Older Writings

Some links to blog posts, short stories, essays, and poems that are all a bit out-dated but were popular at the time I originally posted them. Unfortunately, due to a computer crash, this collection is incomplete, but I may add to it over time if I discover more older work saved elsewhere. I hope you find this useful, or at least entertaining!

Names and Epithets of Odin

How I first met Odin

Odin: The Basics (A Beginner’s Guide)

Dogs I’ve Loved and Lost

My Odin, and Other People’s Odins

You don’t need signs and validation…but sometimes it’s nice to get them anyway

The Strange Tale of Loki’s Cat Children

About Grim…

What do you seek from the Divine?

Appealing to Your Ancestors

A is for Allfather

Valfather’s Day and the Hunt

Spinning and Magic

Odin and Herbs

Which Eye Did Odin Sacrifice to Mimir’s Well?

A Kinder, Gentler Odin?

The Valknut

Of Seidhr

Odin and Doctor Who