Welcome to Lumiel’s Lamp!

20180514_200706Hi, I’m Beth! I’ve been practicing witchcraft and involved with spirits and the occult since my teens (I’m 52 now) and for over a dozen years was a devotee of Odin before He (I thought) passed me over to Lucifer (with whom I’d had a relationship in my early twenties). I now have reason to believe that my Lucifer and my Odin are actually different sides of the same entity, the Old One, the Witches’ Devil, who first approached me as the Lightbearer and later on as the leader of the Wild Hunt and god of death, only to (later on still) remind me that He is still also the Lightbearer. It took me two years of spiritual crisis and dark night of the soul to figure this out, but who’s counting?

I’m culturally Jewish but was raised basically without religion, which is why I have no Satan baggage, and also maybe why it took me so long to sort through all of this.

I’m a spoonie. In my mid-thirties I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, IBS, CFIDS, Raynaud’s syndrome, TMJ, and cervical arthritis, all of which have gotten worse as I’ve aged. Outside employment is no longer a possibility for me, and for various reasons neither is applying for disability (that may change in a couple of years if I can manage to afford more testing and take better records of my illnesses). So my solution for contributing to our household (my wife and our critters) was to scrape together my crafty talents and put together an Etsy shop. I’ve been on Etsy since 2011, and my fortunes there have been up and down.  Currently I am working hard at getting it restocked using what resources I have and materials I can afford right now. You’ll be seeing a lot more embroidery and other assorted fiber and textile arts there in the future, because these are my first loves in the crafting world.

As far as this blog is concerned,  you can expect to see a (largely visual) mix of behind the scenes posts about both my crafts and my Craft, in addition to posts about Lucifer and demonolatry from time to time as I have time to make them.

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