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Public Service Announcement

Since people have had questions, and I can’t blame them for being confused, here is a brief explanation in plain speech. During the past year and a half to two years I have undergone a spiritual crisis which was triggered by severe burnout. I am still recovering, so please don’t be offended if I point you towards this post instead of explaining again.

Yes, I have gone back to Odin. (He says I have never left Him, that He went with me on my strange inner journey whether I knew it or not.) No, I have not gone back to heathenry. Although I have Irish and French blood ancestry (which I know because my daughter had her DNA tested; I still need to save up to have mine done), I was raised by a Jewish adoptive mother, with help from a pushy Jewish grandmother. But I have been neglecting my Jewish adoptive ancestry for years now—and if you know anything at all about Odin, you know how He is about the ancestors.

I’m not going into detail about the hows and whats of the spiritual crisis I’ve been through; I’ve taken down the posts that pertained to it, because they aren’t relevant to anyone except me. But the upshot of the crisis and the journey it entailed is that I am now going to be an eclectic Jewitch, working with and for Odin as my Beloved and also honoring Asherah as my goddess (in addition to getting to know other gods, other magical systems, and other cultures—including pop cultures–as He guides me to do so).

For those not familiar with Asherah: She is the forgotten goddess of the Hebrew people. She originated with the Canaanite mother goddess Athiratu and also included elements of the goddesses Anat and Ashtarte. She was the consort of Yahweh when the Israelites were still polytheists, and was swept under the rug with the onset of Jewish monotheism, but survives in modern Judaism as the Shekhinah, the “feminine aspects” of God. The term “Jewitch” is not a slur, and it does not mean I am now a monotheist; it is a term used by many people who have Jewish heritage and follow a partly Jewish path but are also polytheists and/or witches.

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A Lesson


I skipped Shabbat this weekend. My reasoning was admittedly stupid: I figured that, since I’ve patched things up with Odin, my adventures in Jewitchery were now over, and I’d just go back to being a good little Heathen again.

“Since when were you a good little Heathen?’ He asks me, eyebrow arched.

Um. Nevermind.

Anyway. Friday night was spent at my altar with my Beloved, but on Saturday, instead of observing the Shabbat, I worked on the store. Sort of. Mostly I fretted about the store and its currently slow sales, spent hours more than necessary making six sets of mini prayer beads (some I had to restring up to five times–no, I’m not joking), and then made lunch for Jo, an exercise I had to repeat four times due to both errors in judgement and timing.Clearly, something about this day was not working. Or something wasn’t supposed to be working and was trying to–namely, me.

It also felt vaguely wrong, as if this was the day I was supposed to visit my grandparents, only I didn’t go. (“I’ll visit your grandparents with you. You put up with My family, after all.”)

A vague sense of guilt and sadness.

Apparently, I am still going to be a Jewitch, only with Odin. How interesting.

Apparently, I am not going back to Heathenry, but simply going back to Odin–alongside worshiping the Hebrew gods.

Apparently, this is the deal He made with my adopted ancestors–so all of this sightseeing in other times and other cultures has not been a waste of time, it has simply been an ambush.

This path is not going to win me any friends in either Heathenry or Judaism. Which is sort of the point. I am to follow where He leads, and to Sheol with the rest.

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Destash: Leather Traveler’s Notebooks (“Fauxdori”)

IMG_5033I just came across these leather notebook covers while I was doing some straightening up earlier today.  They aren’t being offered in my shop, and I don’t make them anymore, so I thought I’d do a destash here!

Most of these are Harry Potter or Game of Thrones themed, so they could make great little holiday gifts for friends or family. All are handcrafted by me from vegetable-tanned leather, are about 8 1/4 x 5 1/4″,and are made to hold passport-sized notebook inserts. (No notebooks are included, only the cover, which has sturdy fabric-covered elastic inside to hold your notebooks in place–see the last photo.) The leather is thick and rather stiff, but that also makes them more durable! They have all been conditioned with mink oil and leather wax.

Your choice of any one cover for $12, or any two covers for $18. Email me at if you’re interested! Payment will be via Paypal. Shipping within the domestic US is FREE. (Sorry, I don’t want to ship these internationally.)

Green Man still available, Hufflepuff is SOLD


Baratheon still available, Slytherin is SOLD
Gryffindor, Ravenclaw
Astrological Signs, Lannister
What they look like on the inside
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Updated About Me page, revised 9/5/17

Hi, I’m Laurie Beth, aka Beth Wodandis. A red-headed witch since birth, I’m now in my early Cronedom and showing some silver. I live with my wife and assorted critters in the beautiful [but currently very smoky] Pacific Northwest.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you most likely know me as a long-time Norse polytheist and seidhrkona (since roughly 2002).  Over the years, I’ve written reams (or the electronic equivalent thereof) of material about my path and about being a godspouse; most of those writings are now private, no longer available on the web, due to a major burnout I suffered from the spring of 2016 through the summer of this year. I now suspect this episode may have been more along the lines of a nervous breakdown, or even a psychic break, and I am rather ashamed to admit that I initially blamed my gods for it, but have since come to realize that I have no one but myself, and my past failure to set proper boundaries, to blame.

During this time period, my personal practice and spiritual life have been on something of a roller coaster ride until, very recently, I made the executive decision to put the hand break on. I am now in the process of peeling away all of the suspect layers of said practice, back to what truly matters: myself, my Beloved, my family.

Peeled back to my essence, I belong to Odin, to myself, to my wife and family, and to those with whom I choose to share my time and energy. (That last category spans across the globe and various dimensions; I consider myself very fortunate in those–mortals and spirits alike–who have chosen to befriend me.)

Please note that comments are closed on this blog at this point simply because I do not have time to moderate them. (This may change at some point in the future.) My email is always open [lauriebethdawe at gmail dot com]; however, do not assume privacy. If what you have to say is belittling, derisive, or malicious, it will be publicly shared for the amusement of my blog readers.

Has something I’ve written or shared on this blog, either in the past or recently, resonated closely with you or helped you on your path? Have I been especially helpful to you via a Tarot reading or my now-defunct free oracular seidhr practice? If so, please consider contributing to my household’s monthly expenses via my Patreon; there are some pretty nifty rewards available, too! 

Updated September 9/5/17


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My Lord of Masks


You’ve led me a very merry chase, haven’t You? From well-established (and well-earned, I might add) ground, through slightly newer and less familiar territory, and then off the charts–through all of time and all of space, all the way back to the faith of my (adopted) ancestors. What magic did my long-dead grandmother work to persuade You to do this to me? What bet did You owe her? To send me back to the long-ago customs of the people who adopted me as their own? (Fair enough, but surely my currently-unnameable blood ancestors–from England and France, as I understand it–also merit a say. Surely I do, as well.)

Yes, I’m angry. Can You blame me? You are undoubtedly the trickiest of Tricksters, not be be out-Trickstered by a/Anyone, and I never credited Your reputation for madness (and betrayal? I don’t want to say it, but I do feel betrayed) so much as I do now. And while I appreciate the change of scenery and I WILL follow up with these captivating new vistas and new ways–the lure of new knowledge, new discoveries, is too great, just as You knew it would be…in spite of myself I miss You. You stupid Old Man.

Fifteen years ago, I took vows to Wodan that were intended to last a lifetime and beyond, and I fully intend to uphold those vows. Even knowing, as I know now, that my particular path of Wodan is Grimnir, the  Masked One–the Madman in a Box, you might say. Even though it has become more difficult to grasp You than it was for Cerridwen to catch Taliesin.

Nevertheless, I persist. I also say to You–and mark me well–ENOUGH ALREADY. Thirty+ years ago is not today, and despite Your blindness to the changes in me, I am not a young woman anymore, with all of the time in the world to experiment and explore, falter and fail. And in the course of becoming a young crone, I’ve realized, I DO have a say in this. I’ve remembered who I am. (How on earth did I manage to forget?) And to hell with “The Magician”; “my Lord of Masks” shall be Your name, henceforth and forevermore!

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Labor Day Sale!


I’m having a LABOR DAY SALE at The Wytch of the North on Etsy! Save 20% on everything except custom, no minimum order and no coupon code needed! Readings are included! Ends September 5th.

EDITED TO ADD: the Corbmeister has an expensive blood test scheduled in September to see if he needs to change meds, and every little bit extra I can bring in to put towards that helps tremendously! I am also seriously thinking about overhauling my product line once again–so if you’ve been eyeing anything in my shop, this would be a great time to grab it!

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Flash Sale: Book of Mirrors Reading

21041779_144049726192317_647000045337444352_nPurchase a Book of Mirrors reading from me now through tomorrow (Thursday 8/24) and save 20% ($5) off the usual price–no coupon code needed!

Maybe you feel like there might be something missing from your practice but you just can’t put your finger on what it could be. OR maybe you just like to check in with your deities or with Spirit from time to time–via the cards–to make sure you’re still on the right path and getting all you can from your practice. Either way, this three card reading is for you!
As an example, here is a Book of Mirrors reading I did for myself today, using the Darkness of Light Tarot deck I have dedicated to my spirit Husband and reserved for consulting with Him. (Allow me to choose a deck from my collection that I feel will work best for your particular reading.) Since this reading is for me, I’m going to be sharing fewer details than I would normally share with a client; this is just a quick demonstration of how this particular reading works.
Card 1: What is the current state of my practice?
Temperance–Hovering on the edge of something transformational, but still afraid to commit fully to it, only sticking one foot in, hanging back. In a state of flux, still taking shape in the wake of dramatic changes.
Card 2: How can I maximize my progress?
Eight of Blades–Break out of my current mental rut, realize that the only constraints or limitations I have are the ones I am placing on myself.
Card 3: What pitfalls do I need to avoid that may hinder my growth?
Queen of Coins – Staying in my “bubble” too much, refusing to take risks or experiment, becoming stuck in my ways (as an earth sign, this is something I’m good at–I am definitely a Queen of Coins type!), becoming too comfortable with my routine.
Judging by this reading (which does resonate for me), I already know what things I need to do to deepen my practice; I just need to stop hesitating and do them already! 
What about you? If you’d like to schedule your own Book of Mirrors reading at the discounted price, act fast–the sale ends tomorrow at midnight (Thursday night/Friday morning).
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New Reading Option in my shop

This is very similar to the two-card readings I offer as one of my monthly Patreon rewards: it’s a simple but effective two-card reading for helping you make a decision. Are you standing at a crossroads right now in some area of your life and not sure which path to take? Or are you facing a major decision and not sure whether to go ahead with it, or do nothing at all? Either way, this is the spread for you! It shows you the likely outcome of two separate options you’re considering, to help make it easier to decide. It can also help break down a single decision you’re facing, by showing the likely outcome if you make that decision and act on it, versus the outcome if you do nothing at all.

Card 1: What will likely happen if I choose option A? (OR, what is the likely outcome if I decide to do this one thing I’m considering and act on it ?)

Card 2: What will likely happen if I choose option B? (OR, what is the likely outcome if I do nothing at all?)

You can order this reading in my shop here, or browse the full selection of readings I’m currently offering here.

Since I’ve been enjoying doing the readings again, I’m also going to be widening the scope of the types of readings I offer in the shop. While I specialize in helping you sort out issues with deities and other spiritual matters, I am fully equipped to seek answers to your questions concerning most areas of life (love, career, relationships, personal development–everything except health and legal matters)–so next week I’ll be adding some additional spreads geared to some of these more mundane concerns.

In the meantime, you can use my Custom Spread option to delve into ANY issue you’d like more information or insight on; it’s a great spread in that you can choose anywhere from 3-6 cards (depending on how many aspects there are to your question and how deep you want to go), with the price varying accordingly.

I know I said I was going to keep my readings centered on spirit work only, but hey, I’m having fun doing readings and I changed my mind. Just remember that all of my readings are geared towards giving you input and advice from the deities, the spirits, your higher self, and the universe in general, to help you move forward in your personal/spiritual development as well as with your goals in life.  So whether the topic is mundane or spiritual, my reading style isn’t fortunetelling; I will never tell you what WILL happen or what you SHOULD do. I point out possibilities, but the power of choice always belongs to you.

Please ALSO note that I’ve lengthened my lead time for readings to 5-7 business days after purchase, simply because while I do love doing readings, I also need to make sure I have time to make more things for the shop, ship orders, do my own personal spiritual stuff, etc.


Advice from the Ancestors: A Tarot and Oracle Reading for Consulting with Your Forebears

New in the shop!

In modern paganism, many of us don’t put the same emphasis on consulting with or honoring our ancestors as we do on our relationships with the deities. However, indigenous pagan cultures did things the other way around: they knew it was their ancestors they could count on to watch their backs and give them sound advice and even assistance. Our ancestors (and I am including adopted ancestors here) have a vested interest in our success, because we are the living continuation of their legacy.

This five card reading is for consulting with either a particular ancestor of your choosing, or your ancestral heritage in general if you have no one specific individual in mind.

The reading addresses:

1. The main gift you inherited from your ancestor/s.

2. The main challenge/karmic hurdle they passed down to you.

3. Their hopes for you.

4. A healing message from them.

5. How you can best honor your heritage/their legacy.

You will receive an email with a downloadable pdf of your reading including a clear color photo of your spread. I will email your reading to you within 3-5 business days** of your purchase.

** Important: Please note that I do readings only on M – Th. I will schedule your reading on the next available “reading day,” and will usually let you know within 24 hours of your purchase when I expect to be reading for you.

When purchasing your reading, please include the following in your “note to seller”:

– Your name and email address.
– Any relevant details you can share about the ancestor you are asking about, if you have someone specific in mind.
– The general cultural/geographical background of your ancestry (if you know it) if you don’t have a specific individual in mind.
– Any background information about your spiritual path, practice, and history you would like me to keep in mind while reading.