shop: Sea Bunny Designs! For now, all of the products will look pretty familiar to you and are all mine (imported from The Candle Invasion), but I will be adding a new line of mixed media art for your altar or shrine created by Jo, and this week I will be working on leather fauxdori journal covers, which will be added as soon as they’re ready to go. I have other fun things planned, too!

The new shop accepts both Paypal and credit cards via an SSL encrypted cart, so you can shop with confidence, and you can either create an account or checkout as a guest–whichever works best for you. There is no instant messaging system installed similar to Etsy convo, but there is an easy contact form that links to my email if you need help with your order.

To be clear, this is now the ONLY place online where you will be able to purchase my products. Etsy is gone. Since April, it has been working for me less and less; whatever they changed on their site took my store from a full time business to barely part time (between two separate shops), and it is no longer worth it to me to keep paying their exorbitant fees.

I will be doing some shop updates pretty soon and will post about them here. In the meantime, come visit!

Post-election Ramble, and Supermoon in Taurus Prayer

In which I ask the Traveler and the Raven Queen to guide those of us who are upset, frightened and disturbed about the election results, helping us to find the steadfastness, resolve and focus to fight for what matters to us, and to aid us in becoming defenders of humanity and of the planet. We refuse to be silent.