Jo and I have a new podcast!

Introducing Beth and Jo Makes: a Knitting, Spinning, and Crafting Podcast!

Just like the name suggests, the podcast will focus on the fiber and needle arts, but will also expand into other areas such as bullet journaling and cooking/food prep. Since I’ve been out of work since I was laid off in March due to COVID, and we are currently trying to save money to move back east, the channel’s emphasis will be on making do with the supplies you have on hand while still finding ways to do creative work that feeds your spirit. It’s a crafty hearth witch on a budget sort of thing.

I neglected to post a preview to my Patreons before publishing on YouTube (sorry about that!) but will do better in the future. I also didn’t realize my camera was going to split the file into two parts, so part 2 is here.

The podcast is on a brand new YouTube channel, and there will be more videos coming soon, including some solo ones from me. If you enjoy them, please help us out by spreading the word, liking, and subscribing.