Etsy shop update!

new yarns

I’m working on a huge update over at FiberWytch on Etsy: lots of new handspun yarns, all ready to be snapped up (at just lowered, holiday-ready prices) and worked unto smashing Christmas/Hanukah/Yule gifts that will make you world-famous.  (Or at least earn you a lot in the way of happy, sincere thanks.)  If you’ve never knitted or crocheted with hand spun yarn before, you’re in for a treat you won’t soon forget.  And if you have, you know that there’s nothing quite like it for beauty, warmth and quality; there is a special magic to handspun.

All of my yarn is hand dyed, and most of it has been completely hand processed by me from raw fleece to finished skein.  I source all of my wool locally to help support the economy of the Pacific Northwest and Oregon in particular.  And I use environmentally friendly, professional quality dyes that are completely free from heavy metals

BUT best of all for holiday shopping, ALL yarns and cords throughout my store now ship for FREE within the domestic US.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go browse some handspun, and get a head start on those mittens and hats!

Hunter’s Moon

Get a head start on your holiday shopping, or get some handspun yarn for those DIY gift ideas! For the Hunter’s Moon/Blood Moon of October, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $20, now through 10/19. Simply enter the coupon code HUNTERSMOON during checkout at FiberWytch on Etsy.  Happy shopping and enjoy the glorious October full moon!

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Huge update at FiberWytch on Etsy: Planetary Magical Cords

planetary cords adI have just  (finally!) completed the huge shop update that life has been interfering with my actually getting done for the past two weeks! The Planetary Magical Cord collection has eaten several weeks of my life and includes 21 cords (not all of them shown below), two for each planet (except for the Sun, which wound up with three because it’s sheshul like that).  I had a lot of fun trying out different spinning styles for some of these, so in addition to my trademark Navajo plied-style you’ll also see cabled cords, supercoils, intermittently coiled 2-plies, crepes, etc., etc., in a bewildering array of brilliant, hand dyed colors.  All of my art yarn planetary cords are completely hand crafted by me all the way from raw sheep’s fleece to finished item.  Farm-fresh, locally sourced fleece is gently hand washed, hand dyed using Greener Shades dye (an environmentally friendly and non-toxic line of professional-quality acid dyes), hand carded on my drum carder, blended with kid Mohair, bits of silk, flax, and lots of sparkle, and then hand spun and plied on my snazzy purple Columbine wheel, Foxglove.

But the cords are not just pretty; they have each been magically charged by me (with planetary symbols, runes and Reiki) at a propitious time for the planet in question.  Handspun needs a bath in cool water to set its twist, and I took advantage of this opportunity to add herbs, essential oils, and gemstones to the rinse water to further enhance the energetic qualities of each individual cord.  You can use these cords in cord magic attuned to the particular planet (or the astrological sign/s it rules), place them on your altar during ritual for a deity whose sphere of influence is in accord with that planet, wear them as a symbol of your magical intention, use them in handfasting rites, or simply enjoy them as fiber art lariats to remind yourself of your magical working or your overall path.


C’est fini!

Tour de Fleece 2013

Tour de Fleece 2013 came to a close on Sunday, and although I’m exhausted I am so glad I decided to do this!  My accomplishments: I washed and dyed enough fleece to fill two 30 gallon ziplock bags, spun about 15 skeins (including several custom ordered ritual cords that still need to get adorned and sent out) plus a couple of batts yet to be spun, taught myself two new art yarn techniques, became proficient on the spindle, and probably some other things I’m forgetting.  And all of this while I had a sprained ankle, was working 6 hours per day, and had to nurse my dog back from his heatstroke episode!  Best of all, I met some amazing people I’m glad to call my fiber arts community, and had lots of fun! I can’t wait for next year, but in the meantime I continue to spin away!


Tour de Fleece 2013 Week One

Tour de Fleece 2013 Week One

The first week of Tour de Fleece 2013 is over!  Some highlights of my own accomplishments:

  • About 4-5 pounds of fleece washed and hand dyed
  • Researched and tested (with great success!) a new method of scouring fleece that preserves the lock structure and the beauty of the wool, without being overly fiddly
  • Completed three ritual cord commissions
  • Completed 2/3 of the first yarn installment for a long-term special order
  • Took up spindling again, and discovered that all the wheel spinning I’ve done has amped up my skills in this arena (surprise, surprise!)

Next on my dance ticket: more fleece scouring, more dyeing, more spinning, two more ritual cord orders and maybe some freelance ritual cords for the shop–plus some unexpected fun, I’m sure!  (And pray the gods, no more pet emergencies!)


A few random notes

First and most importantly, The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte is now available for the Kindle!  I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but I got a Kindle myself a few months back and absolutely LOVE it.  So if you’re a new Kindle owner too and would prefer to read Jolene’s book in that format, now you can!

Secondly, I just finished a rather large update over at Fiberwytch on Etsy: more necklace scarves, and two new skeins for knitting or crochet.

Thirdly…well, this sort of speaks for itself:

Meet Luna, our blue smoke Persian, who decided my spinning fiber basket looked like a good place for a nap.  (And who am to tell her otherwise?)

And lastly, there was mail happiness today, in the form of this:

You’re looking at a pound of California Red roving (a heritage sheep breed), newly arrived from Apple Rose Fibers on Etsy.  Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

Necklace scarves

Just a quick Etsy-related note: I have the first half-dozen of my new necklace scarves uploaded to the store, with more to come as soon as I can get them on there. What are necklace scarves, you ask?  Little handspun luxuries, designed to cocoon your neck in coils of skin-soft Merino wool, silk, alpaca, Mohair, and other delicious fibers, hand-blended (and mostly hand-dyed) to bring you the ultimate experience in style and warmth.  See for yourself!

Also, it snowed here today (it was absolutely breathtaking this morning during my trek to the wetlands, even if it did make for a very slippery walk for me), so I am wearing one myself today.

Did I say something, a few weeks back, about missing the east coast?

I have succumbed

I now have a Facebook fan page and a (shudder) Twitter account!  (Also, as you may have noticed, I have changed the name of my yarn shop to Fiberwytch, because while I did love the name Fensalir Fiber, this is so much more succinct, not to mention easier to pronounce.) 

I’m sure you all know the deal with the Facebook page: “like” me there for special coupon codes, sneak peeks into what I’m up to, yadda, yadda, yadda.  But my question is this: do any of you (the readers of this blog) actually use Twitter?  And if so, who would you recommend I follow, and what kinds of Tweets would you like to see from me?