Reminder: oracular seidhr for June

My next upcoming oracular session will be held on the evening of Monday, June 17th.

This year I have made several changes in the process for submitting a question, so please read this page and make sure you understand the changes and the new information before sending me a request for an oracle, as if you do not follow the new guidelines your question/s will be rejected. This is not for the purpose of being a hardass, but to make it possible for me to offer you the extra sessions I have added (11 this year as opposed to the 5 I held in 2012). And if you can do so at all, please do consider donating this year, to help support my devotional practice, if you submit a question. It is still not required, but I am working fewer hours now due to chronic health problems (I am “invisibly ill”) so it is always appreciated!

Thank you!

Oracular Seidhr

My next oracular seidhr session, for the Blood Moon of October, is coming up on Friday, October 22nd.  With all of the heavy woo stuff going on for me this fall, both in the wake of my oath and in general because of the season, I expect this one to be a doozy.  So far my dance card (so to speak) is wide open, so if you have a question don’t be afraid to email me.  If you’ve never done this before or want to know more about what I do, read this page first.

Oracular seidhr announcement

My next oracular seidhr session, for the Rose Moon of June, will take place this coming Sunday, June 27th, and anyone reading this (in other words, basically anyone at all) is welcome to submit a question. For those not familar with what I do, at the full moon of every month I journey to the Well of Wyrd, where the gods and spirits who dwell there are sometimes willing to answer personal or spiritual questions I put forth to Them on the behalf of others. There is NO charge for this; it is my gift to the community, in Odin’s service. Donations are welcome, and will be used for the upkeep if my temple space, but they are definitely not required.

For more information about what I do, and/or to make a donation, please visit this page of my website.  I also have the code of ethics I adhere to in this work posted here.