A few thoughts and a bit of shop-related news

First, if you haven’t yet read Jo’s wonderful and horrible (in the sense that I can’t even look at the photo without crying) tribute to Corbie J., you should. Still not sure how she managed to write this.

We’re mostly doing okay–sort of. The house is too quiet, the shock waves have started to recede and we’re entering the “oh crap, this really is the new normal” stage of grief. The Doctor was right: the day you lose someone isn’t the worst day (because at least that day, there’s something to do); it’s all the days afterward, when they’re still gone. (Paraphrased from Heaven Sent.) And even though in our spirit-welcoming household no one is ever truly gone if they don’t want to be–it’s unsettlingly different.

Jo goes to work every day–which has its own set of difficulties, since manual labor leaves you with plenty of (currently unwelcome) time to think. As a work from home person, my work schedule mostly doesn’t exist at the moment. I’m used to working with the dog as a constant companion, and working without him is hard. Shipping out orders is still happening on schedule, but designing new stuff happens in fits and starts, and without either the reliability or dedication that it used to have. It is often punctuated by naps and Netflix, when remaining conscious and aware starts to become too great a burden.

But I have managed to get a few things accomplished this week, and the household continues to need my financial contributions. Which makes a nice segue into the “shop news” section of this post.

  1. Teas are in the shop! Only a few herbal teas so far (they’re pretty yummy, though!), but today I finally mixed up four deity blends I designed the recipes for months ago; those include black tea, rooibos and yerba mate, and will be tested and posted to the shop within the next few days. I’m as excited about the teas as I have it in me to be about anything right now, and so far I think they’re pretty amazing.zombie tonic listing
  2. From now through December 1st, I’m having a shop-wide sale: take 30% off every order of $45 or more! I have a pretty good assortment of votive candles (including brand new holiday candles), bath shots, energy bracelets, and now teas that will help you reach that total in no time flat, so why not stock up on gifts for your friends, or yourself? I’ll be adding some new items during the sale.sale collage
  3. Holiday ritual kits are now available, featuring a 1 ounce bottle of Returning Light ritual oil, 1 ounce of Smudging Nights loose incense (my first loose incense ever!), plus a pair of holiday votives (you choose from my three new designs). The ritual kits are part of the sale, too!IMG_6382.JPG
  4. Up until December 15th, I am still accepting reservations for Year Ahead 2018 Readings, which can be purchased right here on the blog via Paypal. (Details can be found here.) I have been slow getting started on these for the above reasons, but am going to plunge in this week.

And that’s it for now. Thanks to those of you who have sent thoughts and prayers–they are appreciated! ❤



Destash: Decks up for Grabs

So, for starters: I have decided that I WILL continue to offer readings after the Year Ahead 2018 readings are done. They will be structured a bit differently than in the past, and will be offered here on the blog only, separately from my Etsy shop, beginning in January 2018.  (The deadline for booking your Year Ahead 2018 reading is still 12/15/17; I will not be accepting any new orders for these after that date.)

In the meantime though, I have a number of decks–both Tarot and oracle–that I either a) have not reached for in a long time, and/or b) never really connected with well in the first place, and in both cases would like to rehome. If you would like to purchase anything on the following list, please email me at wodandis at gmail dot com. All payments will be via Paypal to wodandis at gmail dot com (please pay for goods or services, at it makes shipping labels easier), and shipping within the US is FREE. (I would rather not ship these outside of the US–sorry about that, dears.)

Here is the list!

IMG_6264Enchanted Oracle – like new, with book and box, $15. This is a gorgeous deck, with a companion book by Barbara Moore, no less! just not for me

IMG_6250.JPGJodorowsky & Camoin Tarot de Marseille – like new, $20 – I thought I was ready to plunge into learning the Tarot de Marseille system. Amazing how losing a dog can make you not give a damn.

IMG_6248.JPGSOLD Tarot of the Sidhe – good, $15 – excellent for spirit work readings, but the artwork isn’t my favorite.

IMG_6262.JPGThe Fairy Ring Oracle – like new, with book but no box, $15 – fabulous for anyone who works closely with the Celtic or Scandiavian fae.


IMG_6238.JPGGospel of Aradia Oracle – like new, $15 – I tried hard to love Aradia, but she’s just not my cup of tea. This deck would be perfect for many people though–and it that’s you, here’s a nice discount on it.

IMG_6244.JPGSOLD Spirit Speak Tarot – cards good, booklet fair – $20 – a modern black and white Indie deck that didn’t click with me, at a bargain basement price.

IMG_6258.JPGSOLD Angelarium: Oracle of Emanations – like new, with book and box, $15. I wanted to love this, but right now zombie-esque angels are just not my thing.


IMG_6255.JPGRadiant Rider Waite in a tin – like new, $15. Bought last year for a class that I ended up not taking.

IMG_6271.JPGSOLD English Magic Tarot – like new, with book and box, $15. Another one that I wanted to love, but not so much. If you love 16th-17th century England, this is your deck!


IMG_6286.JPGSOLD Bonefire Tarot – very good, with book and box, $20. A very good deck, excellent for all types of readings–just not my aesthetic.

IMG_6273SOLD Martin Rune deck – cards are good, box fair, $15. Based on the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc.


Secrets of the Mystic Grove Oracle  – like new, $15. Another one I wanted to love, but it is just not quite right for me.

Again, all decks ship free within the US! Please email me: wodandis at gmail dot com. Payment will be via Paypal to the same email address. Thanks for looking!<3


Corbie J.

20170526_100641I’m not ready to go into a huge amount of detail about it (and who knows if I ever will be? I know Jo plans to write about some of his adventures eventually, but I will likely be keeping my memories more to myself), but I did want to let my blog readers know, since so many of you have rooted for him (and even provided financial support for his expensive heart meds) throughout the years.

On Monday, Corbie lost his almost-four year battle with congestive heart failure, and our vet agreed with what we reluctantly felt in our hearts: that it was time to say goodbye. He actually had suffered a stroke (which I was there for) a few days beforehand, which meant he went from sort of okay to barely conscious within a couple of days.

He was part of our family for more than ten years, and this is a huge, devastating loss for us. I know not everyone will understand the scope of this, but many of you will, especially if you factor in the ways in which a long illness (for any family member, human or otherwise) can dominate attention  and finances for an extended period of time; so much of the way we’ve lived out lives for the past few years, especially, has been determined by his needs and his illness.

End of life vet expenses are pretty hefty, and we were already behind on bills from his recent bloodwork–which is why I opened up the 2018 year ahead readings yesterday, when I had not planned to do so. I don’t know whether I will continue offering readings beyond this (my preference is not to), so if you want a reading for me this may be your last chance for a while.

The extra expenses are also why I will be posting a sale of many of my remaining Tarot and oracle decks here on the blog within the next few days–so watch for that if you’re so inclined.

I have comments off on this post because I just can’t cope with getting condolence messages just now. We are getting through one day at a time. The Etsy shop IS still open, and will remain so–and I’ll be adding more new products (including tea!) within the next few days.

Year Ahead 2018 Readings

For a limited time, I am offering Year Ahead Readings for 2018, which you can reserve directly from me via Paypal. These readings feature thirteen cards–one for your year ahead as a whole, and one to represent each month during 2018. I will select either Tarot cards, oracle cards, or a mix of the two as I feel intuitively called to do for your particular reading.

This reading is designed to offer an overview of your coming year, including any intuitive hits I receive regarding highlights to look forward to and possible issues to watch out for during each of the twelve months. Some of you will remember that I offered these readings last year; I was not initially planning to offer them again this year but I’ve received requests for them from people who found their 2017 readings to be helpful and spot-on in planning their year.

To schedule your reading, please Paypal $50 USD to wodandis at gmail dot com. Readings will be done in the order that payment is received. I am accepting requests now through December 15th, 2017, and all readings will be delivered by December 31, 2017.  (Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for delivery of your reading, as I also have a physical-products business to run.)

When purchasing your reading, please include your full name, email address, date of birth, and any particular concerns you think may be coming up for you in 2018 that you would like me to keep in mind while reading. You will receive an email with my interpretation of your cards, along with a full color photograph of your spread.


Beginning in 2005 and continuing for about seven years, I undertook intensive training in oracular seidhr, otherwise known as Northern Tradition trance work and prophecy. This work is aimed not at predicting the future as such, but instead at propitiating and receiving input and advice from the deities, the spirits, and the universe in general, to help us move forward in our spiritual development as well as with our goals in life.

Despite whatever degree of deity input comes through in my intuitive reading of your cards (or not–this is not something I can guarantee), I hold firmly to the concepts of free will and personal choice. Whatever a deity or spirit may say, imply, or not say, I will not ever tell you what you “should” do or what “will” happen; all power of choice remains with you.


– Everything we discuss in connection with your reading is completely confidential and stays between us.

– I will not read for questions concerning health, legal matters, or any other issue that I deem better handled by a licensed professional.

– While I love feedback, I am unable to provide additional insight or clarity on readings for free.  This is usually not an issue with the year ahead readings, but if you feel you really need clarification you can contact me to arrange payment for a follow-up reading.

– I reserve the right to decline a reading and refund payment for any reason.

– I am unable to offer a refund for readings that do not deliver the outcome you expected or desired.

– I will not perform readings concerning the thoughts and feelings of a third person. (In this case, I mean specifically a human person other than yourself who has not consented to having their cards read.)

Just a few pairs of these left…


Happy Halloween, witches! I discovered I actually have just enough of my Halloween fragrances left to make a few more pairs of these extra-special spooky votives–so if you missed yours, you can still grab some! Of course, you won’t get them in time for today, but we all know Samhain is a season, not just a single day!

Devil’s Night: black candles scented with fiery cinnamon, seductive clove, and dark patchouli
Wild Hunt: blood red candles scented with sweet candy, crunchy apple, and a hint of spices
Funeral Parlor: orchid-colored candles scented with a funereal bouquet of fragrant lily, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, and incense spice
$6 per votive pair

Limited Edition Norse Deity Gift Packs!


The first wave of my Winter 2017 Limited Edition Collection has landed in the shop, and one of the things I’m most excited about offering are these candle and bath shot gift packs! Right now I have four available (for Odin, Loki, Frigg, and Freyja, respectively), but more are coming soon–and not just for deities, either!

Each gift pack includes ONE 5.5 oz bath shot (a fizzy bath bomb served up to you in a Jello shot-type container) and TWO votive candles. (The candles and bath bombs are also available separately, but getting them as part of a gift pack saves you some money–and also makes for a great holiday gift idea!)

Odin’s set is scented with pure essential oils of fir needle, spearmint, and juniper berry–evoking a walk through dark, snowy woods.


Frigg’s set is scented with pure essential oils of lavender and lemon–a homey and relaxing fragrance.


Loki’s set is  scented with pure essential oils of tangerine, vetiver, and sandalwood–a dark and moody citrus.


Freyja’s set is scented with pure essential oils of neroli and chocolate–a sensual and seductive aroma.

Each set is only $12.95 plus shipping.

Energy Bracelets in the Shop


I’ve set up a new section in the shop for gemstone Energy Bracelets, which are available in sets of two coordinating stretch bracelets (as shown above) for $12 – $15 per pair. These pairs cannot be mixed and matched, and I am not accepting custom orders for similar bracelets; they’re pretty much as-is, hence the low price.

This section may well be temporary (since I put these bracelets together to use up leftover beads from custom orders), but there will probably still be a place in the shop, going forward, for one-off items, as a sideline to the main course of made-to-order candles, bath bombs, and other products that will be joining them soon. Think of this as the “gift” area of your local apothecary shop–or possibly the check out racks at the grocery store, where sundry confections are placed to tempt you on your way out.

Custom Scented Orders Now Available!

I currently have three different listings in the shop for scented products suitable for ritual or devotional use! Please consult each individual listing for details on how to submit your order and what information I need from you, but here are the basics of what I’m offering!

custom votive

A set of TWO custom votive candles, crafted by hand in the color and scent of your choice. (Essential oil options are given in the listing.) Candles may be dusted with glitter in the color of your choice, and topped with herbs (depending on stock availability).

Please note that BOTH candles in this order must be the same type; the order cannot be divided into two differently colored and scented candles.

Each votive measures 2″ high x 2″ across (at the wick) and will burn for 15+ hours if used in a snug-fitting standard votive holder.  $8 per pair

custom oil.jpg

A 1 oz bottle of ritual oil, designed by you! I make my ritual oils using organic herbs infused into extra virgin olive oil, with small amounts of essential oil added to enhance the fragrance and the properties of the herbs. A small amount of glitter and a few small gemstones can also be added to your oil, at your option.

Presented in a 1 ounce clear plastic bottle (BPA free) with a silver lid, this oil may be used to anoint candles, petitions and offerings, or simply as a delightful personal fragrance.  $18

custom bath shot

One 5.5 oz bath shot (bath bomb in a jelly shot container), designed by you in the color and scent of your choice. (Please see options given in the listing.) This bath bomb may be used for a ritual or dedication bath, or simply for personal enjoyment. $8.95

Please not that I no longer consecrate or “charge” my products, as I believe this is something best left to the purchaser. You provide the magic, and I provide the wholesome natural ingredients! I make my products with love and positive energy, and your custom item will come to you ready to be dedicated as you choose.

As all of the above are custom and made to order, please allow 3-5 business days after we have settled on the details of the order for me to create them for you!

CLEARANCE sale in my shop!


The SALE section I set up in the shop a couple of weeks ago is now a CLEARANCE section, with everything in it marked down 50-75 % of the original prices. This includes handmade ritual cords, prayer beads, and handsewn poppets. This will be the final markdown for items in this section; on October 31st, 2017 they will all be removed from the shop. So if you’ve had your eye on anything, don’t wait too long!