Luna Steps Up (please help)

20180717_121904In the wake of the passing of our beloved Corbie J, our 12 year old Persian cat Luna has stepped up as the medically needy member of our fur family: in the past five weeks, we’ve had to spend a total of $500 + on vet expenses for her (first for an anal gland abscess, and then yesterday for a severe skin infection due to flea allergy).

Friends, we are barely treading water here. In June 2019, I need to be able to fly back east (solo, as we can’t afford two round trip air fares, and someone needs to stay here with Molly) for my daughter’s wedding–so not only keeping our heads above water but being able to put money away for that is imperative. I’m in the process of making some new items for the store, but in the meantime if you’d like to help here’s how you can:

    1. Become a Patreon supporter: find out about the details and accompanying rewards here
    2. If you can’t manage a monthly pledge, please consider making a donation (button below and in my sidebar; it’s going to say “Donate to Fiberwytch”–that’s me; some of you will remember that used to be my shop name).

Either way, Luna thanks you for it! (And so do we!)



July call for readings (for my $15+ Patreon supporters)

Calling all $15 + supporters! I hope you’re keeping cool and enjoying the summer! If you have need of a three-card personal reading this month, please feel free to send your request on over anytime between now and the end of this month. You can message me over on Patreon, or email me: lauriebethdawe at gmail dot com.

Introducing Tarot Tea Blends

My first two Tarot Tea Blends are now available in the shop! This will be a continuing series.

the empress

A delectable strawberry rose rooibos dusted with golden calendula blossoms.

Inspired by the energies of the Tarot Major Arcana card The Empress:

feminine power

Drink when you want to invite abundance into your life, when you want to create art, when you want to love passionately, when you want to stand in your power as the Queen you are.

the high priestess

Almond-scented green rooibos with pomegranate and pear, plus butterfly pea flowers to produce a mystical purple brew!

Inspired by the energies of the Tarot Major Arcana card The High Priestess:

psychic energy
hidden knowledge
going within

Drink when you want to develop your intuition or psychic powers, or to aid in the understanding and retention of arcane studies. A wonderful brew to accompany rituals, dream work, and journaling.

Each bag contains enough tea for 20 cups using 1 tsp of tea per 8 oz boiling water.

You can find them here.


About my Lunar Letters, plus a couple of changes coming to my Patreon rewards

harshil-gudka-458398-unsplash.jpg(crossposted to my Patreon blog)

First off, the Lunar Letter for July’s new moon in Cancer is up on the Patreon blog for $1 supporters, and the corresponding Tarot spread is up for $5 supporters.

Starting in August, these two rewards will be swapping places: patrons at the $1 level will get the Tarot spread, access to any Patreon-only posts, plus (this is a new perk) access to a one-card energy reading post for each new and full moon). Patrons at the $5 level will get all of the above plus the Lunar Letters. Since everyone’s already been charged for July, these changes will not go into effect until August 1st.

All other rewards are staying the same.

Regarding the lunar letters, writing them has started to feel like I’ve fallen into an astrological pothole, and one thing has become abundantly clear to me: I am not an astrologer. So, beginning with the new one I just posted, you’ll see them becoming less astro-heavy and more witchy, because I finally feel like I’m getting my witchy mojo back. (I may even go back and rewrite the older ones along these lines, eventually, because it occurs to me this series might make a nifty little e-book.)

Within / Without / Advice Day 7

20180707_165640Within: The Magician
You have within you everything you need to create the life and destiny you envision for yourself.
Without: Three of Pentacles
Finding your true work. Turning dreams and visions into success, rewards, recognition.
Advice: Princess of Pentacles
Don’t be afraid to be the beginner. There is immense power in the energy of newness.

Within / Without / Advice Day 6


So, I caved and bought The Star Tarot, thanks to the rave reviews of @thetruthinstory and @patrickjfogarty. But it’s the first Tarot deck I’ve bought all year, so I don’t feel too badly! And wow, is this deck amazing; I already love it even more than I expected to, even though it’s more rainbow-bright than my usual taste in decks. (The Darkness of Light Tarot is my soul deck, to give you an idea of my usual taste.) The guidebook in particular blows me away; this is going to be a spectacular deck for spiritual readings. (However I have riffle shuffled it for the first and last time; the cardstock is just as bad as I’d heard, and the laminate is already peeling in a couple of places.)

I skipped yesterday, but here’s day 6 of #withinwithoutadvice:

Within: Five of Wands

Holding my center, finding my personal power within. This is a journey I’ve been on for two years, and the results are just starting to manifest.

Without: The Moon

Walking a new path as a result of the inner changes and transformation.

Advice: Knight of Cups

Create from a place of love, making sure your heart and mind are aligned with your spirit.

New reading in the shop: Advice from the Four Queens

four queens

This is a four card Tarot reading offering four different perspectives on your question or area of concern, based on the qualities, characteristics, and viewpoints of each of the four Queens of the Tarot: the Queen of Swords, the Queen of Wands, the Queen of Cups, and the Queen of Pentacles.

The card positions are as follows:

Card 1: The Queen of Swords (Air, Winter) – thought, reason, logic, wisdom

What is the mental basis of the issue at hand? How can it be seen in terms of logic or reason, and what wisdom can be gained from the situation?

Card 2: The Queen of Wands (Fire, Spring) – creativity, potential, growth, power

How does this situation offer the potential for growth or power? What creative solution might be reached?

Card 3: The Queen of Cups (Water. Summer) – emotion, compassion, relationships, intuition

How do you feel about the situation, and/or how might it affect your relationships?

Card 4: The Queen of Pentacles (Earth, Autumn) – resources, value, possessions, material concerns

What are the practical, real-world concerns that need to be addressed?

You will receive an email with a downloadable pdf of your reading including a clear color photo of your spread. I will email your reading to you within 3-5 business days of your purchase.

You can purchase this reading here, or browse the other readings in my shop here.