Welcome to The Wytch of the North!

20171205_163310-003Hi, I’m Beth: former godspouse in recovery, 50-something invisibly ill fiber artist, mostly secular polytheist devoted to Wodan, Lucifer, Asherah, and Isis, Tarot reader, and Modern American Folk Witch. The latter is a tradition of one I just now made up for myself while writing this, so if it’s also a pre-existing trad somewhere that other people belong to, there’s no connection.

My practice consists of a blend of folk magic, occultism, re-exploring the mystical side of my Jewish roots, communing with the spirits of my ancestors (both familial and honorary—especially from a feminist perspective) and my other beloved dead, in addition to art witchery. You can expect to see a mix of all of the above on my blog, along with some crafty/Crafty DIY (as my way of giving back to my readers).

Crafting is my chosen form of resistance against all of the nasty things happening in our country and the world right now; I fight ugliness and hatred by striving to add just a little more beauty to the world, day by day. Currently I am focusing on the fiber arts, which is my first and truest crafting love, but I also enjoy experimenting with other mediums from time to time.

I’m also the maker behind The Wytch of the North on Etsy, which has gone through many iterations and changes of fortune in the past few years. These days, it is less a thriving business and more a way to pay for crafting supplies and supplement our household income; perhaps that will change in the future, perhaps not. I craft because it’s what I love doing but also because, with my physical issues, that and my Tarot reading services are the only ways I can bring in some money. I’m no longer able to hold down an outside job, and my health issues make most structured work from home setups impractical for me as well, since there are days when literally all I’m able to do is rest, snuggle the dog, and watch Netflix.

Because my health problems don’t qualify me for disability support, I am heavily dependent on the kindness of friends and near-strangers, and in addition to my shop I maintain a Patreon, which offers monthly rewards ranging from astrological lunar letters (join me as we follow the moon through the signs in 2018!), to Tarot readings, to planetary magic-inspired teas.

I live with my wife and furkids (Molly, our rescue greyhuahua, and three cats) in Eugene, Oregon. I’m a Virgo, INTP and Whovian, and am developing a serious reality TV addiction.

My blog is moderated so if you comment on a post, please be patient as it won’t show up til I get a chance to approve it!