My Patreon Blog

A a follow-up to my last post, I want to make sure everyone knows I also have a blog over at Patreon. Most of the posts there are locked unless you are a Patreon supporter. In other words, you have to be pledging me at least $1 per month, and be logged into your Patreon account, in order to read them. My Patreon blog is where most of my Patreon rewards are delivered (such as the Lunar Letters I’ve been posting all year), so if you are a Patreon supporter and you aren’t reading it you are really missing a lot of content from me!

If you aren’t sure how to log into your Patreon account or otherwise need help using the site, let me know and I’ll walk you through it! It’s very important to me that everyone who’s supporting me on Patreon is getting the full benefit of that support! (Once you are logged into Patreon, you tend to stay logged in even when you migrate away from the page or close the tab, so you won’t need to be logging in again every time you go there.)

I have been posting notifications to Facebook whenever content goes up on my Patreon blog, but it’s occurring to me now that not all of my supporters are on Facebook. So from now on, both here and at the new WordPress blog when I migrate over, I will also be posting a link to my public blog whenever Patreon posts go up–so if you’re a supporter all you’ll have to do is click and read!