Heimdall’s Blade

I featured this necklace on my new FiberWytch blog yesterday, and given my recent experience on Google +, it seems appropriate to give it a bit of a wider reach.


Brand new to the shop! This almost blindingly dazzling necklace would be an absolutely perfect stealth talisman for a lover, spouse, or devotee of Heimdall, Guardian of Bifrost (the rainbow bridge). Alternately, due to its high amount of bling and rainbow shimmer, it would also make a fitting statement of LGBT pride for someone who follows the Aesir and wants to show the world that They support love in whatever form it manifests.

It is a long necklace (26 inches, plus the sword pendant, which is 2 1/2 inches on its own), making it perfect for layering over shorter pieces. A steel lobster claw clasp is included, although the necklace slips easily on and off over your head, and depending on the size of your neck you may even be able to double it for a different look.

The focal pendant is a solid pewter broadsword with a dull steel finish, on a strand of incredibly luminous rounded holographic quartz nuggets (the photos do not even begin to do justice to the spectacular rainbow fire that these beauties contain), alternating with 10 mm opalite rounds, electroplated metallic silver Czech crystal bicones, electroplated metallic rainbow Czech crystal rondelles, and metallic rainbow Czech crystal bicones.

Heimdall's Sword - pewter sword with holographic quartz - LGBT prideIMG_3250IMG_3245The necklace measures 26 inches, and fastens with an easy-to-work steel lobster claw clasp. Even though it is long, it is quite light and comfortable to wear. The sword pendant measures about 2 1/2 inches long and makes quite a dramatic impression, especially when worn on a necklace of this length.

I would be delighted to add a formal consecration to Heimdall (or another deity, or a general blessing) at no extra charge before shipping your necklace.

The necklace is $100. However, layaway with installment payments is available and I am very flexible about the number and amounts of the payments; for example, two payments of $50, or four payments of $25. Please take a look at my layaway policy, and then contact me to set something up!

I also have Bifrost Ritual Cologne Oil available. This blend was created in honor of Bifrost, the spectral rainbow bridge where the watchman of Asgard, Heimdall, makes His home. Containing a number of oils known for their protective and cleansing properties, the main purpose of this fragrance is to magickally ward the wearer as Asgard is warded by the bridge. A blend of pure essential oils of lemon, palo santo, clary sage, sage (salvia officinalis), cedarwood Atlas, and juniper berry, this could be worn by either gender although it does have a masculine flavor. It can also be worn as a devotional fragrance for Heimdall or any of the Aesir, or used in warding magick or to consecrate ritual items to Heimdall or the Aesir, or anoint candles or gifts placed on a shrine. A 5 mL bottle (1.35 drams) is only $15, and comes packaged in a sealed amber glass bottle with a Euro-dropper reducer cap. All of my ritual perfume and cologne oils contain 100% pure essential oils ONLY, and are a 60/40 blend of essential oil to organic almond oil carrier.

Bifrost is also included in my Asgard perfume sample pack (which costs $8 for three 1/6 dram sample vials; the other samples are Asgard and Frigga), and is available as part of my six-pack perfume oil sampler, which is $14 for six 1/6 dram vials of any of the oils in my shop.

Administrative Note

If you are a Nokean (Loki-hater), white supremacist, neo-Nazi, or you fall into any associated or compatible categories of low-life, you are not welcome on my blog, or any place else on the web where my content is posted (including Google +). If you leave an anti-Loki comment, you will be banned. If you leave a suspicious comment of any type and I go to your profile and see memes touting “white lives matter,” support for the Confederate flag, and similar content, you will not only be banned but also reported for hate speech. If you then insist on trolling me, or you attempt any kind of retaliation for said actions (including threats or hate mail), your comments will be publicly posted on my blog (including any information I can glean about you from your profile) and you will be cursed. I AM NOT YOUR KIND OF ODINIST. You have been warned.

Just FYI for my blog readers: the anti-Loki comment came from someone on my Google + page, NOT HERE, and I did indeed then go to said person’s profile and see white supremacist and pro-Confederate content, after which I promptly not only banned them but reported them to Google for hate speech. I don’t think this person would have bothered commenting at all if they had read the entirety of my Sistra-Brothera post from yesterday, where I talked about being Jotun souled (and possibly blooded, too; I don’t know who my birth parents were, after all–true fax). However, I suspect all they read was the opening paragraph, saw my photograph, and decided I could be swayed to their way of thinking; possibly they even thought they were “saving” me. They weren’t exactly rude, but NO–just NO. Go away. (I’m not quite as white as I look, by the way, so please just consider me a lost cause on all levels.)


I always tell people, as an Odin’s woman I am not a Lokean, but I’m also not NOT a Lokean. However you view or categorize Their relationship, Loki unarguably has an important place in the life of my god-husband, and by extension He has an important place in my own life, as well. At least, I’ve always told myself that the reason Loki occasionally trolls hangs around our household is because He’s Odin’s blood-brother. I’ve always told myself that He addresses me as Sister (which has always been the case) for the same reason.

And yet.

Last fall, there was some internet drama in my life. I’m not going to go into who or what, except that it’s somewhat germane to the story to mention that a couple of the other people involved were Lokeans. (Since Odin’s folk usually get on together like fire and gasoline, I often find myself surrounded by Lokeans of various descriptions; at this point, that seems only natural.) Someone said something unfortunate, I reacted badly, and the situation went swiftly downhill from there—at which point Loki interjected Himself, pointing out the life lessons I ought to take from the situation and how I could better conduct myself, going forward, to prevent similar things from bothering me in the future. (Since Odin seemed reluctant to push me on this specific issue, and allowing it to be a vulnerable spot boded ill for my business plans, in particular.) I reacted badly to this, too, and told Odin to tell Loki to mind His own damned business. (Loki smirked at this and kept His advice to Himself for a few days.)

Odin’s reply to me? “Tell Him yourself; He’s more your family than Mine.”

I puzzled over this for a long while; what the hell did He mean by that? I knew that I am Jotun-souled. It’s something I don’t discuss a whole lot on this blog, but I currently live a parallel life in Asgard, doing the Job I do over there; in other words, my existence in my current lifetime is a split one, wherein I live two separate but overlapping lives. Over there (and here, when People from there visit me) I am still considered who I was in a previous incarnation, when I was Jotun. However, I was unaware of any blood relationship with Loki.

And yet, there was the fact that He does call me Sister. What, I began to wonder, if that wasn’t because of His relationship with Odin, but because of His relationship with me? Crazy thoughts? Maybe. But once you’ve accepted being a godspouse, a sacred queen, and other-blooded, where does the “line of crazy really reside?” I’m not sure I still have the right to maintain a “line of crazy,” regarding either my own shit or anyone else’s.

The realization came about a week ago, when I saw my friend Silence refer to his Laufey doll as “Mother Laufey” on his blog. I wasn’t really looking for any kind of revelation at the time—wasn’t even actively thinking about the issue, except that Loki, and the fact that He is family, was in the background of my mind anyway, due to the fact that His grandson (my cat Grim Greyling, who is now a spirit ally of mine) had been in the forefront of my mind for several weeks. Somehow, because I wasn’t looking for it, the knowledge was finally able to get through: in the incarnation wherein I was/am Jotun, Laufey is my Mother.

I’m not going to say who my Father is/was; although I’ve had that information for some time, it isn’t relevant to this story. (And it would open up a whole ‘nother can of worms.) But I will mention that Loki is my half-brother. And Laufey—at least according to what I was told; I know some people have different UPG on this—is actually Aesir by birth…which certainly makes things interesting.

This explains a whole lot, for me, about why Loki has always felt He had the right to stick His nose into what I regarded as my personal business; it’s the prerogative of a big brother, apparently. It also explains a lot about our rapport. (He is always willing to answer seidhr questions for me, often pops by just to hang out, and even helps design products for my shop occasionally.)

Because I know a lot of people celebrate “July for Loki,” I thought today—July 1st—was an appropriate time to share this. I haven’t fully finished processing it myself, but then, with the events of the past couple of months (quitting my day job to work for FiberWytch full time, Grim’s death, and Grim’s lingering/new presence as Loki’s grandson and a spirit ally for me—I guess this makes him my nephew) I have an awful lot to process anyway.

The title of the post, by the way, comes from a TV show I highly recommend, Orphan Black, which Jo and I watched the first two seasons of on Amazon. It’s a very witty, entertaining story involving clones. One of the clones—the insane one who goes around killing the others in the first season, and is then semi-rehabilitated—is from Eastern Europe, and is actually the twin sister of the main character (also a clone), The main character has a foster brother (not a clone) to whom she is very close, and after she explains to Crazy Clone that said brother is her brother too, Crazy Clone begins addressing him as “Sistra Brothera” (in her Ukranian accent). Considering that so many people are discussing the feminine Loki these days, this seems a fitting appellation for Him/Her.

Beth Spins Indech and Myself a Cord


Sharing this not only because it’s an incredible testimonial for my Work, but also because Elerah provides so much detail about the symbolism she asked me to incorporate into the cord I made for her and Indech, and the background behind that symbolism. Because He is such a little-known deity (and also because He shares some points in common with Odin, as a god of wind) I find this utterly fascinating. As I commented on Elerah’s blog, it is so important to have something that can function as this type of physical link to a non-corporeal Beloved. The very first time I commissioned another artisan to make something for me that was linked to Odin in this way (it was a doll), I realized this was something I had to begin doing for other people. That was the beginning of my recognizing myself as a Maker.

Originally posted on a green branch:

A while back now my god-husband Indech and I commissioned Beth whose shop is FiberWytch on Indech's CordEtsy to spin one of her ritual cords for us. Today I’m posting some of the pictures I took a few days ago of her incredible work.

Indech isn’t a guy you’ll be finding in many God Jobs posts, if any at all. He was, at one point, High King of the Fomori, however intervening history in Faery saw that title abandoned for some time but not, as it turns out, entirely forgotten. When we first met, we got off entirely on the wrong foot when he crashed a ritual hosted by Tethra mac Neit, who was bestowing the slachdan dubh upon candidates who had won them in the past year. I thought he was a bit of a prick, really, to be doing that and afterward I was warned to keep my distance…

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My very first seidhr session (8 years ago as of this past Beltaine)

After re-reading the Well-Wight post, I decided to do a bit of digging into my old Livejournal to see if I had posted about my very first seidhr session. I was never quite as prolific at posting back in those days as Jo was, so I wasn’t sure I would find anything. But surprise! I did. The post is dated May 1st, 2007, which means I have passed my eight-year mark.  Even more surprisingly, although the tools I use now are mostly limited to my seidhr crown, a ring of nine skeleton keys I use for unlocking doors (when necessary), and my drum, the basic method I use in my practice has stayed the same. This also serves as a reminder for me that my seidhr practice was always, first and foremost, about drawing Asgard and the gods closer to this world; answering people’s questions was a secondary goal (though I’m glad it has proven to be such a valuable one, as I enjoy helping people).

Also, for any of my readers who are starting out now learning seidhr, new to it, or thinking about learning it but daunted by the idea: believe it or not, I found it incredibly daunting too, at first.  Everyone starts out as a beginner, and all these years later I still go into every session not completely sure whether I’ll be able to get any information or response–and leave it not understanding at all how I got as much as I did.

A note about the below post: I was calling my practice spae at first because the word seidhr intimidated me; there was a lot of mystique built up around seidhr practitioners within the heathen community at that time, and doubtless still is. Within my first year, I switched to calling it seidhr, because Odin told me in no uncertain terms that was what it was. For me, the defining difference is that seidhr is accomplished with the assistance of spirits, whereas spae can consist of simply having “the sight,” not necessarily spirit-aided. (Also, Odin said so.)


Last night for Walpurgisnacht I did my first-ever session. Oh, I’ve done plenty of journeys to talk to various People, but never before had I attempted a structured spae for the purpose of answering questions from others (as opposed to questions about myself or to satisfy my own curiosity about assorted other things). It’s something Odin’s been trying to get me to begin doing for several years now, but I kept arguing that I didn’t feel ready, didn’t have the necessary experience or training, etc.

This time, He wasn’t buying any of those excuses, and insisted that He would train me in it Himself (and what better teacher could I ask for, really?) and that if I didn’t start actually doing it I would never get the experience and never have the opportunity to develop confidence in my abilities. So I solicited questions from three guinea pigs, er, friends (THANK YOU, those of you who participated!!!), and awaaaaay we went.Of course, since this was for other people, I was much more nervous than I’ve ever been about undertaking a journey for my own benefit. I had no idea what I would be doing, or how I would do it. Odin insisted I keep things simple to begin with; all of the paraphernalia I thought I would need, and will get in the future (a high seat, a staff, a cloak, etc.) is for the purposes of enhancement, but not essential. It was decided that Jo was to be my helper and space-warder; she would drum for me, in addition to reading the questions to me and writing down my responses. (And she did an excellent, excellent job with all of that!)

Odin walked me through the entire process. To prepare, He instructed me to take a chamomile bath, and to burn mugwort while I bathed. In the tub, He had me run energy through my chakras to cleanse them (yes, I work with the chakras, as I’ve yet to find a really satisfactory Northern equivalent), and then taught me a new method of really clearing and brightening them by splashing them with ice-cold water while visualizing their colors. It really sucked (brrrrr), but it works!

Once bathed, I took my mini-cauldron with me into the bedroom to keep burning mugwort so I could inhale the smoke. (Note to self: need to get more charcoal briquettes before the next rune spirit feeding time at the new moon!) In the future, I will be getting a bar stool or bar chair that I can position so that I can inhale the smoke more easily during trance when I need to, but for now, I use a hard folding chair set up near my bedroom altar. I hallowed the space with my spear, took several deep breaths of mugwort smoke and wafted the smoke over myself, then settled myself in the chair and relaxed. Odin told me to let him hold my worries and fears about the session for me, at least temporarily, so I did so (though it wasn’t easy!). Then He told me to go forth with His sight. I signalled to Jo to begin the drumming and rode the drumbeats. A few breaths later, I found myself standing at the Well. In fact, it was so easy that it took a few more minutes for me to convince myself that I was really there and could ask Jo to read me the the first question.

Most of the time, I see the Well as being milky-white and opaque. This time, it was black as ink and I could scry into it until images appeared–which is what I did for most of the session, except when various People showed up to answer questions. Sometimes those who showed up spoke through me; at other times I repeated what they had said or simply described what I saw. It was very hard to speak while in trance, but hopefully this is something that will get easier with practice!

Obviously, I can’t repeat the details of what I saw or what was said in answer to anyone’s questions, but I think I am allowed to mention the People who were involved in doing the answering:

Loki – He just sort of stood around by the Well grinning, only had a few words to say and mostly seemed very amused by the entire thing.

Bragi – When He arrived at the Well, His presence felt like a sudden beam of sunlight on my face. I don’t mention Bragi much because our relationship is not typical–if there is such a thing; I don’t actively work with Him much, but I do honor Him, and I love Him very much in a completely platonic way. Simply put, He’s family, and I was glad someone asked a question that gave me an excuse to talk to Him–even though I don’t really need an excuse. He has a strong resemblance to His father, but a sunnier and more gregarious personality, always laughing or smiling. He is cleanshaven and handsome, with His mother’s green eyes.

Hela – I had been afraid I would have to go to Helheim (where I’m not even sure I’m allowed to go) to speak with Her. However, it turned out I was able to talk to Her through the Well itself, which functioned as a kind of two-way mirror. I had never heard of anyone doing this before, but that’s how it happened.

When the last question had been answered, I asked Jo to drum me back, although it wasn’t really necessary; Odin’s comment was that Asgard isn’t some alien place to me that I need to carefully retrace my steps from or fear losing soul-bits in. It’s part of me, my home more even more than Midgard is (although yes, obviously it could potentially have its dangers just as Midgard can). Going there energizes me, and although I was shaky after the spae, I felt more awake and alert than I had before we started. At times it feels like I pull parts of Asgard here when I go there, rather than my going fully there…but that’s a topic for another post entirely. ;)

At any rate, the people who asked the questions seem to be satisfied with their answers (thanks again so much, you guys, and I will try to answer your emails tomorrow; I am horribly swamped at work this week), and I can’t even express what that means to me. I know I serve the gods and my spirit community first and the human community only second, but still it feels good to know that all of my esoteric activities can actually help people. It’s good to see solid, constructive results here for what happens There. Really good. Makes me feel all kinds of useful, and stuff. (And afterwards, Odin said He refuses to give me back my fears and doubts, darn it; He is keeping them!) – May 1st, 2007


Did He really keep them? Well, of course, I continued to have some. But they didn’t keep me from continuing, which in the end is all that matters.

On the Well-Wight

I’ve been inspired by Jo (who is doing something similar for a project she’s collaborating on) and by Nono (whose Vanaheim posts I’ve been enjoying) to go back over some of my old writings and journal posts in an effort to chart my development to this point (seeing both how far I’ve come and where I still need to go), find old ideas that I dropped and should perhaps take up again, and rescue any old writings that are still relevant, either for my own use or (if they seem useful to others) to be shared. And of course, any exercise in self-examination will always meet with my Husband’s approval. So.

One of the posts I’ve rediscovered is from early on in my seidhr practice, when I was just beginning to figure out what was going on during my spirit-taught method of oracular seidhr, and just getting to know the spirits who aid me in it.  This particular post seems worth sharing because it deals with the Well-Wight, an enigmatic spirit I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere by other seidhr folk or spirit workers, and it sheds new light on Odin’s initiatory ordeal. (ETA: It should go without saying–but I’m going to note it here anyway–that all of this applies to MY seidhr practice as it was taught to me by Odin, and not necessarily to anyone else’s practice.)


Seidhr and the Well-Wight (originally posted to my old LiveJournal account on August 1st, 2007)

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve had some insights over the past two days into what exactly is going on during my seidhr sessions. It’s quite a bit stranger than I had imagined, and although I’m not sure this will be entirely coherent, I’m going to try to explain some of it here.

During the first session, things were relatively safe and familiar, with the answers coming from gods I’m already very well acquainted with–Odin, Loki, Hela, Bragi. In the next couple of sessions after that, I found myself partially horsing several gods in order to answer some of the questions, and that continued during the most recent session. Despite the fact that some of these gods were People I had never horsed before (Hela, Loki, and Frigga), the process of horsing in itself was still mostly familiar territory for me, especially since it was a very limited kind of horsing in which They could speak through me but really didn’t take over my body completely.

However, during the past couple of sessions–and especially this last one–some of the answers have been coming not from various gods, but from Someplace else entirely. Some of them have been coming from the Well itself. At first I thought I was merely scrying into the Well and translating the images I saw there into words, but this last time the mugwort took me deeply enough into trance that I could see that the process is a lot more dynamic than that. What has been happening is that the Well itself has been actively showing me the images, and sometimes even speaking some of the messages through me. In other words, I have been in communication with something that lives in the Well–an indwelling spirit, a Well-Wight.

Now, I’ve never heard anyone in either mainstream or any stripe of woo Heathenry (including Northern Tradition shamanism) talk about the Well of Wyrd as having such an indwelling wight. Everyone seems to approach the Well through the Norns, who generally act as intermediaries and govern/restrict all activities concerning it (spae/seidhr, wyrd-working, etc). But the more I think about this, the more sense it makes. Consider: the custom of making sacrifices to springs and bogs is one of the oldest traditions in Heathenry, going back to the Stone Age. It was also one of the most forbidden practices during the onslaught of Christianity. Holy springs have always been particularly important; there are many references in the lore and in folktales to people establishing friendships and alliances with the wights dwelling in them, and receiving gifts from those wights in return for offerings of food, drink, stones, money, jewelry, flowers, and blood (human and animal sacrifice). Adam of Bremen records that at the old temple in Uppsala, there was a spring or well in which a live man was immersed as a (yearly?) sacrifice.

Hvergelmir (the source of the Well of Wyrd) is a spring. Arguably, the very holiest of holy springs.

On Monday, soon after I had begun thinking along these lines, I pulled out Gundarsson’s Elves, Wights and Trolls and opened it at random. Guess which page it opened to? That’s right: the section on friendships with water wights. That gave me chills, and I took it for instant confirmation (in addition to the confirmation I was already getting from Odin).

Odin, meanwhile, had been trying for several years now to get me to visit the Well regularly. (Of course, me being me, I really didn’t comply with this until I started the seidhr sessions, which is why I’m only now coming to these realizations.) He’s never instructed me to approach the Norns for training or even to speak to Them much, but He has always urged me to just spend time at the Well, look into its waters, make friends with the two swans that live on its surface, etc. He even refers to it as HIS Well. Not Urd’s Well, but His. (Yes, I know, bad heathenry alert; but go ahead and call Odin a bad Heathen if you want. ;P I’ll just be over here.) I have also long sensed a strong connection between Odin Himself and water wights in general. There are hints at this in Grimm, and it’s further borne out by the human sacrifice to the well/spring at Uppsala (among the gods, Odin has always been the most frequent recipient of human sacrifice) and by the huge bog sacrifices of weapons during the Iron Age (of which Odin was again the most likely recipient). I’ve known for a long time that there was a definite connection there.

Now I finally know why.

When Odin hanged Himself on Yggdrasil and stabbed Himself in the heart with His own spear, His blood poured directly into the Well of Wyrd. He knew that the Well housed the doorway to Ginnungagap and controlled access to the secrets He sought mastery of (the runes and the knowledge and working of Wyrd). While this doorway was indirectly watched over by the Norns, it was directly guarded by the very powerful Wight who dwelled in the watery depths. Rather than going to the Norns and beseeching Them to give Him access to these secrets, what He in fact did was go straight to the Well-Wight itself. He offered it His friendship and sealed the deal with THE greatest sacrifice EVER offered to a water wight–the life’s blood of a great god, of the highest of the gods, the Lord of Asgard Himself. By this means, the Well itself became His ally, yielded its secrets to Him, and allowed Him access to the mysteries (the runes).

In essence, He bypassed the Norns. (And–as I just realized yesterday–is teaching me to do the same.) This is more proof of what I have suspected for a while now–that Odin’s alliances with the landwights of Asgard and even Midgard (and perhaps other worlds as well–along with various alfar, duergar, and yes, even Jotnar) are far more extensive than most people suspect. (There are hints at this in various folktales and customs, and I alluded to it in my story They Speak to Me in my Odin devotional, but at the time I wrote that even I didn’t yet realize the extent to which He operates this way.) Being Odin, and being a shaman–THE shaman, one might even say–He has chosen to weave a complex web of these alliances and friendships to avoid being forced to put all of His eggs in one basket (so to speak) by depending on various other gods or dealing directly with the Norns. In this way, He isn’t beholden to any one Person or even group of People. To paraphrase the Metallica song “Wherever I May Roam” (which is one of the songs I consider very evocative of Him and His nature), He asks no one. ;P

So, now that I know all of this, I will–as Odin informed me yesterday–be doing more spirit-work activities focused on the Well-Wight itself, and forming a relationship with it (although I haven’t been told exactly what those activities will be, yet). Also, unless seidhr questions are asked of specific gods, it will be the Well-Wight itself who answers during my sessions. This will lead to more balanced answers, since the Wight itself is very impartial in general. (It’s kind of scary, in fact, how impartial it is.) And although it has apparently agreed to be my ally because I am married to Odin, it isn’t as though I won’t have to make any efforts on my own in order to continue and enrich my relationship with it. Like the rune spirits, I’m sure it will expect offerings–though thankfully, not of the scope my Husband gave it.


Of course, I had since forgotten a few of these revelations, until I stumbled upon this post and re-read it. However, the Well-Wight is still an integral part of my practice–albeit one I don’t discuss very much, because after all these years I still can’t claim to fully comprehend its nature and ways myself.

Summer tends to be my slow season as far as woo is concerned, so I will continue to dig into these old posts as time permits, and share anything that seems like it would be helpful or interesting to my audience.

Dreamcatcher Bracelet


A bracelet designed for dream work, lucid dreaming, astral journeying during sleep, and encouraging pleasant dreams! A tiny (1/2 inch long) Tibetan silver dreamcatcher pendant adorns a strand of larvikite rondelles and half-electroplated metallic silver aurora borealis Czech glass crystals. The beads are strung on strong, stretchy polyester that slips easily over your wrist.The bracelet’s circumference is about 6 1/2 to 7 inches. (I will gladly resize a bracelet for you at no additional cost. If you need something larger, this depends on whether I still have the beads available; smaller is never a problem–just leave a “note to seller” when you make your purchase!)

Larvikite (also known as “black labradorite”) stimulates inner vision, enhances psychic abilities, and repels negative energy.

The bracelet is not blessed or consecrated, but I would be happy to do that for you in a small ritual at no extra charge.

The bracelet is $30. I do accept layaway, and would be happy to set up a payment plan for you if you really love this but it would be more convenient to pay for it over several installments. Please take a look at my layaway policy, then contact me and we’ll make the arrangements.

For those who may have missed this over the weekend, I also wanted to mention that I do have a new and improved FiberWytch blog! Although you will continue to see one product-related post from me here each day (maximum), I will be reserving Wytch of the North primary for pagan spiritual content. The new blog is where you will get to see new products first (before they appear over here); it will also have shop news, announcements of flash sales that will NOT appear here, shop news, sneak previews, and a glimpse inside my creative process. (And yes, there will also be additional product posts, as its sole purpose is to promote my store.) You are certainly welcome to subscribe to both blogs, and if you are a fan of FiberWytch and want to know about new items before anyone else does, I would definitely recommend subscribing to the new one!