Hunter’s Moon

Get a head start on your holiday shopping, or get some handspun yarn for those DIY gift ideas! For the Hunter’s Moon/Blood Moon of October, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $20, now through 10/19. Simply enter the coupon code HUNTERSMOON during checkout at FiberWytch on Etsy.  Happy shopping and enjoy the glorious October full moon!

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The annual “I need wool!” sale

Black Sheep Gathering is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: I need wool!  The choicest farm-fresh local fleeces, from a variety of breeds, will be offered for sale after judging closes for the fiber show on 6/22, and as usual I am short on funds.  (This year, we can blame vet bills incurred by our beloved pooch.)

And so, for the next 20 days (until June 17th, 2012) I am offering 20% off any sale in my Etsy store over $20 (this can include multiple items included in any single order, and they will all receive the discount).  If you’ve been wanting a Ritual Cord, or just want to stock up on some fabulous handspun yarn for fall knitting projects, there won’t be a better time than this!  To claim your discount, just enter the coupon code INEEDWOOL at checkout–it’s that easy.  (Or, you know, you could always just donate some money so I can buy wool.)

Edited to add: please feel free to spam this at will!

Venom Yarns: Fiber with a Bad Attitude

Introducing a special new line of yarns for my Fensalir Fiber Art shop on Etsy: Venom Yarns.

The first four yarns in this collection are available now, and I’ll be adding more as the inspiration takes me. In contrast to the somewhat more positive spin of my mythologically inspired and plant dyed yarns, Venom Yarns are 100% bad attitude and proud of it, with names like Toxic Kool Aid, Sharkbait, and Rotten Apple. They are handspun by me using only the finest farm-fresh fibers, and their gorgeous color ways are hand dyed using low impact professional acid dyes and the occasionally packet of drink mix–meaning they are NOT toxic to the environment. Come take a bite; you know you want to!

In honor of this launch, I am also introducing a new coupon code: FENSALIRLOVE. Enter this code at checkout in my store and you’ll get 10% off on your entire order. Which means it’s definitely time to stock up on some handspun yarn for all that holiday knitting…*wink*