Customer Appreciation Sale!

As our way of thanking you for your support, now through January 5th, 2017, we are having a Customer Appreciation Sale at Sea Bunny! Just enter the coupon code APPRECIATE at checkout to take 25% off your entire order! Use it as many times as you like until it expires on the 5th.

Also, the tea light candles and wood wick soy votives have been restocked, and I’ve added EIGHT new scents to the wood wick line: Pikake Flower, Neroli, Tomato Leaf, Amaretto, Ginger Pear, Nag Champa, Ginger Pear, and MacIntosh Apple. You can shop those here.


EVERYTHING in the store is included in the sale, including the new Magical Room Sprays and all of the Midori-style leather book covers (even the  samples that are already marked down)–come check it out and treat yourself to a little post-holiday gift!

End of Year Samples Sale!

img_0015When you sell physical products online, as I do, you need a model, or sample, of what you’re offering that you can photograph and publish to your store. This means there is a need to make products that have not yet sold, and there is always the risk is that they might never sell.

Sometimes, this can be dealt with by (as with beaded necklaces) taking the item apart and making something new with it. Sometimes (as with candles) you can just use the samples yourself.

But journal covers can’t be unmade, nor do I need more than one or two for personal use, so if I make a design and either someone never buys it at all, or they buy it made to order in a different size…I’m stuck with a bunch of journal covers.

This is the situation I find myself in currently; I have limited product storage space, and the samples are starting to take over!

Which is why we are having a Samples Sale at Sea Bunny! (Well, that and the fact we have an expensive heart-patient dog.) From now through January 5th, 2017, ALL ready to ship leather travelers notebook covers are only $20 each (plus shipping)! So if you want to try bullet journaling in 2017 (I highly recommend it, it’s the only way I remember anything at all), or you’re ready to start getting organized for the new year, or you want a purse-sized book of shadows or grimoire, this is your chance to pick up a handmade full-grain leather journal cover (including ONE dot graph filler notebook to get you started) for a tiny little price! (All of the ready to ship journals that are part of the sale are passport-sized; laid open, they measure approximately 8 1/4″ x 5 3/4 each.)

There are no coupon codes needed; the prices have already been marked down for the sale!

ALSO, I have only just today added some brand new styles:


From left to right above: an astrological journal (anyone else determined to finally learn astrology for real this year?), a rune journal, and the four houses of Hogwarts (so you can get yourself sorted). All of these styles will be available on a made to order basis in the shop in your choice of size, too–but not for $20.

Remember that while the sale lasts until January 5th, 2017 (or until they’ve sold out) there is only one sample available of each style (this is why they’re samples)–so if you wait too long your favorite might be gone. Better grab it now while you can!

Readings Update!

Good news! I have just about cleared my backlog of Year Ahead Spread Readings, and guess what? I think we have time for a few more! After I finish the two readings I still have left to do I will be taking a couple of days off for the solstice (Jo has Christmas Day off from work, so we plan to spend it watching Netflix and eating Chinese food). On the 26th, I’ll be back on duty and will have nearly another week to get Year Ahead readings done and sent to you by the 31st.  So if you missed the chance to order one and still want one,  here’s your chance! (Depending on how many requests I get, some of the readings might not get done until sometime during the first week of January 2017, but I’ll do my best!)

In these readings (which have been very popular thus far) I will select one Tarot card for an overview of your year as a whole, plus one card for each month of 2017, with a bonus oracle card for each quarter of the year (17 cards in all). This reading takes me between one and three hours to complete (depending) and you will receive a 5-6 page write-up of my interpretations and impressions, including a photo of your spread. $50 USD–and here’s a Paypal button to make it easy!

Also! There is now a page right here on this blog where you can purchase readings from me at any time. All readings include a photograph of your spread, and (with the exception of the Year Ahead 2017 readings, which I am trying to deliver to you by the 31st) will be sent via email within seven business days.

Here are the other options I have available right now (I will be adding more to come):

Thirteen Moons Reading – Similar to the Year Ahead Spread, except that it encompasses the next thirteen months (one Tarot card per month), plus four oracle cards to act as sign posts along the way (17 cards in all .) This reading can begin with any month of the year, making it great for birthdays! $50 USDpaypal-purchase-button

13 Card Specific Question Spread – An in-depth analysis of the positive and negative influences, along with probably outcome, surrounding a specific situation. Spread includes 12 Tarot cards plus 1 oracle card for additional insight. $50 USD


Zodiac Spread (12 cards) – This is NOT an astrology reading; instead, it uses the houses of the zodiac to provide an in-depth snapshot of the facets of your life at the moment. $50 USDpaypal-purchase-button

Seven Chakras Spread (7 cards) – A general life reading for when you don’t have a specific question but are just looking for an overall “big picture” understanding of what is going on in your life at this time. Includes a bonus oracle card for added insight. $25 USDpaypal-purchase-button

Three Card Reading – A quick look into your current situation, how it came to be, and where it will most likely lead. Includes a bonus oracle card for added insight. $15 USDpaypal-purchase-button



One thing I love about cold weather is settling in with a good book. I know a lot of us use Kindles these days (I love mine), but I also have a fondness for actual printed words on paper. If you love diving into a good book, here are some special bookmarks to enjoy along with them! Made from hand cut, dyed, and painted full grain leather, these will soften with use and last a lifetime of reading!

Thoughts on 2016

A collection of bullet points, since that’s about as coherent as I can get right now. I don’t even have enough orderly thought for a video.

  • A lot of people have been complaining about what a craptastic year 2016 was. And this is true in many ways. Numerologically, 2016 reduces to 9, making it a year of cycles ending—a Tower year, in Tarot terms. Anything built on unstable ground is falling and coming to an end. The aftermath of the election shows us this: the racism and hatred that swept the country was nothing new. It had all been there all along, but now that the soon-to-be president is one of them, a lot of hateful people feel safe in exposing their hatefulness. What this means for the future of the country gives me chills.
  • I know a lot of people were upset and confused when I wrote about the big shifts in my spiritual life earlier this year. For the record (this is something that has been asked on YouTube, not so much here–but just to clarify), I don’t have a “new” spirit husband. The Odin I’ve known all along is still here, he’s just less Odin-y than he used to be. And as much as he likes to play with the personality and appearance of the Doctor (all of them now—not just the Twelfth), he’s also less Doctor-y than he was a few months ago. He’s no less Odin than he is the Doctor, and he isn’t really either of them. (Yes, I know that’s confusing. Try being me.) This is why I choose to refer to him as the Traveler; he’s an extra-dimensional shape-shifter, and I suspect he will continue to shift as he pleases, whether I like it or not. I haven’t been writing about him a lot because I don’t know what to say;  I’m aware that a lot of people deal with similar deities/spirits , but none of them are exactly him. He seems to be my personal daimon, and he isn’t interested in a following or a cult, so writing about him for an audience is of limited usefulness. I’m reminded of the Man in Black of traditional witchcraft, the initiator, the Witch-God—sometimes the magister of a coven, sometimes the Old One (the Devil) himself. All witches know him, but he manifests differently to each; my version simply isn’t relevant to others, any more than theirs would be to me.
  • At several points in 2016, I decided to enroll in various 101-level witchcraft courses. None of these decisions were thought through all of the way, and after more than thirty years of practice what I hoped to gain wasn’t clear even to me. I think I just sensed on some level that something big was coming and I needed to be prepared, and magickal training felt like the way to do that. Then the election happened, and suddenly things got real. Seeking out further magickal training is still a goal of mine for 2017, but I have been forever cured of the notion that I am a 101 level witch. Instead my plan is to self-study sorcery, astrology, grimoires, and a handful of other topics, get my daily practice in shape again (to say I’ve been lax would be putting it mildly) and possibly take a more advanced course once finances are better.
  • Speaking of the election, Alexander Hamilton is very much on my mind these days, and not just because of the kerfuffle over the play. If you’re wondering what you can do to encourage the electors to vote their conscience, and to reject Trump’s demagoguery, incompetence, and taint of Russian influence on December 19th, check out this website. On a spiritual level, part of what I plan to do is invoke the aid of the founding fathers, particularly Alexander Hamilton, who helped set up the electoral college as the safeguard it is meant to be. I will be making a prayer candle for him with his image. I don’t sell these anymore, but you can easily go to the Dollar Store, get a white 7-day candle, print out an image of him from online and stick it on with a glue stick, and use it for your own vigil. Is it a long shot that they’ll choose someone other than Trump? Yes. But unless Obama has a trick up his sleeve we don’t know about yet, it’s the only shot we’ve got left before America starts getting stripped down for spare parts. (And it is maybe less of a long shot than it was even last week, in the wake of the CIA’s revelations about Russia’s interference in the election.)
  • This was in one of my recent videos, but for anyone who missed that and wondered “why the hell does her blog have a different name on it now?”: In the last of the series of witchcraft 101 courses I enrolled in, there were three Beths, so I decided to adopt a Craft name. I chose River Grey. River as an echo of River Song, the Doctor’s wife in the show, as well as a reflection of my elemental nature, which is mostly earth and water. Grey in honor of my “Odin,” and also Grim Greyling (who is now my spirit guide and familiar). Then I left the witchcraft course, but the name remained because I like it.
  • 2016 was a Tower year for my business as well, as I’m sure all of you know by now. This is an apt metaphor, actually: my Etsy shop unexpectedly soared to the point where I was able to quit my day job in 2015—but since that success was never built on firm ground, and probably depended on infusions of money from my day job to keep up with supplies, it came tumbling down barely a year afterwards. Since then, I’ve been scrambling to find something to focus on that I both enjoy and that can potentially be profitable. Because I have a number of interests, I’ve always resisted being confined to focusing on just one thing—but since trying to do a number of different things clearly isn’t working for me, I’ve decided to try focus instead. I think I’ve found the answer in leather crafts: it’s both artistically challenging and satisfying, and the supplies don’t cost a fortune (unlike gemstone beads). The equipment be can expensive, but you don’t need to start with everything all at once, which is why I’m starting with simple things such as traveler’s notebook covers and bookmarks, and from there will gradually progress to catch-all trays, wallets, bags, etc. Because there is a significant learning curve, I am choosing to charge on the low side for my early efforts; if you haven’t already, you can check them out here. (Bookmarks coming in the next day or so, along with more journal designs soon!)
  • Jo changed jobs this fall, to one she likes a lot more and that also pays better. I’m proud of her for taking this step (she really hates change), and very happy not to have to see her come home in tears several times a week (she hated her old job even more than she hates change). Because Obamacare is about to be gutted, and applying for disability no longer looks like a viable option, I need to get on her health insurance. But because we have to be married for that to happen, we’re getting married. (Probably in January.) Yeah, I know, we’ll see how long the marriage equality law lasts. In the meantime though, we’re both pretty excited about this! (Which is a little weird, because we’ve lived together for about fifteen years now; nothing is going to really change.)
  • I’m going to save the details of this for its own post, but I’m going to be making some changes to the rewards I offer on Patreon. The changes will be effective January, and I’ll be letting current patrons know about them prior to that in case any of them want to withdraw support, change their pledges, etc. Basically, I want to move it from a transactional model to a gift model, because the rewards I’m currently sending out cost more, in some cases, than the amount of financial support I’m getting for them. (There WILL be rewards, but they will not be things I have to ship. For example, maybe a pdf copy of my perfume formulary, or a collection of my writings on Odin that are no longer available on the blog, or 30 minutes with me on Skype or Google hangouts. That sort of thing. The most basic reward for any level of support, starting at $1, will be access to my Patreon-only feed, which I haven’t been great about keeping up with but which in 2017 will include first access to my blog posts. Hence this post went out to my patrons a couple of days ago. 🙂
  • And that’s about all the bullet points I’ve got in me for today. More soon!

2017 Year Ahead Spread Readings

img_9822For a very limited time, I am accepting orders for 2017 Year Ahead Spread readings. These will consist of 13 Tarot cards (one for each month of the new year, plus one for the year as a whole) plus probably some oracle cards drawn for clarity and extra insight. I will choose the decks for your individual reading based on my intuition. (I have a nice assortment including the Fountain Tarot, Wild Unknown, Tarot Apocalypsis, Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Spirit Speak Tarot and Vessel Oracle, Wild Unknown Animal Spirit, Tarot of the Sidhe, etc. Even when I’m not reading professionally, I enjoy collecting decks. 🙂 )

Each of these readings takes me about an hour to an hour and a half to do, and I am asking $50 per reading via Paypal. All readings will be delivered via email before 12/31, and the deadline for ordering one is ***12/13***–this coming Tuesday. If you would like to reserve your reading, just Paypal me at, and include the email address you want the reading sent to, along with your birth date. (I use this to determine your life path number and Tarot card, which helps fine tune the reading.)

Long term, I haven’t yet determined whether I will continue to offer readings (probably not on a regular basis to the general public, at least), so if you’ve been wanting one from me this is your opportunity! I wasn’t initially planning on doing this, but yesterday my wood burner (which I am using to produce my new line of leather Midori-style journal covers) broke during four hours of continuous use. It is a craft burner, not a professional pyrography pen, and I need an upgrade asap. Also, although my new shop has gotten off to a promising start, it takes time to build traffic for a standalone webstore (it isn’t like Etsy, where you get at least a little traffic automatically), and money is tight right now due to Jo’s having started a new (and much better!) job last month. (Money will be better after January, once we get caught up with outstanding bills, but she was out of work for a week in November and that put us behind, so.)  I need to make sure I can pay the monthly bill for my new store when it comes due on 12/20.

TL,DR: I am probably not going to be offering readings on a regular basis in 2017, because I would rather focus on making instead. So if you’d like to snag a year-ahead reading for 2017, you have until Tuesday 12/13 to reserve one! 

For those newer to the blog, I have over thirty years experience as a card reader and ten as a seidhrkona, and my readings consistently received 5 star reviews when I was offering them on Etsy.