May Update

Beth Wodandis

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Odin and LokiHey guys! I’ve been more quiet than usual this past month, and I wanted to check in. Everything is actually fine, I just haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve been spending less time on Facebook in favor of getting my Etsy shop  stocked with goodies (such as the deity poppets featured with this post), and although the shop has been doing okay, I don’t think it will ever be what it once was. There were a couple of weeks there where I thought it might start amounting to a full time business again (and maybe it will eventually) but so far it’s sporadic. Accordingly, I’m not able to pour the money into supplies that I was once able to, so I’m not aggressively pursuing growing the shop. It will continue to grow, but in slow, organic stages. Saving money needs to be a…

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On Faith and Community Politics

There is so much good stuff in this post, it’s hard to single any particular statement out. There are important reminders here that those of us who are god-touched are not necessarily more special, more loved, or more fortunate in life than other pagans (in fact, depending on the deity, you could find it making your life a lot harder than it would otherwise have been). However, the thing that really resonated the most for me–and the reason I’m reblogging this–is Elizabeth’s thoughts on community. I too have become very disheartened by the polytheist/pagan community recently, in particular because of all of the infighting, and she raises some very good points about how utterly pointless and counterproductive all of that is. I have tried not to get pulled into this last round because it always ends up being a huge time-suck for me, taking time away from all of the actually important projects on my plate, and leaving me with bad feelings about everyone concerned. I’ve been guilty of making snide remarks and throwaway derisive comments from time to time too, though I’m trying to prune that tendency in myself, but withdrawing into my own little box and giving up on community is not the answer either. Recently I did a business-oriented exercise that asked what legacy you would like to leave the world with after you’ve moved on from this plane. That really got me thinking. To think of it in fiber-related terms, would I rather help weave a beautiful fabric, or would I rather be one of the ones who sits there cutting that fabric apart, and shredding everyone else’s work. There is no question in my mind that I would rather it be the former than the latter, so I need to be more conscious of that as I go forward into this next year. Let the weaving begin.

Lesley Hazleton: The doubt essential to faith

“Abolish all doubt and what’s left is not faith, but an absolute heartless conviction; you are certain that you possess the truth, inevitably offered with a capital T, and certainty evolves in turn into an overweaning pride at being so very right.”

This is a mesmerizing 20 minute talk by an agnostic Jewish biographer of Mohammed in which she discusses his first reaction to what he experienced on the mountaintop: absolute, stark terror, and how that transmuted into a faith that changed both his life and world history. Her rant about how we’ve abandoned all of the world’s major faiths to the fundamentalists is the main reason why I won’t stop blogging on spiritual subjects, no matter how often I’m tempted to throw in the towel.

It Begins

“Festival” is not the right word for it, but for this next week my partner is observing a partial fast and nightly vigil for the bulls forced to endure the horror of “The Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona

Strip Me Back To The Bone


It begins in the night,
half the world away as dawn gives way to day
and is over in the blink of an eye
until the next day
and the next day
day upon day
a dance of danger
of life racing
towards the end.
Adrenaline and fear
excitement and daring
of the air charged with the promise of violence.
Blood awaits at the finish line
day upon day
and the next day
and the next day
until the adrenaline snaps
and the blood is shed
and we are gored to the bone
our flesh torn to ribbons
our blood running in rivers,
and it is over in the blink of an eye.

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Quick update on the dog

Strip Me Back To The Bone

He’s well! No more seizures thus far, so we’re assuming, unless and until it happens again, that it was heat-induced. Fucking summer. I hate July, and I think July hates my dog. He’s been relaxing with Beth and hanging out in the bedroom — his favorite room — and just being cool. Pedialyte pops have been nommed, but it’s cooled off a bunch here — we’ve dropped ten degrees during the hot part of the day — and with the new fan, the bedroom feels like it’s air-conditioned. Which, we may end up getting one before next summer.

We are extremely relieved that the dog is doing better. The dog is mostly annoyed at our watching him so closely, and happy to not be doused with water at such regular intervals.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. And, obviously, our thanks to our Gods, who I think are as stupid…

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A month for Freyr?

Boosting the signal: August has been proposed as a Month for Freyr by a soon-to-be spouse of His (please note that Shannon is a male Shannon :)), and I think this is a wonderful idea. Last year I attempted to have December as a Month for Odin and failed miserably at it, partly because I had so many offline spirit work duties during the Yule season and partly because He had other plans for that month. This year I want to try a month of blogging for Him again, but maybe in October or November instead.

The Honey-Willow Home

Brand intends to spend the month writing about his father. On my own end, I will be out of town briefly, dealing with very stressful things, and then I have a retreat to attend, and I need to plan my wedding, write vows, figure something or other out about it all.

In an ideal situation, someone would be able to let Freyr borrow their body, but the two people I could ask are very bad at it. One is willing to try ahead of time to see if it’s possible. If not, I’m far from the first person who will be marrying a disembodied god.

I would like to plan a special meal. As it happens, where I will be upstate, there is a place that sells local raw honey very inexpensively, and we plan to get quite a bit of it. There’s a recipe for a honey liquor that…

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I think my dog had a seizure last night . . .

An update on this situation: Jo spoke to the vet this morning and she said it sounds exactly like heat stroke. (The loss of coordination, high body temperature, stupor, dry sticky mouth, and staggering.) We set an appointment for Friday (I am home today again because of my ankle, but had already put in for Friday as a vacation day), but our vet–the fabulous Dr. Bonnie Burns-Oberlander, who makes house calls–said it would be okay to cancel said appointment if he still seems okay by then. She said we did all of the things they would have advised, with the exception of adding ice cubes to the tub and putting rubbing alcohol on his pads. This morning, he is back to being perfectly normal (or as normal as he gets ;P) but we are still watching him and making sure he stays cool and has plenty to drink, even if it has to come in popsicle form. We deeply appreciate all of your good wishes and healing thoughts, as we are stupid about this dog!

Strip Me Back To The Bone

We aren’t sure. It wasn’t out and out violent convulsions and lose of bowels and all that fun stuff, but he was weird and trembly and disoriented and trembly and did I mention trembly? Certainly heat stroke, and I’m sort of baffled still because the cats — the oh so hairy cats — are and have been fine (if pissed at having their heads doused regularly). At the onset of it we pulled him into the tub and had him standing in cold water while running water over him. And proceeded to spend hours applying cold cloths, icy cloths, ice packs, any watered down juice he’d drink, and popsicles. He had non-normal reactions to new people (we pulled in our neighbors, who have a dog with epilepsy, because I’ve never SEEN the precursor signs of seizures. He spent a long while bracing himself, which reminded me of how he braced…

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Shrine Plaques for minimal space in domestic worship

Lykeia is an amazing artist and I highly recommend her work. We have one of her paintings already (a commissioned portrait of Jo’s dog Angel riding in the Hunt with Odin), and she is currently working on another commissioned work for me, a marital portrait of Odin and myself. We are both eyeing these new shrine plaques as a perfect solution to our limited space for shrines. and I already have several in mind I want to commission (for starters, an Odin one for next to my bed, and possibly a combo one for Bragi, Thor and Loki, since the three of Them seem to enjoy each other’s company so much).

Beloved in Light

Recently I have gotten on a huge kick making shrine-plaques. That is my word for an old idea. There are many ancient images which are set up to look like the front of a temple with the deity (or deities) of the temple standing within it. I am of the opinion that these probably would have been popular among those who made pilgrimages to holy sites to bring back to worship the god in their homes, or were otherwise just readily available for household worship. I have had two people upon seeing my shrine-plaques in fact compare them with lararium which are a very similar concept. Of course these shrine plaques are far less expensive to make than my statues and also are quicker to make too as they are two dimensional rather than 3 dimensional lol. This is of course a boon to me and customers both because I can…

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Reminder: oracular seidhr for June

My next upcoming oracular session will be held on the evening of Monday, June 17th.

This year I have made several changes in the process for submitting a question, so please read this page and make sure you understand the changes and the new information before sending me a request for an oracle, as if you do not follow the new guidelines your question/s will be rejected. This is not for the purpose of being a hardass, but to make it possible for me to offer you the extra sessions I have added (11 this year as opposed to the 5 I held in 2012). And if you can do so at all, please do consider donating this year, to help support my devotional practice, if you submit a question. It is still not required, but I am working fewer hours now due to chronic health problems (I am “invisibly ill”) so it is always appreciated!

Thank you!

Not just a maker

Reblogging this not only because it’s a fabulous affidavit for my handspun yarn (thank you, Heather!) but because she brings up important points about the essence of Making, which is the art of bringing things into manifestation that did not exist previously in the physical realm, and traditional crafts as a link to the ancestors. This has been one of the most compelling things about hand spinning for me: the fact that I can feel the unbroken thread (pun intended) stretching back through time connecting me to all of the women who have ever spun. This is a very, very long thread indeed, and some of the women have never been mortal. I also knit, and I plan to take up embroidery at some point in honor of Anne, who was a talented needle worker, but spinning is the craft that calls to me most powerfully, perhaps because spinning is the act of collecting the filaments of potential, smoothing and drafting them, and twisting them into something strong and durable. It is Wyrdworking.