From my heart, to yours

My path within paganism and witchcraft has been a long and winding one, spanning more than thirty years and wandering from one place to the next within that time. I have experienced–and continue to experience–many losses, setbacks, and periods of confusion and doubt in the midst of my journey. Throughout this process, I have found small signs, messages, and touchstones–a card drawn, a set of beads or a doll to clutch–to be of the most immediately tangible comfort as I’ve sought to feel my way. These small items and omens have acted as breadcrumbs in the forest, showing me the way forward.

As pagans, we do not have a formal support system in place for our faith as the Big Three religions do. Just as we must cobble together our paths from bits of ancient writing or artifacts, so must we improvise and scrape together ways to maintain them when we find ourselves on shaky ground. My mission is to provide a helping hand along the way in the form of the same small things–readings, prayer beads to clutch, dolls to love–that have helped me.

I am a one-person shop: from product design and production, to customer care, to order fulfillment, it’s all 100% me. All of my creations are made with love, care, and intention in my smoke-free, pet-friendly home. Please know that when you purchase from my shop you are supporting a woman-owned, pagan-owned, queer-owned tiny business. My family and I deeply appreciate each and every order!

I love seeing my handcrafted items being used and enjoyed out there “in the wild”! Please feel free to share photos of your purchase on Instagram and Facebook, and if you do, please use the hashtag #wytchofthenorth

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Updated 4/29/21