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About me: Hi, I’m River! I am a spirit spouse (married to an unnamed-in-lore deity/spirit I refer to as the Traveler), pop culture polytheist, artist, and urban hedge witch. I live and work amidst the wild wights of the Pacific Northwest, in a household shared with spirits, spinning wheels, and animals both living and dead.

About this blog: Although I do post personal spiritual content here from time to time (as well as on my YouTube channel), this blog is now first and foremost a vehicle for showcasing my handcrafts and promoting my business. Sea Bunny Designs is probably the only spiritual company named after a sea slug–but since we craft all of our products by hand in Eugene, Oregon (home of the Slug Queen) it fits!  We make “fauxdori style” leather journal covers and notebook inserts inspired by paganism, pop culture, and activism–all designed to make you happy (and better organized). Plus, whether you like to call it a bullet journal, a Book of Shadows, or just a plain ole diary, we like having cool books to write stuff down in and figured you might, too! You’ll also find handmade candles (for light and ambiance while you’re journaling) and various other affordable little eclectic luxuries to brighten up your life and your space.

About my writing: My books Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin’s Journeys, and Water from the Well and Other Wyrd Tales of Odin are both available on Amazon; both works, along with my newest book Assuming the Mantle: The Lessons of Queen Anne Boleyn, are also available as pdf downloads in my shop. My work has also appeared in Idunna, Hex, and the now-defunct newWitch.

Bio updated 11/4/16

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