Etsy shop update!

new yarns

I’m working on a huge update over at FiberWytch on Etsy: lots of new handspun yarns, all ready to be snapped up (at just lowered, holiday-ready prices) and worked unto smashing Christmas/Hanukah/Yule gifts that will make you world-famous.  (Or at least earn you a lot in the way of happy, sincere thanks.)  If you’ve never knitted or crocheted with hand spun yarn before, you’re in for a treat you won’t soon forget.  And if you have, you know that there’s nothing quite like it for beauty, warmth and quality; there is a special magic to handspun.

All of my yarn is hand dyed, and most of it has been completely hand processed by me from raw fleece to finished skein.  I source all of my wool locally to help support the economy of the Pacific Northwest and Oregon in particular.  And I use environmentally friendly, professional quality dyes that are completely free from heavy metals

BUT best of all for holiday shopping, ALL yarns and cords throughout my store now ship for FREE within the domestic US.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go browse some handspun, and get a head start on those mittens and hats!

The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte

This just in! My partner, the phenomenally talented Jolene Dawe, has just released her long-awaited book The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales, an enchanting collection of short stories inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful and often downright weird Willamette Valley, the little slice of Oregon we call home.

Jo’s dedication reads simply “For the spirits of this place,” and this volume (a respectable-sized one, at 246 pages) is filled with spirits of all sizes, shapes and intentions: the eccentric and colorful guardians of an even more eccentric Pacific Northwest city; a southwestern cadejo (mischievous spirit dog) on a quest to rescue his best friend, a weretiger; a stranded woman who falls under the spell of a mysterious creature of the woods; a harried shopgirl charmed by a chance encounter with a man literally as old as the hills; a bullied child who receives help from an unlikely source; a bard who sings the praises of the Willamette River; an exiled fairy queen who dares to find love with a tormented mortal girl (the novella-length story of the title); a crow in search of a human nanny for his offspring; a nixie who will stop at nothing to protect her daughter; a troll who goes a bit too far in pursuit of the nymph he adores; an apathetic middle aged wife and mother who finds release and meaning as a maenad; a man who honors his grandfather’s dying wish to rest in the keeping of the supernatural being he once loved; and (my favorite tale of all) a dragon princess captivated by the prince of her peoples’ enemies…to her undoing.

In all, there are thirteen tales, all of them centered around the offbeat little city of Eugene, Oregon and its environs, each one more darkly shimmering and spellbinding than the last.  At turns humorous, lyrical, compelling and insightful,  Jo’s sure storytelling hand and deft prose weave an enchantment as thick as the woods surrounding the butte itself (which, by the way, is the Willamette Valley’s highest point, a craggy peak surrounded by primeval forest).  But be sure to leave yourself a trail of silvery stones–to catch the moonlight and mark your trail– as you wend your way into these deep, dark woods, because we all know what happens with bread crumbs: they get eaten by the crows!

If you or someone else on your gift list loves the worlds of faerie, otherworldly beings, and sheer enchantment, treat them (or yourself) to this lush literary confection!  But don’t take my word for it; you can sample the book on Jo’s blog, where she has generously provided one of my favorite stories in its entirety: right here.

Etsy Treasuries that have featured Lady Rosamonde’s Garden

(My thanks to The Bog Witch for the inspiration to post about this; with the stress we’ve had this past week over having to re-home some of our cats in preparation for moving, I would never have thought of it.)

Etsy Treasuries are member-curated collections of suggested items, usually organized around a central theme.  It’s been an honor and pleasure to find several of my creations featured in some of these recently, and I just want to say a big thank you.  This post is my way of spreading the love!

Beloved Trickster real coyote claw and rhodondite totem necklace featured in Southwestern Inspired

Love and Lust Drawing Magic Vanilla Oil featured in Gold red & between AND Seduce

Nine Herbs Oil featured in Precognition

Little Red Riding Hood Doll featured in Celebrate! January 12 – Happy Birthday Charles Perrault

A trio of new necklaces for early spring

Anyone who isn’t from this part of the world may laugh, but here in the Pacific Northwest we are already seeing the first signs of spring: longer and slightly warmer days, an almost imperceptible note of damp greenness in the air, and the bravest of the flowers and new leaves beginning to peek forth from their buds. 

In honor of spring’s approach, today I’m launching one of several new jewelry lines I’ve been planning.  This one is called All My Relations and focuses on animal allies.  “All my relations” is, of course, a Native American phrase, but one that has always resonated strongly with me, encouraging us to think of every creature that shares this planet with us as our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, teachers and sometimes even lovers.

Thief of Hearts Necklace

This new line also features a simplified, streamlined and lighter (and thus also less expensive) evolution of my hand-knitted necklaces.  To start, I have a trio of necklaces to show you: Thief of Hearts (with delicate raccoon finger bones accented by red freshwater pearls), The White Hart (a frothy red and white confection featuring deer antler slices), and Beloved Trickster (combining coyote claws and rhodondite).  For more details on all three of these necklaces (any of which would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for that special witch in your life, or for yourself!) please come visit me at my Etsy store.

Spring is a time for renewal and new growth.  I have more new jewelry designs (as well as some other surprises) in the works; watch for them to begin emerging in my Garden in the coming weeks!