Tarot and Oracle Readings

I am once again offering Tarot and Oracle readings, which you can book right here on my blog via Paypal! Please select from the options  below, and email me at wodandis@gmail.com with your date of birth, your question, and the email address to send your reading to. It would also help to know a little about you and the background of your question. (I’m not trying to wow you with my predictive skills in these readings, just provide some insight to help you make the best decisions for your life–which, to my mind, is the best use of divination.)

If you are booking an overview forecast reading (such as the Year Ahead Spread or Thirteen Moons), it’s okay if you don’t have a specific question per se, but it would still help to now a little about you and what’s going on in your life currently, in addition to any special areas of interest or specific outcomes you might be looking for in the time span covered by the reading.

All readings will be sent via email (within seven business days) and will include a photograph of your reading spread.

Year Ahead Spread Reading  2017 –  In this reading I will select one Tarot card for an overview of your year as a whole, plus one card for each month of 2017, with a bonus oracle card for each quarter of the year (17 cards in all). This reading takes me between one and three hours to complete (depending) and you will receive a 5-6 page write-up of my interpretations and impressions, including a photo of your spread. $50 USD

Thirteen Moons Reading – Similar to the Year Ahead Spread, except that it encompasses the next thirteen months (one Tarot card per month), plus four oracle cards to act as sign posts along the way (17 cards in all .) This reading can begin with any month of the year, making it great for birthdays! $50 USDpaypal-purchase-button

13 Card Specific Question Spread – An in-depth analysis of the positive and negative influences, along with probable outcome, surrounding a specific situation. Spread includes 12 Tarot cards plus 1 oracle card for additional insight. $50 USD


Zodiac Spread (12 cards) – This is NOT an astrology reading; instead, it uses the houses of the zodiac to provide an in-depth snapshot of the facets of your life at the moment. $50 USDpaypal-purchase-button

Seven Chakras Spread (7 cards) – A general life reading for when you don’t have a specific question but are just looking for an overall “big picture” understanding of what is going on in your life at this time. Includes a bonus oracle card for added insight. $30 USDpaypal-purchase-button

Three Card Reading – A quick look into your current situation, how it came to be, and where it will most likely lead. Includes a bonus oracle card for added insight. $15 USDpaypal-purchase-button

About me (for anyone not familiar with me who may come across this page): I am a spirit worker, diviner, and witch with more than ten years of experience providing my services to the pagan community.

My personal ethics as a reader (important–please read!):

– Everything we discuss in connection with your reading is completely confidential and stays between us.

– I will not read for questions concerning health, legal matters, or any other issue that I deem better handled by a licensed professional.

– I will not read for anyone under the age of 18, no exceptions.

– My divination philosophy is that the future is always changing depending on our actions from one moment to the next, and nothing is set in stone. Therefore, although there may be predictive elements to some of my readings, I prefer for the emphasis to be on helping you gain insight and understanding into a situation to enable you to make better choices that will lead to the outcomes you want for your life. I will not ever tell you what you “should” do or what “will” happen; all power of choice remains with you.

– I will read only for the person requesting a reading, not for the thoughts or feelings of a third party.

– I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

If I feel I am unable to read for you or am not the right reader for you, you will receive a full refund.

***Please keep in mind that all sales are final (unless I elect to issue a refund for the reasons stated above).