2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about some of the symbols we choose to wear as Norse pagans | Hate-free heathenry

  1. well said. I first was initiated into Seax Wicca in 1985. My High Priest was a Rune Master and I had to learn the runes, which I too love. one of the first things I do each morning is draw my daily rune, they are my first choice for divination. I bought a valknut from you years ago with beads and gave it away as a gift to someone struggling with his devotion to Odin. and I replaced it because I missed it – again from you. I also have Thor’s hammer as a talisman on beads from you from years ago. But I agree that to wear them publicly at this point other than at a blot would cause harm to others who do not know who I am. My HP told me in 1985 that there was a fascist movement led by a well known “expert” on the runes, and to be aware of that faction. Unfortunately it has grown immensely over the decades – will these symbols ever be cleansed from that taint? I do not know. I have to act responsibly in my own life – I can only hope that my daughter will be alive to see a better world. I do believe we are evolving as a species, in a painstakingly way that seems slow but I have not given up hope. I see too many shining lights in my friends and elsewhere in the world. You are one of them.

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Christine! ❤

      At this point, I would be surprised if there were only one fascist movement led by runic or heathen "experts." There are at least two old time heathens who I know are either alt-right or lean heavily in that direction (and no, I'm not even talking about the AFA), and there is a newish Norse pagan on YouTube who I know leans that way as well (and their channel has become extremely popular, which is part of my reason for putting this video out there). Back in the nineties, when I was a regional Troth organizer, I met some great people but also my fair share of worrisome ones. New peeps need to know that you have to be careful.

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