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Murder of Crows Tarot | Deck Walkthrough

A quick walkthrough of the Murder of Crows Tarot by Corrado Roi, published by Lo Scarabeo. (With a guidebook by Charles Harrington.) This is a dark, moody deck perfect for the dark half of the year and I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it, especially in the Deity Communication Readings I offer in my Etsy shop.

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Write it Down! (Keep a Journal) | Quick Witchy Tip #1

I’m starting a new series on my YouTube channel called “Quick Witchy Tips.” These will be a collection of quick, easily digestible videos targeted towards people new to paganism or witchcraft, new to working with the pagan gods, and/or those who have been around a while but could use some help energizing their practice again. I hope you enjoy these and find them useful!


Jo and I have a new podcast!

Introducing Beth and Jo Makes: a Knitting, Spinning, and Crafting Podcast!

Just like the name suggests, the podcast will focus on the fiber and needle arts, but will also expand into other areas such as bullet journaling and cooking/food prep. Since I’ve been out of work since I was laid off in March due to COVID, and we are currently trying to save money to move back east, the channel’s emphasis will be on making do with the supplies you have on hand while still finding ways to do creative work that feeds your spirit. It’s a crafty hearth witch on a budget sort of thing.

I neglected to post a preview to my Patreons before publishing on YouTube (sorry about that!) but will do better in the future. I also didn’t realize my camera was going to split the file into two parts, so part 2 is here.

The podcast is on a brand new YouTube channel, and there will be more videos coming soon, including some solo ones from me. If you enjoy them, please help us out by spreading the word, liking, and subscribing.

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Rekindling Devotion Podcast with Beth & Jolene, Episode 3 (now with links fixed!)

After a long hiatus due to being sick with bronchitis for over a month, we return to discuss our altars/sacred spaces, kittens, and plans and updates for our crafting and writing projects!

Our new joint Etsy shop: Beth and Jo’s Emporium

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Community Vlogmas Finally Completed (on this blog)

Community Vlogmas Catchup (on Jo’s Blog)

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Happy New Year!

*dusts off blog, peers at screen warily, grimaces*

Yeah, I’ve been gone for a bit. I’m still around on YouTube (or was, until Jo and I both got sick in the middle of our attempt to do Vlogmas), but I’ve been mostly absent from blogland for a good long while.  I’ve missed everyone, though. I hope the holidays were happy for you, and that you’re starting off 2020 with a song on your lips and a bracing rush of fresh air under your wings.

2019 was a rough year for us–or, well, it had its ups and downs. I had to get a day job in February, and I’ve been working ever since–which has been hard on both my body and my ability to focus on any of my own projects. But on the upside we’ve been living less hand-to-mouth than we used to. We lost Zerk (he of The Strange Tale of Loki’s Cat Children fame) to lymphoma in November, but we also adopted three kittens, one over the summer and two more in November during Zerk’s final weeks. And my daughter got married and is now happily living with her new husband in their very first married apartment together.

So, ups and downs. But if I’m honest, the past few years have been rough on me in general, in ways I’ll probably get into a bit in future posts (and/or videos). The change in title for this blog, as well as the current header image, both reflect my feelings about the past few years rather well. There has been a lot of turmoil and a lot of pain, and my way of coming to terms with that has been to accept and embrace it, to let the waves swallow me up and let the path take me where it will.  Giving up the need to know my destination and control my route in advance, and simply witching as I go along, wherever and however I find myself. There’s a certain freedom in that, and with this surrender has come a couple of opportunities for occult studies in the coming year–one I’ve already begun, and one I’m looking at for further along in the year.

But as the new year begins, I also have some exciting news to share. (Well,  exciting to me, anyway!) Jo and  have decided to start a new Etsy shop/craft business together, as a result of which The Wytch of the North will finally be retired for well and for good.

If you’ve been a customer at The Wytch of the North on Etsy in the past, thank you!!! I love you for helping to nurture my dream.

Yet sometimes dreams die, or get stale, and new ones arise to take their place. Our vision for the new store, Beth and Jo’s Emporium, is a wider one–embracing paganism but not limited by it. I want to explore fabrics I haven’t worked with before, as well as revisiting old favorites in new ways. I want to spin again, and get fiber dye on my fingers! I want to string and knot gemstone beads I’ve blessed with my own hands, and embroider sigils with purring cats by my side. It’s going to be a year of creative play and experimentation, a year of throwing things out there to see what sticks. But I do have some definite product line ideas in mind, and I can’t wait to start creating for you again!

As of right now, there isn’t a whole lot to see at the new place yet, as I’m still in the process of gradually transferring listings over from the old store (along with setting up social media accounts, etc.) But in the meantime, if you visit The Wytch of the North and can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s worth checking over at the Emporium, as the listing may have been transferred. (Of course, soon some brand new items will make their debuts over there, too!)

If you’d like to sign up for the new store’s mailing list to keep posted on what’s going on over there, we’ve got you covered. (And if you sign up, you’ll receive a discount coupon for your first purchase there.)

I’ll talk to you all again soon! And if you like, feel free to hit comment, below, and let me know what’s been going on in your world! (But remember, it may take me up to a day to approve your comment and reply to it, due to my work schedule–apologies for that!)