Within / Without / Advice Day 8

20180708_150233For today’s reading, I asked The Star Tarot for a spiritual check-in.

Within: The Star

The Star follows The Tower in the Major Arcana, so those of you who know my spiritual history of the past couple of years will have no trouble figuring out why this card may have come up for me. This card is, as the guidebook puts it, “the calm after the storm.” It brings healing, peace, blessings, and a sense of renewal.

Without: Princess of Cups

A burst of creativity and spiritual projects; basically, doing the work again after having been away from it for a while.

Advice: Six of Swords

Let yourself be guided away from troubled waters and into a renewed sense of harmony and a more promising future.

There is a lot more to ponder in these cards–but that’s all of it I’m willing to delve into publicly. I’m loving this deck more and more!


Within / Without / Advice Day 7

20180707_165640Within: The Magician
You have within you everything you need to create the life and destiny you envision for yourself.
Without: Three of Pentacles
Finding your true work. Turning dreams and visions into success, rewards, recognition.
Advice: Princess of Pentacles
Don’t be afraid to be the beginner. There is immense power in the energy of newness.

Within / Without / Advice Day 6


So, I caved and bought The Star Tarot, thanks to the rave reviews of @thetruthinstory and @patrickjfogarty. But it’s the first Tarot deck I’ve bought all year, so I don’t feel too badly! And wow, is this deck amazing; I already love it even more than I expected to, even though it’s more rainbow-bright than my usual taste in decks. (The Darkness of Light Tarot is my soul deck, to give you an idea of my usual taste.) The guidebook in particular blows me away; this is going to be a spectacular deck for spiritual readings. (However I have riffle shuffled it for the first and last time; the cardstock is just as bad as I’d heard, and the laminate is already peeling in a couple of places.)

I skipped yesterday, but here’s day 6 of #withinwithoutadvice:

Within: Five of Wands

Holding my center, finding my personal power within. This is a journey I’ve been on for two years, and the results are just starting to manifest.

Without: The Moon

Walking a new path as a result of the inner changes and transformation.

Advice: Knight of Cups

Create from a place of love, making sure your heart and mind are aligned with your spirit.

Stitch Witch!


My desk, complete with brand new sewing machine! (It’s also cluttered with a lot of other stuff, but I tend to use my desk mostly to hold my projects, which I work on all over the house. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll be sewing at my desk or at the kitchen table.)

I’m not new to sewing but I haven’t had a working machine in a while, so this is just a relatively inexpensive beginner’s model to get started with. (It doesn’t even come with a light, which is why I have that LED book light to the left of it. LOL.) I don’t have much in the way of fabric or thread yet, but I do have big plans: Tarot pouches, Tarot cloths, altar cloths, embroidered wall hangings, and more! So excited!

(In case anyone is wondering what happened to my altar, it migrated back over to my bookshelf, where it used to be years ago. It’s a work in progress right now, but I might share it at some point in the future.)

Coming Soon: Tarot Teas


I am in the process of completely revamping the line of handcrafted teas I offer in my Etsy shop, and will be debuting the first two blends in about a week.

The new teas will be:

– Tarot-themed! (We’ll be starting with the High Priestess and the Empress, my goal being to formulate teas that are tasty at the same time as being an aid to working with the energies of the Tarot in magic–although of course you can drink them just for fun, too!)

– Organic and/or chemical free, and gluten-free
– Made with only the freshest, high quality ingredients
– Free from added sugar (no candy pieces, and all fruit is hand dried by me with no sugar added)
– Free from “natural” flavorings; only pure plant extracts will be used where extra flavor is needed
From now up until the new tea line is launched, all of the older, existing teas in the shop are 50% off–get them while they last! (There really isn’t a lot left.)

A reading for America (Within / Without / Advice Day 4


My question for today: How can we make America GOOD again?

Within: The Moon

So many people in this country are wrestling with their inner demons and fears, which is not helped by the illusions, half truths, and outright lies being fed to them by this administration.

Without: Seven of Wands

Keeping the high ground, fighting for our rights and the rights of others, is an unending battle, and often it feels like we are fighting alone against overwhelming odds. How will we manage to keep defending our position in the face of fatigue and hopelessness when the assaults never stop?

Advice: Eight of Coins

Keep working at it, keep doing whatever it is you can, even if it seems like too little, even if progress seems slow. Use whatever resources you have available, and never stop. Be relentless.

Within / Without / Advice Day 3

(Within / Without / Advice is an Instagram challenge for July 2018 hosted by @thetruthinstory and @patrickjfogarty. Search for #withinwithoutadvice on Instagram for more info or if you’d like to play along. I’m also sharing on my blog because I have readers who are not on IG, or not following me there. Deck used here is the Darkness of Light Tarot.)

20180703_153923(0) (2)

Within: daydreaming of possibilities

Without: achieving those daydreams takes real action, which involves making real changes (some of them pretty scary)

Advice: Turn towards the future and make room for the growth to occur

I’m really enjoying this challenge! Is anyone else playing along? If so, drop you IG name into the comments so I can follow you there!