Holiday Ordering Deadline


Just a reminder: Today is the LAST DAY to place your order at TheWytchoftheNorth on Etsy for guaranteed delivery by December 24th (within the US only)!


Supernatural Inspired Teas!

Brand new in the shop today (finally): my line of Supernatural-inspired tea!

deans pie

Dean’s dream tea–if Dean drank tea, that is! A delicious blend of rooibos and malty Assam teas with a generous helping of freshly dried Granny Smith apples, spiced with cinnamon and ginger and finished off with currants, butterscotch chips, and natural custard flavor.

sams smoothie

Earthy yerba mate blended with energizing matcha, coconut, mango, and a touch of creamy vanilla–just the sort of thing Sam would drink as an afternoon pick-me-up (and that Dean would make fun of him for drinking).

castiels grace

A heavenly mingling of nutty rooibos with delicious coconut and blueberries, soothing lavender, alluring vanilla, and a creamy white chocolate finish.

crowley chai

The perfect blend of rooibos and malty Assam teas, given a kick with just the right amount of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and pink peppercorns, and made absolutely delectable with vanilla bean and chocolate. Spicy, nutty, and a little bit wicked–just like our favorite “villain,” the sometime King of Hell!

A shop-related ramble and other news

First and most importantly: I have added a SECOND automatic discount, where if you place an order of $20 or more you get 20% off. (The original discount of 30% off $45 or more is also still active.) Both discounts expire on December 1st, and no coupon codes are needed!


Year Ahead 2018 Readings are still available here (via Paypal) and are now only $40 each! (This is as low as they are going to go, as they do take me some time to do.) If you’d like one, get your order in by December 15th; all readings will be delivered by December 31st.

And now for the ramble…

You may have noticed that about half my listings are missing, as of yesterday evening. This is because I ran out of candle wax and made the decision not to order more; the income generated by candle sales versus the expenses and time required to produce them is just not worth it. (Existing orders that have already been paid for are being filled, of course.)

This is part of a larger issue: Corbie’s death has massively shifted a lot of my priorities, and I need to start being realistic about my shop’s prospects. Just to be real for a minute, it’s begun to feel like I’m on a hamster wheel, constantly working, but never really making any actual profit on too many of the things I make. By way of example: I’ve gotten lots of candle orders this month, but the shop as a whole has only brought in just under $300, over $100 of which will be due back to Etsy for fees. The wax and oils to make the candles would have cost me well over $200 IF I had bought them and not been gifted them by a dear friend. This is obviously not sustainable. (And raising prices has proven not to be a workable solution.) Yes, the household needs for me to be able to contribute at least some income–but at this rate, simply not spending as much money on supplies in the first place seems like it would be just about as effective.

So, I’m going to start having to be ruthless with myself, and accept that maybe this is just never going to be a successful business again in the sense I want it to be. And while my ego, frankly, wants to reject that, as I said my priorities have shifted; I want to pay off bills, put savings aside, and be able to get a new dog more than I want to run a successful pagan shop. I still need to bring in some income, but there are other ways I can do it–for now, by conducting the virtual garage sales (more are coming this week!), by doing readings, and by working with what supplies I have without buying more. (If you missed them, my existing garage sale posts can be found here, here, and here.)

I AM going to be continuing with the teas, since the supply costs are fairly low and we can always drink what doesn’t sell, so it isn’t a total waste! I’m in the process of fine-tuning several Supernatural-inspired teas, so watch for those hopefully later in the week! I plan to try a few more loose incense blends, too.

Speaking of which, since the gifts packs are all gone, I have made the Returning Light Yule ritual oil and Smudging Nights Yule incense blend available as stand-alone items in the shop. Oh, and all ritual oils are now just $10 each; there will probably be a few more of those, too!

The bath shots are on probation, and may not be continued once I run out of supplies. They were sort of an experiment, anyway. In their place, I am toying with offering some of my handspun yarn, and whatever else I think of that can be made without pouring a lot of money into the shop. And readings will be back in the shop by January, if not sooner!

That’s it for now. I have some ideas for spiritual posts brewing, but I haven’t yet decided whether they’ll be written posts or You-Tube videos. (I may set up a new channel and start fresh over there; I have some ideas for what I might like to do…but I’m not quite ready yet.)


Deity Teas in the Shop!

I now have four devotional deity teas available in my Etsy shop, as well as one more fandom tea. More of both are on the way, since I’m discovering that blending (and drinking!) my own tea is something I really enjoy doing. (It’s also a nice distraction right now.)

For those of you who may be wondering “Why tea all of a sudden?”–it isn’t sudden, it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for about a year now and recently just decided why not? I figure if they’re successful I will have found a new direction for my home business efforts, and if not I’ll be drinking a lot of delicious tea! Not much risk, either way.

Also, I don’t talk about this a whole lot, but the same day job experience that makes me good at blending scents also led to an interest (and hopefully aptitude) in blending teas.  For seven years, I worked in customer service for a rather well-known organic herb company. While I won’t pretend I always loved said job, I did pick up some pretty valuable skills while there–not only my mad dedication to customer satisfaction (which has led to 3500 Etsy sales and counting), but also a solid working knowledge of herbs, which has become central to my witchcraft practice. As part of my job, I was able to sample and practice blending hundreds of different herbs and essential oils to create my own self-inspired custom tea blends and natural fragrances on the fly–all for the purpose of being better able to serve the company’s clientele.

Now, I am putting all of that working knowledge and hands-on experience to use in serving MY customers, by crafting a line of scented products and delicious teas that I am quite proud of thus far, if I do say so myself! Whether you’re looking for magical or deity-related blends or something celebrating your favorite fandom, I hope I’ll be able to provide what you’re searching for. (And if not, feel free to ask; I’m always open to considering custom orders, provided I have the option of adding the finished product to my inventory.)

But on to the new teas! (Also, just to be clear: all of these can be enjoyed simply as delicious beverages; they have not been consecrated to Anyone, though that is certainly something you could do if you want to use them as an offering.)

odin tea listing

I’m guessing this is one a lot of you have been waiting for! This blend is dark and complex, like the Old Man himself! Smooth, malty Assam is cooled with peppermint, then rounded out and sweetened with a sprinkling of vanilla bean and white chocolate chips, and given a sophisticated edge with juniper berries, white peppercorns, and a whisper of natural rum flavoring.

Makes a fitting offering to Odin, a welcome libation for his travels–or, you can share it with him in ritual or meditation. Also makes a bracing morning drink; enjoy a cup to fortify yourself before setting off on chilly winter adventures!

frigg tea listing

My possibly unpopular opinion: I hate green tea. But I LOVE yerba mate, with its lush earthy green flavor and fragrance. Somehow, it manages to taste and smell like the forest itself, after a quenching, restorative rain. Energizing and anti-oxidant rich, this premium organic unsmoked yerba mate is sweetened with blueberries, organic lavender, organic coconut, and organic vanilla bean, while organic lemongrass and freshly dried lemon slices provide just the right amount of tartness for this refreshing, enlivening brew.

Healthy and delicious, this invigorating tea makes a wonderful offering to Frigg, Queen of Asgard, who wants everyone under her care to be at their very best–or, you can share it with her in ritual or meditation. Also makes a delicious morning libation to start your day, or a yummy afternoon pick-me-up!

freyja tea listing

A lush, luxuriant tea worthy of the Lady herself! Full-bodied, nutty organic rooibos is sweetened with an abundance of cherries and organic rose petals, then mellowed with organic vanilla bean and finished off with the caramel-amber flavor of butterscotch chips.

This delectable dessert tea makes a pleasing offering to Freyja, who loves roses and all things sweet and alluring–or, you can share it with her in ritual or meditation. Also makes a delicious treat for a blustery afternoon or evening. (Excellent with a bit of sugar and a dollop of cream–yum!)

loki tea listing

Like Loki himself, this one packs a punch! Full-bodied, nutty organic rooibos is spiced up with organic ginger, organic sweet cinnamon, organic cardamom, and organic pink peppercorns, then sweetened with cranberries and freshly dried tart apples and finished off with a sprinkling of safflower petals (reminiscent of Loki’s hair). A rich, spicy-sweet, fruity chai that’s sure to please you and the Trickster both! (Excellent with sugar and a dollop of cream!)

Makes a fitting offering to Loki, who adores spicy food and drink–or, you can share it with him in ritual or meditation. Also makes a warming treat for a blustery afternoon or evening.

And for Narnia fans in search of a scrumptious black tea…

mr tumnus tea listing

As I’ve mentioned before, in childhood, I was Narnia-obsessed (I’m talking about the books, here; the movies weren’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye yet). I was especially fond of the youngest Pevensie sibling, Lucy (who was at the time closest to my own age). And who could forget her first trip to Narnia and her fateful meeting with Mr. Tumnus the faun, who lured her into a soporific state by plying her with tea, sardine sandwiches, and sugar-topped cake laden with fruit and nuts? Of course, in the end, he didn’t have the heart to betray her to the White Witch, and sent her back to her own world in safety with dire warnings instead.

My own rendition of Mr. Tumnus’ delicious cake (as a tea) starts with smooth, malty organic Assam black tea, sweetened with cherries, organic currants, organic coconut, cranberries, almonds, white chocolate chips, freshly dried orange slices, and natural cake batter flavor. A mouth-watering dessert tea that also makes a wonderful breakfast blend, this would be a perfect holiday gift for any Narnia geek!

All of my teas are made in tiny batches and come to you in a stand-up, resealable foil-lined pouch to help keep your tea fresh!

ALSO, as a reminder–I’m currently having a store-wide sale! Now through December 1st, when you place an order of $45 or more, 30% will automatically be deducted from your total–just like magic, no coupon codes needed! This gives you the perfect opportunity to sample some teas at a discount, or order some for stocking stuffers–in addition to candles, my new holiday ritual kit, etc.

A few thoughts and a bit of shop-related news

First, if you haven’t yet read Jo’s wonderful and horrible (in the sense that I can’t even look at the photo without crying) tribute to Corbie J., you should. Still not sure how she managed to write this.

We’re mostly doing okay–sort of. The house is too quiet, the shock waves have started to recede and we’re entering the “oh crap, this really is the new normal” stage of grief. The Doctor was right: the day you lose someone isn’t the worst day (because at least that day, there’s something to do); it’s all the days afterward, when they’re still gone. (Paraphrased from Heaven Sent.) And even though in our spirit-welcoming household no one is ever truly gone if they don’t want to be–it’s unsettlingly different.

Jo goes to work every day–which has its own set of difficulties, since manual labor leaves you with plenty of (currently unwelcome) time to think. As a work from home person, my work schedule mostly doesn’t exist at the moment. I’m used to working with the dog as a constant companion, and working without him is hard. Shipping out orders is still happening on schedule, but designing new stuff happens in fits and starts, and without either the reliability or dedication that it used to have. It is often punctuated by naps and Netflix, when remaining conscious and aware starts to become too great a burden.

But I have managed to get a few things accomplished this week, and the household continues to need my financial contributions. Which makes a nice segue into the “shop news” section of this post.

  1. Teas are in the shop! Only a few herbal teas so far (they’re pretty yummy, though!), but today I finally mixed up four deity blends I designed the recipes for months ago; those include black tea, rooibos and yerba mate, and will be tested and posted to the shop within the next few days. I’m as excited about the teas as I have it in me to be about anything right now, and so far I think they’re pretty amazing.zombie tonic listing
  2. From now through December 1st, I’m having a shop-wide sale: take 30% off every order of $45 or more! I have a pretty good assortment of votive candles (including brand new holiday candles), bath shots, energy bracelets, and now teas that will help you reach that total in no time flat, so why not stock up on gifts for your friends, or yourself? I’ll be adding some new items during the collage
  3. Holiday ritual kits are now available, featuring a 1 ounce bottle of Returning Light ritual oil, 1 ounce of Smudging Nights loose incense (my first loose incense ever!), plus a pair of holiday votives (you choose from my three new designs). The ritual kits are part of the sale, too!IMG_6382.JPG
  4. Up until December 15th, I am still accepting reservations for Year Ahead 2018 Readings, which can be purchased right here on the blog via Paypal. (Details can be found here.) I have been slow getting started on these for the above reasons, but am going to plunge in this week.

And that’s it for now. Thanks to those of you who have sent thoughts and prayers–they are appreciated! ❤


Ch-ch-changes (the Etsy shop edition)

First off: there is now a SALE section in my Etsy shop, wherein any remaining prayer beads, jewelry, poppets, and ritual cords in stock now reside and have been marked down considerably. These items will remain on sale until they sell, expire, or I get tired of seeing the SALE folder. 🙂

The reason? I have decided to begin a process of revamping my shop to focus on candles, oils, and bath and beauty products such as bath bombs, soap, and possibly cosmetics and skin care. (Some of you have been asking and yes, soap will be back!) The focus will be witchy/pagan but will also include some pop culture, goth, and just-for-fun elements.

I feel this will be both a fun creative challenge for me, and a better way to keep my customers engaged, with products that are both giftable and that will, frankly, get used up and need to be repurchased. (I realize that there are only so many sets of prayer beads, etc., that any one person actually needs, so the beading and other projects have proven to be somewhat of a dead end for me.)

The OTHER reason for this change? My daughter has hinted that she and her fiance are eventually planning on a family, and I want to be part of the lives of my future grandchildren! So Jo and I are planning to move back to the east coast, as soon as finances allow. This means I need to step up my business game. 🙂

However, this new focus will require sacrifices, and in order to avoid spreading myself too thin both in terms of time and money, I will henceforth not be adding any new prayer bead sets, jewelry, poppets, or ritual cords to my general shop inventory.

For the time being, at least, I will continue to offer custom prayer bead sets and custom felt poppets, however please convo me on Etsy before ordering these to make sure the project you have in mind is one I can undertake for the price you are willing to pay. These listings are now located in the CUSTOM WORK section of my shop. (Custom listings for votive candles, oils, and bath bombs are on the way, too!)

I will also continue to offer Tarot/oracle card readings, at least for the time being, although these may eventually be moved to my blog, where they can be purchased via Paypal (since I have a small but loyal readings clientele that does not seem to be affected by Etsy traffic).

I am opening (moderated) comments on this post because I would truly love to hear any suggestions or product requests any of you might have concerning this new direction for my brand!


New in the shop: Limited Edition Votive Candles

Candles are back!!! My plan at this point is to offer a different selection of seasonally relevant votive candles every month or two, with the selection always rotating so there is always something new to try! To start off with, of course we have candles for Samhain, available from now until October 31st.

All candles are made to order and are sold in pairs.


Devil’s Night: pitch black and decorated with festive red glitter and red cinnamon candies. (Please do not eat these.) The fragrance is an intoxicating and seductive blend of fiery cinnamon and clove with sensual patchouli–perfect for honoring “dark” deities such as Loki, Hecate, Hades, or Lucifer, or spirits who love spicy. earthy scents.


Wild Hunt: blood red and decorated with black glitter and candy bones. (Please do not eat these.) The fragrance is candied apple with a touch of spice–perfect for honoring deities and spirits connected with the Wild Hunt, such as Odin, Herne, Arawn, Artemis / Diana, Dionysus, and Frau Holde.


Funeral Parlor: orchid-purple and decorated with iridescent white glitter and black and orange jimmies. (Please do not eat these.) The fragrance is a heady and hypnotic blend of lily, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and spice, reminiscent of funeral flowers–perfect for honoring deities and spirits connected with death and the dead, such as Odin, Freyja, Hades, Persephone, Hela, the Morrigan, and Santa Muerte.

Candles are $6 per set of 2″ x 2″ votives, each of which will burn for 15+ hours if used in a snug-fitting standard votive holder. (These candles are not designed to be burned free-standing.)

My candles are made with love and positive energy in small batches, using high-quality paraffin-blend wax and lead-free cotton wicks. These candles really will scent your entire room, helping to set the mood for your Samhain ritual or Halloween party!

All candles are made to order, and it will take me 3-5 business days to pour your candles prior to shipment–so if you do want these in time for the holiday, please order soon!

New in the shop today: Vegtam Flying Potion Ritual Oil


Vegtam is one of the many names of the Norse god Odin; it means “Way Tamer,” or Wanderer. Norse lore talks about Odin’s ability to travel far and wide throughout the worlds, on his own errands or those of other people, while leaving his body behind in Asgard; this, of course, is what we know today as astral travel, and what the Norse referred to as faring forth.

This oil was crafted to assist you in your own faring forth, with non-toxic herbs and oils carefully chosen to help you relax into a deep meditative state conducive to out of body travel. Mugwort, wormwood, white sage, lavender, yarrow, and other herbs have been infused into a base of extra virgin olive oil, and natural essential oils have been added to deepen and enrich the scent and herbal properties. The scent is exhilarating and herbaceous.


A few chips of obsidian float within the oil; this stone is both protective and purifying, shielding against negativity and stimulating psychic sight.


To use: apply to pulse points and perhaps also the soles of your feet prior to beginning spiritual work.

Presented in a 1 ounce clear plastic bottle (BPA free) with a silver lid, this oil may also be used to anoint candles, petitions and offerings, or simply as a delightful personal fragrance.

Vegtam Flying Potion Limited Edition Ritual Oil is $15 per 1 ounce.

Also, there are still bottles of Wilde Jaeger, Flamehair, and Gold Witch available!

New in the shop today: Flamehair Limited Edition Ritual Oil


More than any other deity in the Norse pantheon, Loki–blood brother of Odin and trickster extraordinaire–is renowned for getting the gods into trouble, as well as for getting them out of it. Although much maligned by heathens, Loki is directly responsible for many of the greatest gifts and blessings of the gods–including Odin’s steed Sleipnir, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir…and the list goes on. Similarly, he is well known for getting his mortal followers into scrapes, and bringing incredible luck and blessings their way.

Flamehair is a bright, warm autumn fragrance–at once alluring and invigorating–designed in Loki’s honor and to invite some of his luck and daring into your own life. The sunny golden color comes from safflower and hibiscus infused into a base of extra virgin olive oil, along with other herbs intuitively chosen by me such as white sage, ginger root, cinnamon, roses, arnica, coltsfoot, and bayberry root bark. Carefully chosen essential oils were added to deepen and enrich the scent and herbal properties. A few citrine chips float within the oil, drawing luck and helping to keep the blend well-mixed.



The photos really do not do justice to how pretty this oil is! And wait until you smell it!

Presented in a 1 ounce glass roller ball bottle for ease of use, this oil may be used to anoint candles, petitions and offerings, or simply as a delightful personal fragrance.

– Protect from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
– Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free.
– Vegan and handmade, with ethically sourced ingredients.
– Formula is all my own original work; please do not copy! If you have allergy concerns, please convo me.

1 oz of Flamehair is $15 plus shipping.

All of my items are charged and blessed for the highest good, and are sent to you beautifully packaged with extra goodies tucked in.

ALSO, I have three bottles left of Wilde Jaeger, my limited edition oil for Odin and other leaders of the Wild Hunt. (I kept a bottle for myself and am slathering it on everyday.) If you missed that yesterday, you can still snag one here. (I will be making more, but I am going to need to get more bottles first, and that could take a few weeks.)