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Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. Here in Eugene, Oregon, a state of emergency has been declared and restaurants are open for take-out only. Due to hoarding, vital products such as bleach and toilet paper are generally unavailable; the stores have now set limits on what can be purchased, but it’s a little like closing the barn door after the horses are already gone, if you know what I mean.

The little sew & vac store where I work is still open for now with reduced hours but being there right now makes me very uncomfortable because people here are behaving in typical Eugenian fashion: not observing personal space bubbles at all (let alone the recommended six feet), touching everything (including handing you their credit card instead of putting it in the reader their own damn selves), leaning all over counters, and in general not taking this at all seriously.

So I’ve been self-quarantining since Tuesday, since I have a compromised immune system and, let’s face it, if there’s something out there to be gotten I’m very likely to get it. (I can only afford to do this because my wife is our family’s main bread-winner, so if you can’t afford to stay home believe me I feel for you. Jolene stocks shelves in a supermarket, by the way, so her job is horrendous right now; she’s been working six day weeks and in some cases 12 hour shifts. Be nice to your grocery store employees, people; they’re being driven into the ground right now, and if they stay home no one gets to buy anything.)

Anyway, in typical me-fashion, on Tuesday night I ran into our TV table and stubbed the pinky toe of my right foot HARD. By Wednesday morning, dark bruises had extended halfway up my foot and it became obvious that I’d broken something. (Edited to add: as of Thursday the bruising and swelling has reached my ankle.) So for the time being I can’t go out even if there was no pandemic crisis. Go me.

Our new Etsy shop is open, but I completely understand that buying stuff on Etsy may not be a priority right now and may not be a thing everyone is even comfortable doing. I did want to reassure you that we are taking this whole situation very seriously and anything ordered will be packaged and prepared for shipment  while wearing gloves and a mask. I’m not sick as far as I know, and thus far the official word seems to be that you are very unlikely to contract the virus through the mail in any case, but an over-abundance of caution never hurt anyone.

This whole situation has me revisiting ways I can potentially generate income from home, with the eventual goal of giving up my day job. As part of this goal, I will be adding Tarot readings to our new Etsy shop very soon!

Also, I am now offering readings, upon request, to all Patreon supporters who were donating at or above the $5 per month level as of March 1st. Because right now my Patreon creator account only charges supporters on the first of each month, if you increase your donation or become a new patron between now and April 1st, you will become eligible to request readings in April. 

However. After all my existing patrons have been charged for April, I will be switching my Patreon account over to a charge up front plan. What this means is that if you want the readings and you become a new supporter after April 1st, you will be charged immediately when you sign up, and then again on the 1st of May and the 1st of every new month thereafter. Doing it this way will enable me to offer readings to new subscribers right away, rather than making them wait until they’ve been charged on the 1st of the following month. If you are a current supporter and you have questions about this, let me know!

You can check out my new Patreon reward tiers here.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is well and staying safe. If you’re reading this, leave a comment and let me know how things are going for you!

Appealing to your ancestors

In a recent reading I did for a client regarding a problematic spirit relationship, one of the potential solutions that came up for dealing with her situation was to appeal to her ancestors and the gods of her bloodline for assistance. Since she had questions about this, I’m thinking other people out there might, too.

Yes, I know the topic of ancestor work can be a controversial one in the pagan community, because so many of us have deceased family members we wouldn’t call on if it was the last option open to us. For example, if your late Uncle Mort was a child molester, chances are you don’t really want to be inviting him into your home. Also, as many of us are first generation pagans in monotheistic families, we might feel alienated by some of our immediate ancestors, feeling that they can’t possibly share very much with us and unsure why they would want to help with our relationships with pagan deities, demons, spirits, or what have you.

But we all have bloodlines that go back more than just the few generations we might know about. Whether you know it or not, whether you can trace it objectively or not, you have a bloodline that reaches back into the pagan past, into the depths of antiquity. Depending on what country your ancestors came from, what ethnicity you are, you have ancestors who worshiped Odin, or Cerridwen, or Isis, or Ogun. Some of our ancestors, granted, return to the “primordial soup” that provides a source for new souls at the birth of children. Of those who qualify as Mighty Dead—those who managed to distinguish themselves in life in some way—some may be reborn as themselves (with their individual spirit intact), in a new body; some may choose to dwell in the spirit realms and join groups of spirits such as the Wild Hunt. But every bloodline has one or two who qualify to be ranked among the Mighty Dead and who choose to remain attached to their own blood lineage, to watch over their descendants. These are the people to turn to when you get yourself into a sticky situation with a god, demon, or other entity who you seem to be stuck in an abusive relationship with (assuming you have tried to work things out directly with that entity and it has failed, or it isn’t possible or advisable to deal directly with them for whatever reason).

“But Beth,” I can hear you saying, “what if I’m adopted and I don’t know who my ancestors are?” Well, that’s the beauty of working with your ancestors: you don’t really have to know who they are—not at first, anyway. (Chances are they will tell you, in time.) I was adopted myself (in a black market baby-type situation where I’m unlikely to ever know anything about my real lineage), but I do know what countries/cultures the bulk of my ancestors hailed from; I know this from family gossip and my physical characteristics, but if you aren’t sure, there is always the option of getting your DNA tested to find out. I know, for example, that the gods of the Anglo-Saxons and of Scandinavia are my ancestral deities, and that there are probably a few Gallic deities thrown in there too. I know that, somewhere back in my lineage, there were pagans who lived in those countries and worshiped those gods, and I can appeal to those people if need be.

Why bother? Why should they want to help you, when you may not even know their names or who they were? Well, the ones you’ll be addressing have specifically chosen to remain attached to your particular bloodline, which means they have chosen to help you and people like you, their blood descendants. This is the Job they have signed up for, as members of the Mighty Dead. They have a vested interest in helping you because, whether or not you or other descendants remember them by name, you carry their blood forth into the world, you are the physical presence of their lineage on earth. Any help they give you reflects well on them in the spirit realms and thus increases their power—especially if you then begin a devotional practice for them to thank them for their help.

What if you can’t hear or interact with them the way you can with the gods? That doesn’t matter; I mean, it would be nice, and may happen down the road, but you don’t need it to start a relationship. All you need to start with is a place to set up a petition candle and leave offerings. I offer the setting of lights as a spiritual service in my shop, but in this particular case, the petition is really more powerful if you do it yourself, since you’re the one related to them. Simply choose a person or a lineage to petition; for example, say you were told in a reading once that you have an ancestor who was a witch or powerful in some way; maybe you were even given a name. If so, write that name on your petition paper and inscribe it with a pin or a sharp pencil on your candle.  If not, write “whoever can help me from my lineage,” and if you have a particular lineage in mind you might write, “Whoever can help me from my Scottish lineage” (for example).

You can use almost any candle for this, either one from my shop—I would be happy to make a custom candle for you to use for this–or even a simple white seven day candle from Walmart. Under the name, write your petition; for example, if you need help with an entity, write “Safely sever ties with _____________.” (Or whatever your objective is.) Now, using a sterile lancet from the drugstore, put a bit of your blood—just a couple of drops—on the paper and on the candle itself. Place the candle on the paper, light it, and burn it for a couple of hours every day for seven days while praying to your ancestors about the problem you need resolved. I would also suggest giving offerings while doing this; you can light incense, or offer liquor or food you surmise your ancestor would have enjoyed (based on their culture), but at the very least you should offer a glass of clean water, and change it for a fresh glass daily.

This is enough to start a base bones ancestral practice, with the caveat that if your ancestor does help you, it is only good manners to continue making offerings to them afterwards and keep up the relationship you’ve started. During this process, don’t be surprised if insights come to you regardings ways of dealing with the problem; this is your ancestor helping you by offering suggestions, and you should seriously consider taking whatever advice they offer (providing it is legal and won’t harm anyone innocent).

This same process can be used to petition a deity from your ancestral line. The deities of your bloodline have less of a vested interest in helping you than your own ancestors do, but They most likely still hold a proprietary interest in your bloodline in at least a general way (since generations of your ancestors worshiped them, possibly even in a priestly capacity at some point). This is another controversial topic in paganism, and please understand that I am NOT suggesting you can only work with gods your ancestors have worshiped; I firmly believe that the gods call whom They will, regardless of race or national origin. However, the blood still has power, and even if you have not worked with Odin before (for example), if you are English or Scandinavian you have a blood tie to those who once worshiped Him, and, through them, a tie to the god Himself. Deities who have an ancestral connection with you are more likely to consider helping you, even if They are otherwise strangers to you, and They can be petitioned using the same procedure I shared above. (And it’s even easier to figure out appropriate offerings for deities than it is for ancestors whose names and likes/dislikes you have no way of knowing.) Again, I offer a setting lights service in my shop, where I will make and burn a petition candle on your behalf if you’re nervous about approaching a deity who is new to you or if you’d just rather have someone who’s done this before do it on your behalf. (I’ve been a wife of Odin for more than ten years and a Witch for almost forty; I have extensive contacts in the spirit world, and am more than happy to use my access on your behalf.)

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to at least some of you. There is more to say about ancestor work than this (including the topic of spiritual lineage ancestors—such as my group of Disir, the Queens), but this is enough information to get you started. If you have questions, hit reply and let me know; I may not have the time to answer each question immediately, but at the very least I will try to cover them in a future post!

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