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Has something I’ve written or shared on this blog, either in the past or recently, resonated closely with you or helped you on your path? Have I been especially helpful to you via a Tarot reading or my now-defunct free oracular seidhr practice? If so, please consider becoming a supporter on my Patreon.

Updated 9/11/17

Since 2002 I have been oathed to the Norse god Odin, and for most of that time I considered myself to be a Norse heathen. I did the research, read all of the books (in addition to writing a couple of my own!), helped organize community, and was also trained by the spirits in oracular seidh.

But in 2015 I went through a massive period of burnout, which triggered a spiritual crisis from which I am just beginning to recover. At the same time, I am struggling to deal with the negative impact the downturn of the economy is having on my little pagan/witchy shop on Etsy. I run my shop full time from home, which is necessary due to the fact that I suffer from several “invisible illnesses” (fibromyalgia, arthritis, and IBS/IBD) that rendered me unable to continue working a regular job around the time I hit fifty (also in 2015).

My goal for my Patreon is to help bridge the gap between what my wife Jo makes from her job, and what we need to pay for rent and bills each month. My shop income is widely unpredictable from one month to the next, especially considering that my health varies the amount of time I am able to put into it.  $300 a month would enable me to pay part of the rent plus cover a bill or two, so that more of what I make from the shop can go back into product development, materials, and equipment to bring you a more exciting and unique array of products. (I have big plans for the shop going forward, but I need things like a sewing machine, for example.)

I am a writer and Tarot/oracle reader, but if we’re going to be honest most of my joy comes from being an artist/maker. So for now the rewards I offer are mostly writing and Tarot-based, but as time goes on and my skills continue to develop I hope to offer more along the lines of art-based rewards here–such as printable art files, coloring pages, etc. We shall see!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to create for you!


$1 per month: access to my patron-only feed,  which includes early access to new posts written for my spiritual blog, plus the occasional Patreon-exclusive post.

$5 per month: all of the above, PLUS exclusive access to my Card of the Week posts, where I will be pulling a Tarot or oracle card each week and offering a quick weekly forecast reading for everyone in this tier collectively.

$15 per month: all of the above, PLUS you are entitled to a personal three card Tarot reading each month, emailed directly to you. Please request your reading by emailing or messaging me with your question or concern by the 15th of each calendar month. There will also be a monthly three card general forecast posted for my collective patrons at this level, which you can enjoy whether or not you need a personal reading that month.

$20 per month: all of the above PLUS exclusive access to quarterly 30% off coupon codes for my Etsy shop, AND an occasional small gift in the mail from me.

If any of this strikes your fancy and you’d like to help me pay my bills, you can do so here.