Introducing: Planetary Magick Herbal Poppets

My Planetary Magick Herbal Poppets are designed to help bring the magick of the cosmos into your life in a more tangible way. Colorful, cute and cuddly, they are also incredibly practical, and can be used to bring planetary energies to bear on any magickal situation you are currently tackling. They also make great adornments for your altar and/or sacred space, and thoughtful gifts for the magickal people in your life.

Completely sewn by hand using 30-40% wool blend felt, which is soft, cuddly and durable, and 100% cotton embroidery floss, the poppets feature safety eyes and permanently mothproofed yarn hair. They are stuffed with non-allergenic recycled eco-friendly polyfill, along with an herb aligned to the planet in question. Their colors are energetically matched with their particular planet, too!

Each poppet measures 5″ tall. $12 USD each plus shipping.

IMG_7505 IMG_7508 IMG_7510

Mercury poppet:

Herb stuffing: Peppermint
Colors: blue and grey
Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo
Elements: Air, Water
Chakra: brow, root, sacral, solar plexus, throat
Deities: Athena, Maat, Seshat, Anubis, Arawn, Hermes, Loki, Lugh, Mercury, Odin, Ogma, Thoth
Powers and applications: adaptability, balance, business, change, cleverness, communication, creativity, crossroads, divination, inspiration, intelligence, learning, magick, memory, money, skills, travel, wisdom

IMG_7474 IMG_7477 IMG_7478

Pluto poppet:

Herb stuffing: Stinging Nettle
Colors: grey and maroon
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio
Element: Water
Energy: Yang
Chakra: sacral
Deities: Pluto, Hades, Osiris, Hekate, Ereshkigal, Hel, Kali, the Morrigan, Persephone
Powers and applications: the afterlife, change, danger, darkness, death, dream work, karma, justice, otherworld journeys, secrets, sex, wealth, transformation

IMG_7486 IMG_7487 IMG_7488

Venus poppet:

Herb stuffing: Rose petals
Colors: pink and green
Zodiac: Libra, Taurus
Element: Earth
Energy: Yin
Chakra: sacral, brow, heart, throat
Deities: Ishtar, Astarte, Venus, Aphrodite, Eros, Freyja
Powers and applications: affection, astral realms, attraction, beauty, compassion, connections, creativity, desire, emotions, fertility, sexuality, harmony, happiness, passion, relationships, romance

IMG_7490 IMG_7493 IMG_7495

Uranus poppet:

Herb stuffing: Mugwort
Colors: lavender and sky blue
Zodiac: Aquarius, Gemini
Element: Air
Chakra: brow, crown, throat
Deities: Anat, Aphrodite, Danu, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis
Powers and applications: ambition, change, community, cooperation, freedom, goals, hope, illumination, intuition, motivation, power, relationships

IMG_7497 IMG_7501IMG_7503

Earth poppet:

Herb stuffing: Lavender
Colors: green, black and brown
Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Element: Earth
Chakra: root
Deities: Anat, Ceres, Demeter, Cybele, Dumuzi, Gaia, Inanna, Isis. Nerthus, Adonis. Attis, Dionysos, Enki
Powers and applications: agriculture, creativity, grounding, healing, home, animals, peace, protection

More coming soon!







Today’s New Markdowns!

Here are the brand new sale items for today, 8/27/16! As you may have noticed, as the sale items are piling up, the Jewelry and Prayer Bead sections of my shop are emptying out. Going forwards, I WILL still be offering prayer beads, and at least some jewelry, but I am needing to change the way I approach both of these items due to 1) my inability to afford much in the way of gemstone beads, and 2) the fact that my customer base doesn’t seem to have the spare cash for expensive jewelry anymore these days (which I completely understand, believe me).

Just as a reminder, I am not accepting layaway for any of the sale items, and the sale prices will expire on 8/1/16.  You can see the remaining marked-down items from previous days of the sale here.

So, here we go…

il_570xN.939851462_jbxy il_570xN.939851630_lkva

Eye of Frog Witches’ Rosary Necklace with prehnite and black onyx: was $25, now $25


Eye of Salmon Witches’ Rosary Necklace with green rutilated quartz and muscovite: was $25, now $25

IMG_5139 IMG_5130 IMG_5127 IMG_5144

Sea Turtle Spirit Bottle Necklace with turquoise, prehnite, and heishi shells: was $40, now $20

IMG_6035 IMG_6022

Macha Witches’ Ladder prayer beads: was $30, now $20

IMG_5934 IMG_5841

Goddess Isis Witches’ Ladder prayer beads: was $34, now $24

Thank you for looking!❤

Jewelry sale continues!

Here are today’s markdowns! Again, these prices expire on 8/1/16, and anything that doesn’t sell by then at these prices will probably be dismantled for parts. No layaway requests accepted for the sale items–sorry about that!

IMG_4330 IMG_4281

Eye of Owl Witches’ Rosary Necklace, with dumortierite and pink moonstone: was $25, now $15.

IMG_6554 IMG_6550 IMG_6545 IMG_6543 IMG_6538

Nerthus 108-Bead mala with coffee agate: was $50, now $25

IMG_6237-001 IMG_6233-001

Citrine and Rosewood 108-Bead mala: was $43, now $23.

IMG_5242 IMG_5234 IMG_5244

Seaside Holiday necklace, with rainbow moonstone, amazonite, and shells: was $40, now $20.



Painted Salamander necklace with ocean jasper: was $30, now $15.

Markdowns from the previous days of the sale may be found here. Thank you for looking!❤

Jewelry sale, day 3!

To mix things up a bit, I’m including two 108-bead malas in the markdowns for today! As a reminder, sale prices end on 8/1/16, and I am not accepting layaway for any of these. You can see the other pieces that have been marked down thus far here.

IMG_6625 IMG_6623 IMG_6599 IMG_6598 IMG_6596 IMG_6594 IMG_6590

SEASPRAY 108-bead mala, with kyanite pendant, aquamarine, moonstone, apatite, and clear quartz: was $75, now $50.

IMG_6356 IMG_6355 IMG_6406 IMG_6350 IMG_6349

LOKI 108-bead mala, with carnelian and orange sodalite: was $75, now $50.

IMG_5229 IMG_5212 IMG_5206 IMG_5227 IMG_5218

WARRIOR SPIRIT necklace, with black onyx, ox bone, and red coral: was $45, now $25.

il_570xN.939850708_5zlf il_570xN.986400045_2fms il_570xN.986401593_nbu6

BLOOD PENTACLE Witches’ Rosary, with black onyx and red crystal: was $25, now $15.

IMG_7332 IMG_7327 IMG_7325 IMG_7319

DARK GODDESS Necklace, with dumortierite and pewter skulls: was $60, now $30.

Thank you for looking!❤

Happy Patreoniversary!! (okay, not yet, but soon!)

I can hardly believe Jo will have been on Patreon for a whole year very soon! To celebrate, she’s changing her rewards, and she has some really exciting things planned–have a look!

Strip Me Back To The Bone

August marks my 1 year Patreoniversary! When I began my story subscription back in 2013, I knew that some of my friends and long-time readers would support the project. Either they liked my writing, or they liked me, or they felt badly that I was facing dental surgery with no real way to cover the cost, or all of the above. I knew they’d support the project because I ran it by them and they said yes, they’d support it. When the first person suggested I take it to Patreon, I decided I’d look into it, and then I didn’t touch it again for over a year.

Since I launched my Patreon page, I’ve gained some additional supporters, and I’m extremely grateful for all of you. You support my writing by allowing me some breathing room when it comes to getting bills paid — without this, a second job…

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Brand new: Limited Edition Ritual Perfume Oils


These are in VERY short supply (only one bottle of each fragrance exists) and these exact fragrances will probably not be repeated. I’ve decided to bring back my popular deity-themed ritual perfumes, BUT this time as a limited edition product, rather than made to order. Due to extreme slowness in my shop since April, I have not been able to restock my essential oils, so I’m not going to be able to commit to reproducing ANY fragrance I create; what I’m able to make at any given time will depend on what I have on hand. What this means for you: if you see something you like here, grab it; I don’t know when I’ll be able to release a batch of oils like this again, and the fragrances will likely all be different ones when I do.

These are all my own original formulas, and many of the ones in this limited edition batch have never been offered before. All oils are $10 plus shipping for a 5mL (1.35 drams) amber bottle with a Euro “drop by drop” reducer cap. Here’s what I have available right now, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

SIGYN –  combines pure essential oils of rose and violet for a delicate, exquisite floral fragrance.

FRIGGA – combines pure essential oils of sweet birch (traditionally associated with Frigga), lavender, and violet–a nostalgic root beer-like fragrance with a touch of floral.

DARK MOON – combines pure essential oils of patchouli, camphor, spikenard, and lotus for a darkly bewitching fragrance.

HERMES –  combines pure essential oils of spearmint, clary sage, and lavender for a refreshing, quicksilver and cerebral fragrance.

APHRODITE – combines pure essential oils of rose, blood orange, and cypress for an unforgettably feminine fragrance–floral and fruity with a hint of fresh greenery.

LOKI – combines pure essential oils of sweet tangerine, spicy clove, and smoky vetiver for a playful and mischievous fragrance.

THE MORRIGAN – combines pure essential oils of rose, earthy patchouli, and resinous spikenard for a dark, assertive floral.

THOR – combines pure essential oils of blood orange, earthy patchouli, and spicy juniper berry for a bold any-gender fragrance.

ATHENA – combines pure essential oils of bergamot, hyssop, and lavender–a clean, refreshing fruity-floral.

FREYJA – combines pure essential oils of rose, cacao (chocolate), and black pepper; it smells like really good spicy-floral artisan chocolate.

HELA –  combines pure essential oils of coffee and vetiver, for a dark, rich, smoky fragrance.

APOLLON – combines pure essential oils of blood orange, bay laurel (sacred to Apollon) and ho wood (which is similar to rosewood in fragrance, but not endangered).

ODIN – combines pure essential oils of juniper berry, peppermint, and black pepper, for a woodsy, bracing fragrance with a bit of bite.

LOKI II – combines pure essential oils of coffee and nutmeg for a rich, spicy fragrance that will remind you of your favorite coffee house.

FULL MOON – combines pure essential oils of lemon, spearmint, and lotus, all of which are traditionally associated with the moon, for a luminous and energizing fragrance.

Ritual perfume oils may be directly applied to the skin as a personal fragrance, used to dress candles for magick or ritual, or used to anoint offerings or ritual items in your devotional practice.

These oils were inspired by the deities they are named for, but have not been consecrated to anyone in particular; it is perfectly fine to wear them as secular perfumes if you just like the fragrance description.

All of my ritual perfume oils consist of a blend of pure essential oils in a base of light extra-virgin olive oil, which has a long shelf life and very little scent of its own. They are highly concentrated yet completely skin-safe. All of the ingredients are listed to enable you to make an informed choice based on your own known sensitivities. I use ONLY pure plant essential oils (no fragrance oils and no animal-derived oils), so these are all suitable for aromatherapy and 100% vegan!