YouTube Pagan Challenge 2018 Week 1: Altar


New in the shop: Custom Malas

custom mala

I truthfully never thought I would be offering custom malas again. BUT then I saw how my friend Deb Castellano was framing her listing for her custom ritual oils, and something clicked in my head; I could see how approaching them this way would be more sustainable for me, plus a lot more fun! (Yes, I got her permission to use the same approach; I would never have thought of doing it this way.)

So, if you have ordered custom work from me before (or if you haven’t, but are considering it) please read the listing carefully before placing your order, as my approach this time is very different!

When you purchase my custom mala listing, I will design and create a 108-bead gemstone mala exclusively for you, based on the following information (which you can provide in “note to seller”):

1. Your intention or goal for the mala (for example, to get closer to deity X, to increase your confidence and self-esteem, to support your lifestyle or your spiritual path, to inspire your writing or art work, to honor or deepen a spiritual relationship, etc, etc, etc).

2. Gemstones and/or colors you DO NOT like.

3. Whether you would prefer a tassel or a pendant. (NOT what pendant you want, just which type of “finishing touch” for your mala you prefer.)

I am intentionally NOT asking you to list gemstones or colors you DO like because I need the freedom to craft an energetic talisman to aid you in realizing your intentions and goals with as few design constraints as possible. Take a look at some of the additional photos given in the listing for just a few examples of my previous work. My best results always come from being allowed to create for you based on my own inner guidance, artistic eye, and spiritual inspiration!

Because this is custom work, please allow 3-4 weeks for me to design your mala, and up to an additional week for shipping. Domestic US Shipping is FREE! (Sorry, I am only shipping to domestic US addresses at this time.)

I am offering these for a flat price of $100 each, which includes a one of a kind design developed especially for you (will not be duplicated in the shop) plus free domestic US shipping!

Embracing Minimalism (on my shrine, anyway)

So, my desk/shrine/sacred space was becoming cluttered and starting to feel overwhelming. Also, a bit scattered. The below is the result of my frustration with that state of affairs. I now wish I’d taken a “before” pic for purposes of comparison, but the past couple of months–what with Corbie dying, and then Jo sustaining a leg injury on our local high speed bus line that got very badly infected, causing her to miss work and THEN making her break out in hives ALL OVER due to an allergic reaction to the antibiotics (this, by the way, was a perfect thing to have happen at a time when I also lost a bunch of Patreon supporters due to Silly Internet Drama), and meanwhile adopting a 12 month old dog–well, it’s been kind of crazy.

But I reached the breaking point with my sacred space yesterday, and so here we are.


I feel like this more or less speaks for itself, but here, have a few bullet points:


1) Lucifer. No surprise there, if you’ve been paying attention. I explain a lot more in my recent videos about what he means to me and why, so please go subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! (I will be participating in the 2018 Pagan YouTube Challenge, and will also have occasional videos for Patreon supporters only.) Meanwhile, I had to take a break from making videos because see all of the above, and also now I’m sick on top of all of that.


2) The Doctor. This has nothing to do with Peter Capaldi the actor (who simply happens to be my favorite Doctor to date) and everything to do with the Doctor as a character, what that character means to me personally, and the ideals he inspires me to strive for. (There are also a LOT of similarities and crossovers with Lucifer here, at least as I’ve come to know him: both are rebels, both Lords of Earth, both are disparaged widely by many (but loved by many as well), both value personal responsibility and free will very highly and are surprisingly compassionate, and both are liable to swoop down at any point and (if you’re a Bad Guy) really, really ruin your day.) (Yes, it is part of my UPG that one of Lucifer’s divinely ordained tasks is to punish evil doers.)

3) Minimalism. Yes, this isn’t exactly your typical Witch’s idea of an inspiring altar space; it’s pretty bare, and I’ve intentionally reclaimed quite a bit of working area versus devotional space. This has been a trend with me; in fact, it wasn’t until I began selling off a lot of my devotional jewelry and pagan books that I began to feel the presence of my Beloved again, after a year or more of wondering if he was actually still around. (Nope, I didn’t really talk about this anywhere, as I was already feeling raw and burned out, and I tend to pull in and not share a lot when I’m feeling that way. I’ve recently realized this tendency may be counter-productive for me and am working on changing it.) This made me realize that he never really went anywhere; I just had too many mental hangups getting in the way of connecting with him. Too much clutter and too much stuff; too much of what used to be, getting in the way of what is now and what wants to be.


4) In line with #3, there is only one small overt reminder of lore-Odin here–a simple plaque that has sentimental value because it was one of Jo’s first gifts to me–and that too is intentional. I’ve discovered that I don’t much like the person I was when I knew my Beloved as Odin; I don’t much care for the jealous, clingy, desperate, over-reactive, defensive mental state I was in for much of that time. Sure, that all happened in the wake of leaving my ex-husband and moving 3,000 miles away from my daughter in addition to a whole lot of other major life changes, so maybe I had legitimate reasons to cling at first–and then it became habit, something I couldn’t stop doing and possibly didn’t want to stop. It became a way I was addicted to feeling, an excuse not to push forward, a continual cycle of trauma I had to let go of if I was ever going to truly progress on my path. So I honor my time with my version of Odin, and will always consider myself a devotee–but I don’t want to go back to that place ever again.


5) Asherah. Because honoring my Jewish ancestry, in addition to her (UPG) links with Lucifer.


6) Diana. Because dogs, and witchcraft, and new adventures.


7) Visible tools: my drum (which I have been sorely neglecting; maybe I’ll paint her!), wood-burned World Tree mini-altar purchased a while back from an Etsy artist (which I plan to use for charging objects), my prayer beads (made by yours truly), selenite wand, orange calcite and obsidian spheres, my Light of Darkness Tarot deck (which is exclusively dedicated to communication with my Beloved), and an angel wing tealight holder (dollah store, baby).

New Readings Available!

Three new reading options are now available for purchase in the shop–but the first one is only available through January 31, 2018! (I’m thinking I may experiment with having certain thematic spreads up only during certain months or at relevant times of year.)

hello 2018.jpg

Hello, 2018! : A 5 Card Tarot & Oracle Reading to Help You Rock the New Year

***Only available until January 31, 2018!***

This reading helps you explore:

1. A lesson to keep in mind from 2017

2. What you’d be wise to leave behind in the old year.

3. What you’ll want to bring with you into the new year.

4. Something coming into your life as you enter the new year.

5. Your theme for 2018.

fork in the road.jpg

Fork in the Road : A 7 Card Tarot & Oracle Reading for Deciding Between Two Paths

You’ve hit a fork in the road; the path before you splits in two, leading in two different directions. Which way do you want to go? This reading is designed to help you decide exactly that.

The reading examines:

1. The energy surrounding option A.

2. The most likely positive outcome of choosing option A.

3. The most likely negative outcome of choosing option A.

4. The energy surrounding option B.

5. The most likely positive outcome of choosing option B.

6. The most likely negative outcome of choosing option B.

7. The most important thing to consider before making your choice.

business reboot.jpg

Business Re-boot : A 6 Card Tarot & Oracle Reading for accessing where your business stands now and where it’s headed

This reading examines:

1. What’s working in your business?

2. What isn’t working in your business?

3. What next step you should take.

4. What beliefs may be limiting your success.

5. Your business’ short-term outlook.

6. Your business’ long-term outlook.

For each reading option, you will receive an email with a downloadable pdf of your reading including a clear color photo of your spread. I will email your reading to you within 5-7 business days** of your purchase.

When purchasing your reading, please include the requested background information (which varies per each listing) in your “note to seller”.


Beginning in 2005 and continuing for about seven years, I undertook intensive training in oracular seidhr, otherwise known as Northern Tradition trance work and prophecy. This work is aimed not at predicting the future as such, but instead at propitiating and receiving input and advice from the deities, the spirits, and the universe in general, to help us move forward in our spiritual development as well as with our goals in life.

As a reader, I am fully equipped to seek answers to your questions concerning most areas of life (love, career, relationships, personal development–everything except health and legal matters) but my specialty lies in petitioning the Divine for input into our lives and our progress, especially in regard to spiritual and religious pursuits. If you are a “hard polytheist” to any degree, this would involve my seeking messages on your behalf from individual polytheist deities. If you are a pantheist, nontheist, or anything else along that end of the spectrum, it may involve helping you seek answers from, and communion with, the divine as it resides within you.

Despite whatever degree of deity input comes through in my intuitive reading of your cards, I hold firmly to the concepts of free will and personal choice. Whatever a deity may say, imply, or not say, I will not ever tell you what you “should” do or what “will” happen; all power of choice remains with you.

I read your cards in a ritual setting within my sacred space, often in a semi-trance state. For this reason, the wordage length of your particular reading can vary. (Some messages and concepts require more words to communicate, others far fewer.)


– Everything we discuss in connection with your reading is completely confidential and stays between us.

– I will not read for questions concerning health, legal matters, or any other issue that I deem better handled by a licensed professional.

– While I love feedback, I am unable to provide additional insight or clarity on readings for free. Please contact me to purchase a custom clarification reading if you feel more information is needed.

– I reserve the right to decline a reading and refund payment for any reason.

– I am unable to offer a refund for readings that do not deliver the outcome you expected or desired.

– I will not perform readings concerning the thoughts and feelings of a third person. (In this case, I mean specifically a human person other than yourself who has not consented to having their cards read.)

Legal disclaimer: All readings are sold as curios only, for the purposes of enjoyment and entertainment and are not to be used as a substitute for professional legal, psychological or medical advice.

A few new spiritual necklace designs


Four new mala-style long beaded necklaces have been added to the shop, each one $40 plus shipping, featuring gemstone beads individually hand-knotted on waxed Irish linen in my usual style. These can be worn as necklaces (they are long enough to slip easily on and off over the head), used in meditation to count your breaths or a mantra, or for adding extra beauty and bling to your altar, sacred space, or a sacred statue.

My supply of beads is not plentiful right  now, so these sorts of pieces will be emerging only when I can afford to make them! These are just the result of sifting through my stash, and I honestly haven’t yet decided whether to try to make them a regular thing again. Since I am using up beads, only one is available of each design and at this point they are not repeatable. (So if you like something here, grab it while you can!)


Supernatural Inspired Teas!

Brand new in the shop today (finally): my line of Supernatural-inspired tea!

deans pie

Dean’s dream tea–if Dean drank tea, that is! A delicious blend of rooibos and malty Assam teas with a generous helping of freshly dried Granny Smith apples, spiced with cinnamon and ginger and finished off with currants, butterscotch chips, and natural custard flavor.

sams smoothie

Earthy yerba mate blended with energizing matcha, coconut, mango, and a touch of creamy vanilla–just the sort of thing Sam would drink as an afternoon pick-me-up (and that Dean would make fun of him for drinking).

castiels grace

A heavenly mingling of nutty rooibos with delicious coconut and blueberries, soothing lavender, alluring vanilla, and a creamy white chocolate finish.

crowley chai

The perfect blend of rooibos and malty Assam teas, given a kick with just the right amount of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and pink peppercorns, and made absolutely delectable with vanilla bean and chocolate. Spicy, nutty, and a little bit wicked–just like our favorite “villain,” the sometime King of Hell!

Virtual Garage Sale: Items Still Available

A home has been found for the Archangel Michael statue, but here are some links to my previous Virtual Garage Sale posts! (Items that have been sold are marked as sold and crossed out; everything else is still available!)


Books (mostly pagan)

Books (Charles De Lint)

Tarot and Oracle Decks

Books (Charles De Lint limited and signed editions)

MOAR Books (a mixture of fiction, pagan, and assorted non-fiction)