Hunter’s Moon

Get a head start on your holiday shopping, or get some handspun yarn for those DIY gift ideas! For the Hunter’s Moon/Blood Moon of October, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $20, now through 10/19. Simply enter the coupon code HUNTERSMOON during checkout at FiberWytch on Etsy.  Happy shopping and enjoy the glorious October full moon!

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The annual “I need wool!” sale

Black Sheep Gathering is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: I need wool!  The choicest farm-fresh local fleeces, from a variety of breeds, will be offered for sale after judging closes for the fiber show on 6/22, and as usual I am short on funds.  (This year, we can blame vet bills incurred by our beloved pooch.)

And so, for the next 20 days (until June 17th, 2012) I am offering 20% off any sale in my Etsy store over $20 (this can include multiple items included in any single order, and they will all receive the discount).  If you’ve been wanting a Ritual Cord, or just want to stock up on some fabulous handspun yarn for fall knitting projects, there won’t be a better time than this!  To claim your discount, just enter the coupon code INEEDWOOL at checkout–it’s that easy.  (Or, you know, you could always just donate some money so I can buy wool.)

Edited to add: please feel free to spam this at will!

Samhain sale at Fensalir Fiber on Etsy

Now through Tuesday, Novemer 2nd 2011, take 15% off your entire purchase at my yarn store by entering the coupon code SPOOKY during checkout. A great way to stock up on striking and unusual handspun yarns for your holiday gift knitting projects!

Also, a couple of people have asked me whether I can make more of some of my yarns. Even though most of the ones I have listed thus far are marked “OOAK” because I only have one skein of that particular design at the moment, for many of them I could potentially make similar skeins–perhaps not exactly the same (as is to be expected with handspun yarn), but similar enough in colorway and materials to allow you to complete your project. So if you see something you like but need more of it, just ask! I’d be more than happy to see what I can do.

Along the same lines, if you fall in love with a colorway but would prefer a different wool, chances are good that I can do that for you! I am also happy to spin custom yarns in the colors and materials of your choice; just email or convo me and we’ll discuss price and a time frame. This includes spinning very special keepsake yarns made from your pet’s fur (blended with wool or other fibers if necessary). A warm pair of mittens or socks knitted from the fiber of a beloved animal friend would make an especially thoughtful, and very unique, holiday gift!

Wishing all of my readers joy and comfort at this very sacred and solemn festival…

Clearance Sale

The new year is here, and as I mentioned in my last post there will be some changes in my Etsy store over the next few weeks and months.  As a result, I have decided to discontinue a couple of product lines that no longer fit with my future plans for the store, and my aromatherapy blends and dream poppets are currently on clearance, with savings of up to 50% off (and reduced shipping, too)! You can check out the savings here, and stay tuned as my new offerings start arriving in the coming weeks! Happy 2011!

Three new items for fall, and a SALE!

To celebrate the beginning of September, my birth month, I have three new pieces to announce–including two pairs of earrings–as well as a September SALE! Two of the new designs are in a lighter style, more suitable for everyday wear, for those who may feel that the pieces in my original batch are just too much necklace for them.

Persephone's necklace garnet and bone

Persephone’s Necklace is a gossamer crocheted chain of silvertone wire, 28 inches long, sparkling with black and silver/grey crystals, genuine garnet beads, real black buffalo bone beads and white bone disks, red glass beads (two of which suggest poppies, Persephone’s flower), and black glass leaves. It fastens with a silvertone hook and eye clasp, although you can easily just slip it on and off over your head. It is light and comfortable to wear, with an effect of understated elegance with just a whisper of the macabre. Completely suitable for work, and would also look lovely paired with a black dress for a Samhain ritual.

Coffin Earrings bone and crystalThe Coffin Earrings are lightweight and playful and would make a wonderful accessory to wear to the office on Halloween day. Crocheted in silvertone wire with ceramic coffin charms, black and silver/grey crystals, and real black buffalo bone. Length approximately two inches. French ear wires in a muted silvery metal.

Harvest Leaves Earrings red freshwater pearl and amberAnd for Mabon, the slightly more flamboyant Harvest Leaves earrings: lightweight chandeliers knitted in antiqued bronze wire. A flourish of autumn-toned glass leaves is accented by genuine red freshwater pearls, red coral beads, real amber, unpolished turquoise chips, green calcite chips, and gold and forest green crystals. Start the fall season in style with these, perfect for work, ritual, or a special night out. Length approximately 2 1/2 inches. Antique brass-toned French ear wires.

Also, as I mentioned, since times are tough for everyone and I want you to have new shinies, I am having a special September SALE: 20-50% off the prices of ALL my previously posted jewelry. Just look for the word SALE in the item listing!

All of my items ship in a handcrafted box adorned with handmade artisan paper, ready for gift-giving.

Shipping cost for earrings – $2.50
For necklaces – $3.50

New Aesclepius Dream Poppet, and a CLEARANCE SALE!!

I’ve just posted a second Aesclepius Dream Poppet (for healing dreams) to my Etsy store.  This new poppet is identical in every way to the original Aesclepius poppet, which sold almost immediately after it was posted, except that the new doll features two satin ribbons (kelly green and mint green) instead of only one.  (Take a look at my Epona Dream Poppet if you’d like to get an idea of how the two ribbons look.)

Dream Poppet for healing

Also, ALL of my Dream Poppets are now on clearance with a price of $8.50 (a savings of $4 off the original price!), plus shipping.  So if you’ve been considering the Dream Poppets, now is your chance to snag one at an unbeatably low price! But hurry, because after these sell out they will only be available in the future by commission.

For those who may be new to the Dream Poppets concept, they are essentially dream pillows in doll form, stuffed with a mixture of herbs traditionally found to enhance dreams and encourage certain types of dreams. Each doll also features a gold or silver tone metal charm selected on the basis of that particular doll’s purpose, as well as ribbons in colors that support the magic.  (For example, the Aesclepius doll wears a caduceus charm—a traditional symbol of healing and the medical arts since the time of ancient Greece—and his ribbons are green, a color that supports healing.)  In addition, the dolls have each been energetically charged with their intended purpose by me, a practicing spirit worker and witch.

What herbs go into a dream blend? Traditionally, most dream blends (including the one I use) contain the following:

Rose petals – anchor the dream in feelings of safety, security, and loving warmth

Mugwort – helps with dream clarity and recall; can also encourage prophetic dreams

Chamomile flowers – encourage relaxation and pleasant dreams; also aid in falling asleep

Lavender flowers – aids in relaxation and rejuvenation and healing of the body during sleep

Rosemary – wards against bad dreams and aids in dream recall

Hops flowers – induce relaxation and peacefulness

All of the herbs I use in my dream blends are either certified organic or free of chemicals, and the blend itself is enhanced with pure steam-distilled essential oils (aromatherapy grade) as well as orris root, to fix the scent.  They are made from 100% cotton (sheet-like material, cool and comfortable for sleeping) and designed to last for years.

Christmas in July sale on Etsy

My Etsy store is participating in the Etsy community Christmas in July sale!  From now through July 25th, prices on my Green Man and Little Red Riding Hood (both from the Litchcraft Poppets collection) are reduced to $18 plus shipping.  Also, shipping for any Dream Poppet is FREE through July 25th (for domestic orders only; if you are outside the US and want a dream poppet, I will reduce the doll to $10 in lieu of offering the free shipping).

Enjoy the sale!!!