Destash: Decks up for Grabs

So, for starters: I have decided that I WILL continue to offer readings after the Year Ahead 2018 readings are done. They will be structured a bit differently than in the past, and will be offered here on the blog only, separately from my Etsy shop, beginning in January 2018.  (The deadline for booking your Year Ahead 2018 reading is still 12/15/17; I will not be accepting any new orders for these after that date.)

In the meantime though, I have a number of decks–both Tarot and oracle–that I either a) have not reached for in a long time, and/or b) never really connected with well in the first place, and in both cases would like to rehome. If you would like to purchase anything on the following list, please email me at wodandis at gmail dot com. All payments will be via Paypal to wodandis at gmail dot com (please pay for goods or services, at it makes shipping labels easier), and shipping within the US is FREE. (I would rather not ship these outside of the US–sorry about that, dears.)

Here is the list!

IMG_6264Enchanted Oracle – like new, with book and box, $15. This is a gorgeous deck, with a companion book by Barbara Moore, no less! just not for me

IMG_6250.JPGJodorowsky & Camoin Tarot de Marseille – like new, $20 – I thought I was ready to plunge into learning the Tarot de Marseille system. Amazing how losing a dog can make you not give a damn.

IMG_6248.JPGSOLD Tarot of the Sidhe – good, $15 – excellent for spirit work readings, but the artwork isn’t my favorite.

IMG_6262.JPGThe Fairy Ring Oracle – like new, with book but no box, $15 – fabulous for anyone who works closely with the Celtic or Scandiavian fae.


IMG_6238.JPGGospel of Aradia Oracle – like new, $15 – I tried hard to love Aradia, but she’s just not my cup of tea. This deck would be perfect for many people though–and it that’s you, here’s a nice discount on it.

IMG_6244.JPGSOLD Spirit Speak Tarot – cards good, booklet fair – $20 – a modern black and white Indie deck that didn’t click with me, at a bargain basement price.

IMG_6258.JPGSOLD Angelarium: Oracle of Emanations – like new, with book and box, $15. I wanted to love this, but right now zombie-esque angels are just not my thing.


IMG_6255.JPGRadiant Rider Waite in a tin – like new, $15. Bought last year for a class that I ended up not taking.

IMG_6271.JPGSOLD English Magic Tarot – like new, with book and box, $15. Another one that I wanted to love, but not so much. If you love 16th-17th century England, this is your deck!


IMG_6286.JPGSOLD Bonefire Tarot – very good, with book and box, $20. A very good deck, excellent for all types of readings–just not my aesthetic.

IMG_6273SOLD Martin Rune deck – cards are good, box fair, $15. Based on the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc.


Secrets of the Mystic Grove Oracle  – like new, $15. Another one I wanted to love, but it is just not quite right for me.

Again, all decks ship free within the US! Please email me: wodandis at gmail dot com. Payment will be via Paypal to the same email address. Thanks for looking!<3