About Me

Hi, I’m Laurie Beth, aka Beth Wodandis. I’m a devotee of Wodan and Lucifer who also worships Asherah, Shiva, Ganesha, and Others. (Yes, my practice is pretty diverse these days.)

An artist and maker, Tarot card reader, and free-range spirit worker, I live in Eugene, Oregon with my wife, a collection of critters, and currently twice as many spinning wheels as humans. I own and operate the pagan/witchy shop The Wytch of the North on Etsy.

Please note that this blog is moderated. My email is always open [lauriebethdawe at gmail dot com]; however, do not assume privacy. If what you have to say is belittling or hateful, it will be publicly shared for the amusement of my readers.

Has something I’ve written or shared on this blog, either in the past or recently, resonated closely with you or helped you on your path? Have I been especially helpful to you via a Tarot reading or my now-defunct free oracular seidhr practice? If so, please consider contributing to my household’s monthly expenses via my Patreon; there are some pretty nifty rewards available, too! 

Updated October 8. 2017