Further Notes on the New Incense Blends, plus an FYI

Ok, guys! In response to a question I was asked earlier about these blends, I’ve made the names a little more general (most of them are now less gender-specific, so they they could apply more or less equally to gods or goddesses) in addition to fleshing out the scent descriptions to give you a better idea of Who they might be best suited for. Of course, if you still have questions, feel free to ask! I do want to stress, though, that the exact name attached to a scent blend is simply a label; getting an idea of the different notes favored by various gods and spirits is a better guide–so hopefully the additional notes will help, there! Also, when you get right down to it, any incense can be a suitable offering if your mind and heart are in the right place.

Dark Presence: myrrh, galangal, patchouli, black pepper, lavender

This is a moody dark floral with an edge, perfect for deities such as the Morrigan, Hekate, Persephone, and Kali. Also great for the dark moon; not super-feminine, so will work for dark gods, too!

Queen of Heaven: jasmine, amber, spikenard, myrrh

Exotic florals and rich syrupy esins for deities such as Asherah, Hera, Isis, and Frigga; may also be enjoyed by goddesses of passion, love and beauty such as Freyja and Aphrodite

Father of All: juniper, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense

Sacred woods and resins for deities such as Odin, Zeus, and any other “head of pantheon” types.

Storm Winds: peppermint, lavender, camphor, clove

Mint, spice, and a touch of ozone for deities such as Odin, Thor, and Baal, although anyone who enjoys causing trouble (Loki? Hermes?) might also take to this scent.

Healing Waters: ylang ylang, bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender

Aquatic and soothing notes for watery or oceanic deities, such as Poseidon, Manannan, Ran, or Aphrodite; also for healing deities such as Brigid, Eir, and Aesclepius.

Hunter: galangal, fir, peppermint, spearmint

Fierce mints and woodsy notes for Artemis, Skadi, and other goddesses of the hunt and the forest; will work for gods of the hunt such as Ullr, too!

Dweller in the Green: juniper, fir, cedar, patchouli

Earthy, foresty, and green, ideal for Cernunnos, Pan, and other gods of the wild places; also gods and goddesses of fertility and the land, such as Freyr and Nerthus

Archangel: frankincense, lemon, camphor, peppermint

An ethereal yet slightly haughty scent for Lucifer and his kith and kin–both fallen and otherwise

Memento Mori: galangal, myrrh, amber, black pepper

Dark resins and spices for deities of death and the underworld, such as Hel, Hades, and Persephone; also for honoring your ancestors)

Hearth & Home: blood orange, cinnamon, clove, frankincense

Juicy sun-kissed fruit combined with spice and sacred resin, perfect for deities of the hearth such as Hestia and Brigid, and for gods who adore spicy notes, such as Loki; also a great scent for kitchen witches)

Lastly, a quick FYI: as my matron goddess is Asherah, I have begun observing Shabbat, which in my case means that I am not available for readings, answering Etsy convos, or working on the store in general from sundown on Friday through sundown on Saturday, each week. (Why yes, it IS getting a little Jewitchy around here. Which definitely makes my grandmother happy.) Just something to keep in mind, and I will post it on the front page of my shop as a reminder!

Incense is Back!

Incense is back in my Etsy shop! (Yes, there are some scent sensitivity issues in my household, but my wife and I figured out a way that I could keep offering a limited number of scent blends.)
Introducing my all-new line of signature blends. These are premium pressed charcoal incense sticks, hand dipped by me in the finest pure essential oils with love and positive energy in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. All incense is made just for you after your order is placed.
Scent blends available right now (subject to change due to availability of ingredients and popularity in the store):
Dark Goddess: myrrh, galangal, patchouli, black pepper, lavender (for deities such as the Morrigan, Hekate, Persephone, and Kali)
Queen of Heaven: jasmine, amber, spikenard, myrrh (for deities such as Asherah, Hera, Isis, and Frigga)
Father God: juniper, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense (for deities such as Odin, Zeus, and any other “head of pantheon” types)
Storm God: peppermint, lavender, camphor, clove for deities such as Odin, Thor, and Baal)
Healing Waters: ylang ylang, bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender (for watery or aquatic deities, such as Poseidon, Manannan, Ran, or Aphrodite; also for healing deities such as Brigid, Eir, and Aesclepius)
Huntress: galangal, fir, peppermint, spearmint (for Artemis, Skadi, and other goddesses of the hunt and the forest)
Green Man: juniper, fir, cedar, patchouli (for Cernunnos, Pan, and other gods of the wild places)
Archangel: frankincense, lemon, camphor, peppermint (for Lucifer and his kith and kin–both fallen and otherwise)
Memento Mori: galangal, myrrh, amber, black pepper (for deities of death and the underworld, such as Hel, Hades, and Persephone; also for honoring your ancestors)
Hearth & Home: blood orange, cinnamon, clove, frankincense (for deities of the hearth such as Hestia and Brigid; also a great scent for kitchen witches)

Readings are Back!

Tarot and oracle readings are once again available in my Etsy shop, but I am offering only a limited number of reading options, all of which are strictly deity and spirit oriented. (So, I’m not the reader for you if you want to know when you’ll be in a romantic relationship or if you’ll get a raise.)

ALSO, I fully reserve the right to pull any or all of them from the shop periodically whenever I (or They) feel that I need a break. 🙂

Here’s what’s available now:

deity id

This six card reading is the one to pick if you suspect a deity is lurking around, trying to make inroads into your life, but you aren’t quite sure exactly WHO They are. In addition to my interpretation of your cards, I will also provide you with a short list of deity names who I see as the “best matches” for the evidence supplied by the reading. This will give you some places to begin your research, and from there you should be able to put together the clues and find your answer.

(If you already know who you’re dealing with–or have a pretty good idea–and you want to know more about what you can expect from the relationship, OR you need to sort out some issues with a deity you’re been working with for a while, choose my Deity Communication spread instead.)

The reading addresses:

1. What culture, pantheon, or part of the world your deity is from. (I use my own custom-designed deck for this part of the reading.)

2. A trait associated with this deity that most people find challenging or intimidating.

3. A trait associated with this deity that is generally regarded as appealing or beneficent.

4. The deity’s sphere of power in the human world.

5. An animal or symbol associated with this deity.

6. Omens and signs to look for that point towards the deity’s presence.

deity communication

This six card reading is for taking a look at where you stand with a deity you’ve just started working with, or checking in with a more familiar deity to make sure the relationship and your work together are still on track. (If you’re dealing with a new deity in your life and you have no idea who they are, you may want to try my Deity ID spread first to get some clues to their identity, and then move on to this one if you need more information.)

Sometimes when a new deity shows up in our lives we aren’t quite clear on their identity, or if we know who they are we might wonder why they’re around, what they want from us, and what the relationship will bring to our spiritual path. OR, we can know a deity for years but suddenly feel out of touch, and wonder if we’re still making progress on our path with them. This reading is designed to address all these questions. It will help you sort through any confusion you might be experiencing, reveal the major lessons and challenges the deity wants you to take on, and offer constructive advice and clarity regarding how to proceed on your devotional path.

The reading addresses:

1. Which aspect of the deity you are dealing with currently.

2. What the nature of your relationship with them will be.

3. What they want from you.

4. How you can best accomplish this.

5. What you need to understand or accept about this deity for the most constructive and positive relationship.

6. What you need to avoid doing to stay on good terms with this deity.

spirit guide

This five card reading is for you if you suspect you have a spirit guide looking over your shoulder but you’d like to know more about them so you can work with them more productively, OR if you’d really like a spirit guide and are hoping someone will step forward to work with you. (This reading will help you figure out who might be out there for you and how you can get in touch with them.)

The reading addresses:

1. Who is this spirit? (traits/personality, etc.)

2. What are you here to teach me?

3. How can I be more open to receiving your guidance?

4. What are your spheres of influence? (What kind of help are you best at giving?)

5. What will be the outcome of our relationship?


Maybe you feel like there might be something missing from your practice but you just can’t put your finger on what it could be. OR maybe you just like to check in with your deities or with Spirit from time to time–via the cards–to make sure you’re still on the right path and getting all you can from your practice. Either way, this three card reading is for you!

The reading addresses:

1. What is the current state of my practice?

2. How can I maximize my progress?

3. What pitfalls do I need to avoid that may hinder my growth?


Sometimes all we really need is a signpost to show us we’re still going along the right path, a little nugget of encouragement or validation, or, conversely, a gentle kick in the pants to turn us around and get us straightened up if we’ve wandered off the path. This one card reading offers a short and sweet message from the spirit world especially for you.

With any of the above reading options, you will receive an email with a downloadable pdf of your reading including a clear color photo of your spread. I will email your reading to you within 3-5 business days of your purchase. (I only do readings M – F.)


Beginning in 2005 and continuing for about seven years, I undertook intensive training in oracular seidhr, otherwise known as Northern Tradition trance work and prophecy. This work is aimed not at predicting the future as such, but instead at propitiating and receiving input from the deities. As a result of this training (and my experiences providing this service to the community, which for the first few years I did at no charge), my own working definition of divination does not have to do with making psychic predictions or fortunetelling, or even with reading the cards as a method of “self help,” but instead concerns petitioning the Divine for input into our lives and our progress, especially in regard to spiritual and religious pursuits. If you are a “hard polytheist” to any degree, this would involve my seeking messages on your behalf from individual polytheist deities. If you are a pantheist, nontheist, or anything else along that end of the spectrum, it may involve helping you seek answers from, and communion with, the divine as it resides within you.

Despite whatever degree of deity input comes through in my intuitive reading of your cards, I hold firmly to the concepts of free will and personal choice. Whatever a deity may say, imply, or not say, I will not ever tell you what you “should” do or what “will” happen; all power of choice remains with you.

I read your cards in a ritual setting within my sacred space, often in a semi-trance state, taking notes by hand that I later type up to send to you. For this reason, the wordage length of your particular reading can vary. (Some messages and concepts require more words to communicate, others far fewer.)


– Everything we discuss in connection with your reading is completely confidential and stays between us.

– I will not read for questions concerning health, legal matters, or any other issue that I deem better handled by a licensed professional.

– While I love feedback, I am unable to provide additional insight or clarity on readings for free. Please contact me to purchase a custom clarification reading if you feel more information is needed.

– I reserve the right to decline a reading and refund payment for any reason.

– I am unable to offer a refund for readings that do not deliver the outcome you expected or desired.

– I will not perform readings concerning the thoughts and feelings of a third person. (In this case, I mean specifically a human person other than yourself who has not consented to having their cards read.)

Tour of my new sacred space!

I’ve been gone from YouTube for a while, so this video is my “icebreaker” for easing back into my channel. I plan on being a lot more present there in the future, with videos about my “new” path, my evolving practice, my shop, and all manner of witchy topics as inspiration strikes me. Love to all, and many blessings!

May Update

Beth Wodandis

(Crossposted from my Patreon feed.)

Odin and LokiHey guys! I’ve been more quiet than usual this past month, and I wanted to check in. Everything is actually fine, I just haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve been spending less time on Facebook in favor of getting my Etsy shop  stocked with goodies (such as the deity poppets featured with this post), and although the shop has been doing okay, I don’t think it will ever be what it once was. There were a couple of weeks there where I thought it might start amounting to a full time business again (and maybe it will eventually) but so far it’s sporadic. Accordingly, I’m not able to pour the money into supplies that I was once able to, so I’m not aggressively pursuing growing the shop. It will continue to grow, but in slow, organic stages. Saving money needs to be a…

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Oracular seidhr for November: Tuesday the 12th

My next oracular seidhr session will take place on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013. If you would like to be included, please email your question to me at: wodandis at gmail dot com.

Since I skipped my October session, I will be relaxing my limit of five querents for this month’s session; I have a few questions I saved from last month, have already received one new request this month, and have room for a few more.  So if you have a question, send it in!

Per usual, I will still be accepting only ONE question per session from each individual (with NO follow up questions, please!) . Please allow 2-3 days after the session to receive your answer, to account for the fact that Jo needs to type up the dictation she takes down during the sessions, after which I look over and sometimes amend her transcription before emailing the answers off to you.

Please get your questions to me by Monday night if you would like to be included! I will reply briefly to your email to let you know you’re in, and will post again when I feel I’ve reached my limit for the questions.

Although this is a free service I provide to the community and payment is not necessary, donations are always VERY gratefully accepted, especially this month, as I really overextended myself on preparing my booth for my recent craft fair venture and made no sales at it.  (More on that later: the venue and so many other things were wrong about this!)  Also, this disaster coincided with my having recently reduced my working hours to 25 per week, and while I am definitely seeing an increase in my energy levels as a result, there is also a rather large decrease in my paycheck.  So as always, if you appreciate what I am doing with my seidhr practice and/ or my blog, and I have helped you in some way, I deeply appreciate any financial gift you can afford to make, no matter how small. If you would like to make a donation you may do via Paypal at wodandis at gmail dot com.  Or, you could always hop on over to FiberWytch on Etsy and pick up some handspun yarn or a ritual cord or two instead; all of my prices have recently been lowered with the holiday shopper in mind (I realize many of you have money issues of your own, but you still need to get those holiday gifts bought or made, right?), and I’m adding at least one new item every day.  (Plus, domestic US shipping is now free!)

More information about my seidhr practice may be found here.

Etsy shop update!

new yarns

I’m working on a huge update over at FiberWytch on Etsy: lots of new handspun yarns, all ready to be snapped up (at just lowered, holiday-ready prices) and worked unto smashing Christmas/Hanukah/Yule gifts that will make you world-famous.  (Or at least earn you a lot in the way of happy, sincere thanks.)  If you’ve never knitted or crocheted with hand spun yarn before, you’re in for a treat you won’t soon forget.  And if you have, you know that there’s nothing quite like it for beauty, warmth and quality; there is a special magic to handspun.

All of my yarn is hand dyed, and most of it has been completely hand processed by me from raw fleece to finished skein.  I source all of my wool locally to help support the economy of the Pacific Northwest and Oregon in particular.  And I use environmentally friendly, professional quality dyes that are completely free from heavy metals

BUT best of all for holiday shopping, ALL yarns and cords throughout my store now ship for FREE within the domestic US.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go browse some handspun, and get a head start on those mittens and hats!

On Faith and Community Politics

There is so much good stuff in this post, it’s hard to single any particular statement out. There are important reminders here that those of us who are god-touched are not necessarily more special, more loved, or more fortunate in life than other pagans (in fact, depending on the deity, you could find it making your life a lot harder than it would otherwise have been). However, the thing that really resonated the most for me–and the reason I’m reblogging this–is Elizabeth’s thoughts on community. I too have become very disheartened by the polytheist/pagan community recently, in particular because of all of the infighting, and she raises some very good points about how utterly pointless and counterproductive all of that is. I have tried not to get pulled into this last round because it always ends up being a huge time-suck for me, taking time away from all of the actually important projects on my plate, and leaving me with bad feelings about everyone concerned. I’ve been guilty of making snide remarks and throwaway derisive comments from time to time too, though I’m trying to prune that tendency in myself, but withdrawing into my own little box and giving up on community is not the answer either. Recently I did a business-oriented exercise that asked what legacy you would like to leave the world with after you’ve moved on from this plane. That really got me thinking. To think of it in fiber-related terms, would I rather help weave a beautiful fabric, or would I rather be one of the ones who sits there cutting that fabric apart, and shredding everyone else’s work. There is no question in my mind that I would rather it be the former than the latter, so I need to be more conscious of that as I go forward into this next year. Let the weaving begin.

Hunter’s Moon

Get a head start on your holiday shopping, or get some handspun yarn for those DIY gift ideas! For the Hunter’s Moon/Blood Moon of October, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $20, now through 10/19. Simply enter the coupon code HUNTERSMOON during checkout at FiberWytch on Etsy.  Happy shopping and enjoy the glorious October full moon!

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