Bolverk’s Day Playlist

As mentioned in a previous post (quite a ways back), I have quite an extensive playlist of songs for Odin that I’ve assembled throughout the years I’ve been married to Him; some of them are more obviously about Him, per se (in other words, songs almost any devotee of His might be able to relate to), whereas others are more about u/Us, about o/Our personal relationship, our love and our marriage. A few of them are even songs He has “trolled” me with (as my friend Nono would put it)–ie songs that evoke me/our relationship in His mind.

But within this larger playlist I have a smaller category of songs that pertain specifically to Bolverk, Gunnlod, and Their relationship as I perceive it–and since today is Bolverk’s Day, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few of these! As with all of my Odin songs, this particular playlist is one that keeps on growing and changing. Enjoy!



  1. In the 12 or so years I’ve grown in awareness of Odin (I’ve only just recently come to know it’s Odin), he hasn’t said more than a dozen or so words to me. He doesn’t talk much at all but he watches very very intensely. Although he doesn’t speak, he does send me songs quite often.
    If anyone has seen the movie What Dreams May Come they’ll understand what I mean when I say that reading the lore made my mind wander into thought and memory of my Nameless Stranger, my Watcher. I finally approached him as Odin with a song by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer called, Still, You Turn Me On. The lyrics were very fitting and the song was poking at me to send to him.
    Right on the heels of that, another song by Emerson Lake and Palmer dinged at me like a bell. It was from him in answer to my song. His was From the Beginning. It’s almost flippant! >:-O
    A couple other songs he sent my way are, Extreme Ways by Moby and Low, by Cracker.
    Such is life with Odin The Pleasant One, Odin: bringer of sleep, Odin: the Terrible One. He’s not associated with the poppy but he should be. Pleasant, sleep AND terrible at times. But…he’s my Buddy Poppy. I have one of those Veteran Buddy Poppy flowers on his offertory plate. And a smidgen of poppy seeds in his alabaster jar.

    1. He is wonderful AND terrible (as all truly wonderful things are, really). And He IS associated with the poppy; in Germany poppy fields are also known as
      Odinsacre (Odin’s ground); I may not be getting the spelling exactly right, but there is obviously a bit of folklore there! I’ve always held Papaver somniferum to be one of His sacred plants.

      1. They are? That’s awesome! I read it dyslexic-ly as Odinscare! >.<
        He did intimidate me for the longest time but when he tries these days I just say, "You don't scare me old man."

        Of course he doesn't try that hard anymore. Like you mentioned, some days he can be quite the troll! Relentless pestering all the live long day, but usually ONLY if you have important things to do that may or may not be time sensitive. 😛

        I'm on disability so very little has a deadline for me. Odin, Loki, and others sure seem to be scooping up disabled women/men for some reason. Perhaps it's our resourcefully. Life at large has tried to squash us but we keep turning up. We don't always land feet first but that don't stop us. We're Timex's.

        I also think there's a lot to be said with giving them something they can work with. Who can say? I'll say one thing though: Odin and Loki both do some serious booty-scootin' in the Midgard 'hood. Lol.

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