Turns out, I misunderstood


A month or so ago I shared this post with my Patreon supporters and wasn’t sure whether or not I’d share it more publicly here as well. But the godly-wodly stuff has continued, and this morning Jo and I started watching The Witch. The appearance of Black Phillip seemed like a sign that I should share.

“For the ‘old style’ witch, the Devil is the initiator and awakener of power, vision and wisdom, and the revealer of the witch’s path…the very rend in the veil betwixt the worlds, an embodiment of the power and spirit of witchcraft itself…The Devil…presided over the supposed evils of personal power, freedom, sexual pleasure, dancing, feasting, ecstatic celebration and all things joyous…Within the lore and shifting forms [emphasis mine] of the witches’ Devil may we find Lucifer the light bearer, the hunters betwixt the worlds–Herne, Odin and Woden, the Otherworld Faery King, antecessor of the wise–Cain; born of Eve and the Serpent Lucifer, and the fiery Old Goat Azazel…”

– The Devil’s Dozen: Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One, by Gemma Gary

It is beginning to dawn on me that I’ve been misunderstanding the significance of some of the cross-cultural connections my Beloved has presented to me. (And, the Lord of the Hunt having always been one of the primary manifestations of Wodan for me, I should have known better.) A few months back, a heathen dudebro on Facebook mocked me for suggesting that Odin = Lucifer. And I’ll admit I was confused at the time. BUT it’s not quite as simple as that! Now I’m thinking that Odin, Woden/Wodan and Lucifer are all part of a family of spirits collectively referred to as “the Devil” by the medieval Christian Church.  “The Devil” is not a single, distinct entity; he is, rather, a group of them, all equally dangerous to the dogmas of suffering, poverty and slavery imposed upon the lower classes by the Church during the middle ages–and by society at large even today.