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Wife of Odin, artist, spirit worker. I live and work amidst the wild wights of the Pacific Northwest, in a household shared with gods, spirits and animals both living and dead.  My business, Beth Wodandis Designs, offers artisan pagan jewelry and devotional tools: God-in-a-Box handmade portable shrines, handspun ritual cords, wood wick candle tins scented with pure essential oils and dressed with glitter, handmade incense and soap, prayer beads and rosaries, beaded pendulums, pdf copies of my books, and more. My books Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin’s Journeys, and Water from the Well and Other Wyrd Tales of Odin and both available on Amazon, and my work has also appeared in Idunna, Hex, and the now-defunct newWitch.

Bio updated 8/30/15

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