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Grimoire Update


Worked on another page for my grimoire, aka 600 page sketchbook, during Shabbat this past weekend. The Wheel of the Year layout and some of the sketch/doodle ideas were borrowed from the Coloring Book of Shadows 2017 Planner, which is why they may look familiar if you’ve got that. (This page is only for my own personal use, of course.) My revamped Wheel is a mashup of the Jewish and standard Anglo-Saxon/Germanic pagan/witchcraft holidays. The crescent moon and tree is from my business card; it feels appropriate as a symbol for my blended path.

The Jewish holidays I’ll largely be learning about as I go along throughout the year–beginning with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, this coming week.We’ll be having a family feast on Wednesday night, for which I have apples and honey, which are traditional for wishing each other a “sweet year,” and will be making a vegan brisket (trying my hand at home made seitan for the first time!). I’m going to be omitting the overly Yahweh-esque festival days from my Wheel, as my focus in the Jewish part of my practice is really on Asherah, the Goddess.

The Anglo-Saxon/Germanic holidays I already know, of course, but I’m looking to make them distinctly mine this coming year in a way I don’t feel I’ve achieved before. Mine in a way that fits with my lifestyle and my practice, without an eye towards impressing anyone outside my household.

I’ve been reading Diana Paxson’s Odin book and have some things to say about that–some good, some not so much. (She had approached me about sharing my story for the book and I declined; I was still in the midst of my spiritual crisis at the time, but now I’m glad I said no for other reasons.) But one thing I’ll comment on here is that, in her chapter on the malefic aspects of Odin, she quotes part of Jung’s essay “Wotan,” in which he blames the god for instigating Nazi Germany and its consequences. I do not blame Odin for this, for what it’s worth; I blame people, who are more than capable of twisting any tradition or any spirit contact to evil ends. Regardless, the specter of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust has followed Odin around for 80 years now, and I doubt it will be exorcised any time soon. In the context of my own personal life, though, I find it interesting that it was Odin who encouraged me–through trickery, even–to seek out and honor my Jewish heritage and bring it into my practice. I wonder if, on some level, this is a healing experience for Him, through me, a small gesture towards the ancestors who suffered and died needlessly because of the evil that men yoked to His name and His symbols.

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Brand new today: Wilde Jaeger Limited Edition Ritual Oil


Just added today: omigosh, this oil! I can’t stop sniffing my wrist where I tested it; it’s all dark caramelly goodness, evoking both the cozy indoor comforts of fall and the insane outdoor adventures.

As the days grow short and the air grows cold, the Wild Hunter rides the night skies with his spectral army of the dead and their otherworldly companions in his wake. Although rightly feared by most humans, according to tradition the Hunt brings not only retribution for wrongdoers, but also blessings and visitations from the gods and the mighty dead.

This is a multi-layered, rich, complex oil designed with Odin in mind, but it could also be used to honor any of the other deities said to lead the Hunt, such as Cernunnos, Herne, Gwynn ap Nudd, Nuada, Manannan, Perchta, Arawn, or Frau Holle. The dark whiskey-like color comes from dragon’s blood resin, combined with organic mugwort, apple skins peeled and dried by me, juniper berries, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and other herbs traditional for the dark half of the year, infused into a base of extra virgin olive oil. Carefully chosen essential oils were added to deepen and and enrich the scent and herbal properties.

Just look at the size of this bottle!

Presented in a 1 ounce glass roller ball bottle for ease of use, this oil may be used to anoint candles, petitions and offerings, or simply as a delightful personal fragrance. The name of the oil, Wilde Jaeger, means “Wild Hunter” in German.

1 ounce of Wilde Jaeger is $15 plus shipping.

It’s magical!

Oh, and! I have two bottles remaining of my original formula Odin ritual perfume oil in the 5 mL Euro-dropper size. To make room for new oils (I’m hoping to have a couple more limited edition autumn oils for you in the coming days) I’ve reduced these two remaining oils to $10 each (from $15). You can get those here.

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Updated About Me Page – 9/13/17

(I think I’ve finally gotten this to say what I want it to–and so, I’m sharing.)

Hi, I’m Laurie Beth, aka Beth Wodandis. I’ve been a devotee of Wodan since 2002, and as of this year am a new devotee of the Hebrew mother goddess Asherah. (Did you know that the Jews used to be polytheists who worshiped a goddess as well as a god, before monotheism took over? Stick around, and you will!)

As of September 2017, a little more than a week before my 52nd birthday, I am just beginning to recover from a two year period of severe burnout and spiritual crisis, some of which you may have witnessed on this blog. I’ve taken down the posts pertaining to that period, as they are relevant only to me, but I’m not going to pretend I have it all together. Perhaps I can serve as a reminder to readers of this blog that your path doesn’t have to be perfect, that even after fifteen years of devotion it’s still possible to stumble and lose your way, and that even those of us others may think of as “elders” can still go through dark nights of the soul that make us question everything. Perhaps I can even serve as an example to newer folks that when you hear Odin spoken of as a god of madness, you might want to take that shit seriously.

For most of my years with Wodan I considered myself to be a Norse heathen. I did the research, read all of the books (in addition to writing a couple of my own!), helped organize community, and was trained by the spirits in oracular seidh. But in the wake of my spiritual crisis, it’s become apparent that some things have to change. Wodan is very much still the center and focus of my life and my practice, but I’ve shifted from heathenry towards a more eclectic path that also honors my adoptive ancestry, both Jewish and African-American. As the adopted daughter of mixed-race parents, I feel as though the embrace of such a diverse path–unified only by how its various strands relate to me and to my personal history–is especially important considering the troubled times we live in. With the emboldening of white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups in this country by the current US administration, and the embrace of fascist and neo-Nazi philosophies by certain heathen groups and individuals who try to use my god as a tool to further their efforts, I feel it’s important for me to refuse to conform to one single cultural path or tradition, and instead defiantly include everything I am–from my Irish/French blood ancestry, to my adoptive heritage, to my unchanging love for my god–in my approach to the spiritual world. Consider it my own form of protest, if you will.

An artist and maker, Tarot card reader, and free-range spirit worker, I live in Eugene, Oregon with my wife, a collection of critters, and currently twice as many spinning wheels as humans. I own and operate the pagan/witchy shop The Wytch of the North on Etsy.

Please note that this blog is moderated. My email is always open [lauriebethdawe at gmail dot com]; however, do not assume privacy. If what you have to say is belittling or hateful, it will be publicly shared for the amusement of my readers.

Has something I’ve written or shared on this blog, either in the past or recently, resonated closely with you or helped you on your path? Have I been especially helpful to you via a Tarot reading or my now-defunct free oracular seidhr practice? If so, please consider contributing to my household’s monthly expenses via my Patreon; there are some pretty nifty rewards available, too! 

Updated September 9/13/17


Massive Destash: Incense, Soap, & Candles

Corbie has a vet appointment this coming Friday involving an expensive blood test, so today I hauled out all of my old shop inventory that was either left over or never listed and put it together into destash packs.

To make this easier, I AM allowing (moderated) comments on this post; I will be keeping an eye on comments so I can publish them and update the page.

How this is going to work:

  1. If you want to purchase something, comment SOLD and name the item(s) you want.
  2. I will publish and reply back to your comment, and will mark your item(s) as sold in the body of the post. (To avoid cluttering up this post, PLEASE only leave a comment if you are wanting to purchase something.)
  3. When you receive my reply, you can go ahead and send payment via Paypal to wodandis at gmail dot com. Important: please mark your payment as “paying for goods or services”; this ensures I get your shipping address with the payment, and also makes it easier for me to print Paypal shipping labels.

Please keep in mind that this is destash; some of the items are unlabeled (or they have a masking tape label). I am including photos to avoid any surprises.

All domestic US shipping is free! I apologize for this, but I am not able to ship any of this internationally.

Thank you!




Three 2 oz soy candles:

  • Green tea with ginger
  • Coffee with dark chocolate
  • Sweet woods with spice

All three for $15, free US shipping



  • Sweet sandalwood
  • Sweet spice
  • Smoky floral

All three (2 oz soy candles) for $15, free US shipping



  • Blood orange
  • Lotus

Made with pure essential oils: two 2 oz soy candles for $12, free US shipping



  • Lemongrass
  • Neroli
  • Rosemary

Made with soy wax, coconut oil, and pure essential oils: all three 2 oz candles for $15, free US shipping



  • Pikake flower (a type of jasmine)
  • Hot apple pie
  • Maple syrup
  • Ginger pear
  • Neroli
  • Tropical vacation

All six 2 oz candle jars: $30, free US shipping



  • 3 Elemental Earth Candles (with cedar essential oil)
  • 2 Elemental Fire Candles (with rosemary essential oil)

All five 2 oz candle jars: $25, free US shipping

SOLD MASON JAR CANDLES (sold individually)

  • Odin – white tea with gingerIMG_5193
  • Ganesha – tropical fruitIMG_5194
  • Lilith – cocoa butter cashmere (a sandalwoodsy scent)IMG_5199

$15 per 8 oz candle, free US shipping (these ship via 1 lb Priority Mail)



  • 20 sticks jasmine
  • 20 sticks Lime
  • 20 sticks Spikenard
  • 20 sticks Sage
  • 20 sticks Tuberose

100 sticks total, made with pure essential oils only: $25 (free US shipping)

SOLD DEITY INCENSE PACK (some charcoal, mostly wood-pulp)


  • 10 sticks Aphrodite
  • 30 sticks Inanna
  • 20 sticks Sigyn
  • 10 sticks Odin
  • 10 sticks Mars
  • 10 sticks Persephone
  • 20 sticks Loki’s Caress
  • 10 sticks Dionysos
  • 20 sticks Kali
  • 10 sticks Iron Wood

150 sticks total: $30 (free US shipping)



  • 3 sticks Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • 2 sticks Lucifer
  • 11 sticks Loki
  • 3 sticks Cacao
  • 7 sticks Loki’s Caress
  • 2 sticks Fenrir
  • 5 sticks Bergamot
  • 1 stick Peppermint
  • 4 sticks Hera
  • 2 sticks Artume
  • 3 sticks Dark Moon
  • 4 sticks Uncrossing
  • 4 sticks Blood Orange with Cardamom & Star Anise
  • 4 sticks Full Moon
  • 3 sticks Persephone
  • 3 sticks New Moon
  • 1 stick Dionysos
  • 2 sticks Freyja
  • 4 sticks Yule

68 sticks total: $20 (free US shipping)



(These really are detashy; I have rewrapped them, but they are a little banged up from being stored. Just be aware.)

  • 4 heart-shaped bars of Indulge: ylang ylang scented
  • 1 round bar Apollon
  • 1 round bar Zeus
  • 1 round bar Freyja
  • 1 round bar Odin
  • 2 round bar’s Loki’s Caress

All 6 + bars, made with pure essential oils only: $20, free US shipping

Whew! And for now, that’s it!





Day 16, or, When The Gods Came To Earth

My wife Jolene Dawe is doing a #birthdaywritingchallenge, where she challenges herself to write fiction for 10 minutes a day, without editing, on any topic, without the obligation to continue a story. This is my favorite of her snippets so far–enjoy! If you like this, please follow her blog for more!

Strip Me Back To The Bone

Look, it wasn’t like I was jealous, all right? Yes, I’d been devoted to him since before I became an adult, and yes, I married him as a young woman, but I married him with my eyes wide open. There were others devoted to him, others married to him, and it’s not like I even wanted to claim all his attention. They’re god, after all; who could withstand that and life to tell about it? He had children, and friends, and lovers, and wives, and husbands, and so many lives to live outside of the one he shared with me. It wasn’t like I wanted to come first. Just, you know, a warning would have been nice. A phone call. A vision. A message directly uploaded into my brain. An omen. Something. Anything, anything at all from him.

I was visiting my aunt the day the gods came to earth…

View original post 488 more words

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RE-introducing my Patreon

I’ve made some changes to the goal, intro, and rewards, and thought I’d do a quick re-introduction to it here. Has something I’ve written or shared on this blog, either in the past or recently, resonated closely with you or helped you on your path? Have I been especially helpful to you via a Tarot reading or my now-defunct free oracular seidhr practice? If so, please consider becoming a supporter on my Patreon.

Updated 9/11/17

Since 2002 I have been oathed to the Norse god Odin, and for most of that time I considered myself to be a Norse heathen. I did the research, read all of the books (in addition to writing a couple of my own!), helped organize community, and was also trained by the spirits in oracular seidh.

But in 2015 I went through a massive period of burnout, which triggered a spiritual crisis from which I am just beginning to recover. At the same time, I am struggling to deal with the negative impact the downturn of the economy is having on my little pagan/witchy shop on Etsy. I run my shop full time from home, which is necessary due to the fact that I suffer from several “invisible illnesses” (fibromyalgia, arthritis, and IBS/IBD) that rendered me unable to continue working a regular job around the time I hit fifty (also in 2015).

My goal for my Patreon is to help bridge the gap between what my wife Jo makes from her job, and what we need to pay for rent and bills each month. My shop income is widely unpredictable from one month to the next, especially considering that my health varies the amount of time I am able to put into it.  $300 a month would enable me to pay part of the rent plus cover a bill or two, so that more of what I make from the shop can go back into product development, materials, and equipment to bring you a more exciting and unique array of products. (I have big plans for the shop going forward, but I need things like a sewing machine, for example.)

I am a writer and Tarot/oracle reader, but if we’re going to be honest most of my joy comes from being an artist/maker. So for now the rewards I offer are mostly writing and Tarot-based, but as time goes on and my skills continue to develop I hope to offer more along the lines of art-based rewards here–such as printable art files, coloring pages, etc. We shall see!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to create for you!


$1 per month: access to my patron-only feed,  which includes early access to new posts written for my spiritual blog, plus the occasional Patreon-exclusive post.

$5 per month: all of the above, PLUS exclusive access to my Card of the Week posts, where I will be pulling a Tarot or oracle card each week and offering a quick weekly forecast reading for everyone in this tier collectively.

$15 per month: all of the above, PLUS you are entitled to a personal three card Tarot reading each month, emailed directly to you. Please request your reading by emailing or messaging me with your question or concern by the 15th of each calendar month. There will also be a monthly three card general forecast posted for my collective patrons at this level, which you can enjoy whether or not you need a personal reading that month.

$20 per month: all of the above PLUS exclusive access to quarterly 30% off coupon codes for my Etsy shop, AND an occasional small gift in the mail from me.

If any of this strikes your fancy and you’d like to help me pay my bills, you can do so here.


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Public Service Announcement

Since people have had questions, and I can’t blame them for being confused, here is a brief explanation in plain speech. During the past year and a half to two years I have undergone a spiritual crisis which was triggered by severe burnout. I am still recovering, so please don’t be offended if I point you towards this post instead of explaining again.

Yes, I have gone back to Odin. (He says I have never left Him, that He went with me on my strange inner journey whether I knew it or not.) No, I have not gone back to heathenry. Although I have Irish and French blood ancestry (which I know because my daughter had her DNA tested; I still need to save up to have mine done), I was raised by a Jewish adoptive mother, with help from a pushy Jewish grandmother. But I have been neglecting my Jewish adoptive ancestry for years now—and if you know anything at all about Odin, you know how He is about the ancestors.

I’m not going into detail about the hows and whats of the spiritual crisis I’ve been through; I’ve taken down the posts that pertained to it, because they aren’t relevant to anyone except me. But the upshot of the crisis and the journey it entailed is that I am now going to be an eclectic Jewitch, working with and for Odin as my Beloved and also honoring Asherah as my goddess (in addition to getting to know other gods, other magical systems, and other cultures—including pop cultures–as He guides me to do so).

For those not familiar with Asherah: She is the forgotten goddess of the Hebrew people. She originated with the Canaanite mother goddess Athiratu and also included elements of the goddesses Anat and Ashtarte. She was the consort of Yahweh when the Israelites were still polytheists, and was swept under the rug with the onset of Jewish monotheism, but survives in modern Judaism as the Shekhinah, the “feminine aspects” of God. The term “Jewitch” is not a slur, and it does not mean I am now a monotheist; it is a term used by many people who have Jewish heritage and follow a partly Jewish path but are also polytheists and/or witches.

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Destash: Leather Traveler’s Notebooks (“Fauxdori”)

IMG_5033I just came across these leather notebook covers while I was doing some straightening up earlier today.  They aren’t being offered in my shop, and I don’t make them anymore, so I thought I’d do a destash here!

Most of these are Harry Potter or Game of Thrones themed, so they could make great little holiday gifts for friends or family. All are handcrafted by me from vegetable-tanned leather, are about 8 1/4 x 5 1/4″,and are made to hold passport-sized notebook inserts. (No notebooks are included, only the cover, which has sturdy fabric-covered elastic inside to hold your notebooks in place–see the last photo.) The leather is thick and rather stiff, but that also makes them more durable! They have all been conditioned with mink oil and leather wax.

Your choice of any one cover for $12, or any two covers for $18. Email me at if you’re interested! Payment will be via Paypal. Shipping within the domestic US is FREE. (Sorry, I don’t want to ship these internationally.)

Green Man still available, Hufflepuff is SOLD


Baratheon still available, Slytherin is SOLD
Gryffindor, Ravenclaw
Astrological Signs, Lannister
What they look like on the inside
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My Lord of Masks


You’ve led me a very merry chase, haven’t You? From well-established (and well-earned, I might add) ground, through slightly newer and less familiar territory, and then off the charts–through all of time and all of space, all the way back to the faith of my (adopted) ancestors. What magic did my long-dead grandmother work to persuade You to do this to me? What bet did You owe her? To send me back to the long-ago customs of the people who adopted me as their own? (Fair enough, but surely my currently-unnameable blood ancestors–from England and France, as I understand it–also merit a say. Surely I do, as well.)

Yes, I’m angry. Can You blame me? You are undoubtedly the trickiest of Tricksters, not be be out-Trickstered by a/Anyone, and I never credited Your reputation for madness (and betrayal? I don’t want to say it, but I do feel betrayed) so much as I do now. And while I appreciate the change of scenery and I WILL follow up with these captivating new vistas and new ways–the lure of new knowledge, new discoveries, is too great, just as You knew it would be…in spite of myself I miss You. You stupid Old Man.

Fifteen years ago, I took vows to Wodan that were intended to last a lifetime and beyond, and I fully intend to uphold those vows. Even knowing, as I know now, that my particular path of Wodan is Grimnir, the  Masked One–the Madman in a Box, you might say. Even though it has become more difficult to grasp You than it was for Cerridwen to catch Taliesin.

Nevertheless, I persist. I also say to You–and mark me well–ENOUGH ALREADY. Thirty+ years ago is not today, and despite Your blindness to the changes in me, I am not a young woman anymore, with all of the time in the world to experiment and explore, falter and fail. And in the course of becoming a young crone, I’ve realized, I DO have a say in this. I’ve remembered who I am. (How on earth did I manage to forget?) And to hell with “The Magician”; “my Lord of Masks” shall be Your name, henceforth and forevermore!