Labor Day Sale, and other shop news


First things first: the sale! Sales are becoming more rare in my shop than they used to be, and they will continue to be fewer and farther between. However, from tomorrow (Wednesday 8/29) – September 3 you can get 20% off everything in the shop (including readings)! There is no order minimum and no coupon code to remember.

But also, there are two exciting shop developments on the horizon for AFTER the sale ends:

  1. I’ve managed to curate a few wonderfully witchy fabrics (shown above), so there will be a new batch of Tarot bags hitting the shop soon! I also plan to keep adding more fantasy and occult-themed fabrics in the future, now that I know where to find them. 
  2. OILS!!! I’m excited to share that I’ll be launching a whole new line of magickal oils in mid-September. These won’t be based on my old ritual oils, but instead will be my own spin on traditional magickal formulas. They will incorporate both essential oils and high quality synthetic oils, which is how these types of oils are traditionally made, and will be blended in tiny batches during appropriate planetary hours and days (according to the needs of each formula). I will be working these oils during their creation, so they will come to you fully charged and ready for action!

In other news, my Tarot tea blends will be retired from inventory after the Labor Day sale ends, so if you’ve wanted to try them this is your last chance! For delicious fall and winter blends ranging from magickal teas to pop culture, I recommend my friend Mia’s shop The Forest Witch.

Anyone else super-excited for fall? I know I am! In my part of the world,the temps are getting cooler (on most days; today was a hot one!) and rain clouds are moving in. Mercury and Mars are both out of retrograde, my birthday is just around the corner, and I feel as if the universe is working a massive blockbuster spell right now for our collective benefit. It’s time to get to work!