About Me

Hi, I’m Laurie Beth Dawe: eclectic witch, diviner, tea sorceress, INTP, Slytherin, massive fan of Doctor Who and Supernatural, and devotee of Wodan, Lucifer, Diana, and a number of personal animal spirits. This blog is going to be changing directions a bit, and will be delving into my explorations of traditional Italian witchcraft and of the triad of Lucifer, Diana, and Aradia, as well as my experiences with the local land spirits and my ancestors and beloved dead, both animal and human.  There will likely also be some crafting-related posts, as well as plugs for my Etsy shop and the Virtual Garage Sale my wife and I are conducting right here on this blog.

In November 2017, we lost our beloved dog Corbie after an almost four year battle with congestive heart failure. We’re trying to raise money to set up an emergency savings fund and the adoption fee so we can invite a new rescue dog into our home. Please help if you can, by buying from the shop, donating to our GoFundMe, purchasing something from our ongoing Virtual Garage Sale or supporting me on Patreon!

Updated 11/30/17