Brand new today: BEESWAX Elemental Votive Candles!


Brand new in the shop today: BEESWAX elemental votive candles!

Nothing brightens up your home or sacred space like the warm golden glow of beeswax candles! Each candle comes to you in a glass votive holder hand-painted in matte colors (black for Fire, pink for Earth, celery for Water, and lavender for Air) and adorned with the relevant elemental symbol.

The beeswax has been blended with creamy organic virgin coconut oil (which reduces burn temperature, for a cleaner burn in container candles) and pure essential oils. (Sage for Earth, lavender for Air, lotus for Water, and rosemary for Fire.) Wicks are cotton and paper wick. (NO zinc.)

Beeswax is chemical-free, clean and pure, naturally honey-scented, and hypoallergenic. Burning beeswax candles actually IMPROVES air quality and is recommended for people with breathing issues.

Each votive is $10, and shipping is FREE within the US (only $7.99 elsewhere). I have a limited supply of these–get yours here!

New Limited Edition Candles!

Happy Wednesday! I currently (as of 1/25/17) have two VERY small batches of limited edition candles available in the shop. Just as a reminder, I am not taking custom orders for these, and they are not available on a made to order basis at this time; once these are gone, they’re gone. (I’m still working with the supplies I have on hand and will not likely be repurchasing the materials to make more of these for some time, if ever.)

If you follow me on Facebook you’ve possibly already seen these, but I now at least one of my blog readers wanted a heads-up on candles, so…


So, as you can see, there are basically two types:

  1. Pagan prayer candles–except that, unlike the ones I was offering in my former Etsy shop, these are made from soy wax and are hand poured, and then dressed with herbs, oils, and glitter. You can find all of the specifics to each candle in the product listings, but the ones I still have available are for Lucifer, Apollon, and Freyja.
  2.  BLACK mason jar candles: I’ve hand-painted these a matte black and decorated them with a chalkboard pen to give them a more sophisticated, somewhat gothy vibe that I absolutely love. Made from scented soy wax topped with glitter, they all make beautiful little offerings of fragrance and light for your shrine. I still have these available for Odin, Loki, Aphrodite, Freyja, Ganesha, Lucifer, and Lilith.

Some of the ones I listed have already sold out, so if you see anything here that you’d like to claim for yourself, I wouldn’t wait.

Coming soon: a limited edition line of beeswax and coconut oil painted glass votives, plus a batch of limited edition soap.

And I’m also busy working on my new jewelry line, which will feature leather with beads, bits and bobs. Here’s a sneak peek:

boho leather earrings


My new Wytch of the North Shop is now live!

…and the Sea Bunny shop is now closed.

There is less stuff, currently, at Wytch of the North than there was at Sea Bunny, since there are some product lines I can’t afford to continue at this time. But the inventory will grow in the coming days as new products are introduced, and I’ll let you guys know as that happens. Just FYI, everything I am going to be carrying there for now will be either one of a kind or made in tiny batches. And we’ll go from there!

I am very happy with my final design for the shop, at least–stop by and check it out!


Summer is not a good time for the dog, and other life (and work) news

It’s been a while since I’ve done a general life update post here, mostly because things have been not so great for the past couple of months and I’m always reluctant to talk about what’s going on with me when I’m in periods of flux, transition, or when I’m not doing well. Jo is the opposite, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you read her blog; when she’s struggling with something, she’s driven to write about it and expose it to the world. Me, I always have the instinct to hide away, lick my wounds, and wait for better times instead. It must be the wolf in me; never show your weakness.

But that’s about to change, because the time has come to be more open, more raw, more honest about what’s happening in my world. The readers who’ve stuck with me on this blog for years now, and who support my shop even during the low times (you know who you are–much love!) deserve nothing less. I have also, since beginning to focus full time on my business, been very careful about what I write here, and what opinions I express, due to not wanting to turn people off buying from me. But that’s about to change too, because frankly, I’m not for everyone, nor should I aim to be. So what you get from now on (both here and on my YouTube channel) is me, plain and simple. If you don’t like it, move along. But I know a lot of you have been following me for years because you value my perspective and what I have to say, and I hope that’ll continue.

One more thing: I know there are a few people out there who will take delight in my struggles and feel validated to know that I’m having a hard time–but you know what? Fuck ’em. People who take pleasure in the misfortune of others are the worst sorts of human beings, whether or not they call themselves spiritual.

I have a lot on the docket today so I’m thinking bullet points are the best way to cover what I want to say here. I will probably be going into more detail on some of these points in future posts.

  • Re the subject line of this post: Welp, on Thursday the dog had to be rushed to a nearby vet (our usual house call vet was not available) because he was having seizure-like symptoms: not tracking, lack of control over his legs, etc. He is fine now, but we really thought we might lose him. We also spent over a hundred dollars in unplanned vet expenses (including cab rides to and from) and as a result have to pay our rent late–which fortunately our landlord is understanding about, but still. Summer sucks. Especially when you’re a small dog with congestive heart failure.
  • May was the one-year anniversary of (my cat) Grim Greyling’s transition into spirit. He is still very much around, still very much acting as a spirit guide and familiar for me, and still very much involved with his pop-culture adventures in the Warehouse 13 universe. (He has the temperament and personality of a 10-12 year old boy, so there ya go.)
  • I’ve touched on this before, briefly, but since Grim’s transition last year I’ve been struggling a lot with my spiritual identity and my practice. A lot of the ways of working and connecting that worked for me before no longer work and I’ve been struggling to find new ones; this is the reason why I no longer really define myself as northern tradition, and why I flailed around at the beginning of the year trying to take various courses that would, I thought, give me some structure and guidance. (Needless to say, courses are not the answer for me; my spirituality can’t be spoonfed to me by anyone else–and you’d think I’d know that by now, right? It has to be built by me–in partnership with my Husband–one block at a time.) In Tarot terms, I think Grim’s passage was very much the Tower card for me, leaving a lot of devastation in its wake but also clearing the ground for things to be rebuilt from the ground up.
  • At any rate, things are shifting and changing in a lot of ways, which I’ll go into more in future posts. YES, I am still married to Odin, but He’s insisting on my finally confronting the fact that the Odin I’m married to and have been for all these years) is a very different version of the one most people know and deal with–so different that I’m contemplating beginning to refer to Him simply as “my spirit Husband” to avoid flak from people who’ve appointed themselves His gatekeepers. (Don’t worry, I will continue to make spiritual bling and other goodies for worshipers of “Odin Classic”, for as long as people keep buying them.) Just as I can’t be fitted into a pre-packaged box designed by someone else, neither can He.
  • Because I am shite at bookkeeping, and did not keep proper records or allocate savings for taxes last year (when the shop was still doing pretty well), I now owe the IRS a couple thousand dollars and the state of Oregon more than $500. I am paying this off via payment plans, but still, it hurts, especially now that business has slowed down.
  • Speaking of May, May was the slowest month for my shop since I began working on it full time a year ago. I literally made half what I made in February, which is extremely depressing. I think part of the reason for this is that I’ve kept my word about not running sales; sales bring in quick money, and I know you all appreciate the discounts, but the items I’ve been making recently are regularly priced at about half what they used to be, even without discounts, so I can’t afford cutting into those prices even further, I really can’t. Also, running frequent sales last year is the reason I am now in such a hole of debt.
  • But without question, the biggest reason for the business slowdown is the changes Etsy made at the beginning of April. They touted these changes as merely cosmetic, but there were clearly some code changes too, because search no longer brings new people to my shop–and it isn’t just me, a lot of mid-level sellers are struggling and even closing up their shops. As a result, I am strongly considering leaving Etsy altogether and opening a new standalone webstore. This would mean my products would be available only there and possibly on my blog and Facebook, but you’d be able to pay for them via Paypal, credit card, or with your Amazon account. I’m worried that my regular customers won’t buy from me if I’m not on Etsy–though I know some of you will, if the new shop is the only way to get my stuff. And it’s starting not to matter, anyway; Etsy isn’t working for me anymore, and something has to change; I need to stop letting them determine whether or not I’m able to make a living and pay my bills.
  • As mentioned before here and elsewhere, I’m also still working on a completely new line of products that I’ve been keeping under wraps for now. I’m hoping to be able to release the first batch within a few weeks, and it will likely happen in the new shop, rather than on Etsy. In the meantime, even though I said I was done with jewelry, I need to explore any avenue that might bring in money right now, so there will very likely be new jewelry posted to my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks. I may also start a destash section for supplies I definitely am not going to use; this might help out some of you who also make jewelry, so stay tuned for that!
  • Speaking of destashing, I still have a few Tarot decks available that are looking for new homes. Also, Jo and I will be going through our large stash of pagan books this coming “Jolene-weekend” (her weekend generally falls in the middle of what is, for everyone else, the work week), and there will be a book destash happening here on the blog once we’ve weeded out what we no longer use and are willing to part with. Right now, we need money a lot more than we need a huge library of books that mostly just gather dust and take up space. (Also, except for reference books, we’re both huge Kindle fans.)

There’s probably more to say (medical bills are also piling up, due to Jo’s insurance plan not being as good as the one I used to have at my old job) but I think that’s enough for now. Tl;dr: times have been tough here at the Nunnery, and new avenues need to be explored. And this weekend is the New Moon–the perfect time to set my intentions for what I want to accomplish in the month ahead. What about all of you? What are you working on, planning, hoping for? I think times have been hard for a lot of us, but hopefully better things are on the way!

Edited to add: Since I’m in honest (and to be frank, bordering on bitchy) mode today, I’m going to add that comments to the effect of “that doesn’t sound so bad” or “that doesn’t sound like anything you can’t handle” or “things are a lot worse for me, you shouldn’t complain” are NOT appreciated and will be deleted, whether they’re made here or on Facebook. Because I am really not in the mood. I’m not looking for pity, but I sure as fuck am not going to tolerate dismissal, since it’s hard enough already for me to admit to most of this shit.

Brand new: SEASPRAY Mala

IMG_6590 IMG_6594 IMG_6596

IMG_6598 IMG_6599 IMG_6623

IMG_6625 IMG_6626

A symphony in aquatic blues, this is the perfect mala for anyone devoted to one of the sea deities (such as Njord, Poseidon, Mannanan, Yemaya, Aphrodite, or Freyja as Mardoll), or for anyone who feels a close spiritual bond with the ocean and/or defines themselves as a sea priest/ess or sea witch. It has not been consecrated to anyone specifically.

The beads are individually hand-knotted on strong periwinkle blue silk beading cord. Hand-knotting adds visual interest and durability, and makes the beads feel wonderful in your hands during meditation.

There are 108 beads total (8mm clear quartz, 8mm deep sea blue apatite, 8mm white moonstone, 8mm amazonite, and 8mm aquamarine rounds) arranged in repetitions of nine (with the pattern changing to repetitions of three towards the back). Metallic navy iris Toho seed bead spacers frame every ninth bead. (If you use your beads to recite mantras, the placement of the seed beads will help you keep count of your repetitions, even with your eyes shut.)

The mala finishes with a breathtaking kyanite cabochon (measuring about 1 1/4″ x 1″), with swirling, luminscent shades of white, silver, sea green and deep sea blue that remind me of the wind and the surf.

Kyanite boosts psychic ability, past life recall, telepathy, and empathy. Blue apatite clears and stimulates the third eye chakra, boosting inner vision and psychic ability and helping one connect with spiritual guidance. Aquamarine enhances intuition and brings courage and clarity to inner knowledge.White moonstone represents the energy of the full moon and enhances psychic perception and dream work. Amazonite assists in discernment and the communication of one’s personal truth. Clear quartz is a powerful agent for cleansing, clearing, healing, amplifying psychic abilities, and achieving clarity on all levels.

You can wear your mala as a full-length necklace for a boho look (it measures about 40″ in diameter, and will come down to the solar plexus area on an average woman), or doubled around your neck as a gorgeous two-stranded statement necklace.

Your new mala comes to you cleansed, charged, and wrapped, ready for gift-giving (or as a wonderful present for yourself). I make all of my malas and prayer beads with intent, positive energy, and loving attention to detail; this particular one is $75.


Brand new: NERTHUS 108-Bead Mala

IMG_6538 IMG_6543 IMG_6545



Although designed with Nerthus in mind, this mala could be used with any other deity or spirit with whom the gemstones and symbolism work for you, and would be especially appropriate for another earth or fertility goddess, such as Gaia or Venus. It has not been consecrated to anyone specifically.

There are 54 faceted 6mm coffee agate rounds (with swirling shades of cream, tan, milk chocolate and dark chocolate), individually hand-knotted on strong pink silk beading cord. Hand-knotting adds visual interest and durability, and makes the beads feel wonderful in your hands during meditation. The remaining 54 beads (for a total of 108) are smooth, polished 6mm natural greywood, which are hand-knotted at 9-bead intervals. Throughout the mala, every ninth bead is framed by cranberry gold luster Toho seed beads, to add an additional spark of color. If you use your beads to recite mantras, the placement of the seed beads will also help you keep count of your repetitions, even with your eyes shut.

The mala finishes with a pewter earth goddess bead (which acts as the meru, or “mountain”, bead) framed by seed beads, and a luxurious cream silk tassel.

Coffee agate is grounding and aids in harmonizing the yin and yang energies that are within us all. Agate works slowly yet gently to build self-confidence, enhance mental functions, and overcome negativity in order to increase self-acceptance.

This mala measures about 30″ in diameter (it is a shorter mala, due to the smaller beads).

Your new mala comes to you cleansed, charged, and wrapped, ready for gift-giving (or as a wonderful present for yourself). I make all of my malas with intent, positive energy, and loving attention to detail.

This mala is $50.