More Stuff for Sale (books, decks, jewelry)

I’ve integrated the goodies left over from my previous books and jewelry sale into this new list. These are all personal possessions I no longer use (jewelry I don’t wear, decks I can’t connect with, books I am either done with or that aren’t to my taste) and I am trying to find new homes for them to make room for new things in my life!

SHIPPING IS FREE for all items!  However, books will ship separately from other types of items so they can be sent via media mail, which is more economical (but can only be used for books). I am only willing to ship within the domestic US—sorry about that!

Payment will be via Paypal. If you would like to make a purchase, please email me at wodandis at gmail dot com and I will mark your item(s) as sold. Although I believe my suggested prices to be fair, I am willing to consider best offers within reason, especially if you are buying multiple items.

(Jewelry and decks will be cleansed prior to being sent.)



Jewelry (refer to photos below)

jewelry 8.13.17

  • Sterling silver stealth pentacle with amethyst – $35
  • Sterling silver stealth pentacle with labradorite $35
  • Sterling world tree pendant with amethyst – $30
  • Large sterling world tree pendant handmade by a local Eugene artist $50
  • Sterling anatomical heart pendant – $25
  • Sterling seven-pointed star with onyx and garnet – $50
  • Sterling wheel of the year charm bracelet with a charm for each sabbat (a leaf, pentacle, bell, embracing couple, rose, candle, sun, and skull) plus a clear crystal – $20
  • Large sterling silver natural amber ring, size 5 or 5 ½ (I believe). The amber cabochon is huge, measuring about 1 ½” x just under 1”, and is a gorgeous blend of milky and honey amber. – $50
  • Sterling Odin pendant – $30
  • Large valknut pendant, handmade by a heathen metalsmith – $45
  • Sterling bindrune pendant (Kenaz and Nauthiz) with garnet – $30

Miscellaneous (refer to photos below)


  • Bestla – original painting on card stock by Ravenari $30 (this is the Ten of Coins in the Giants Tarot)
  • The Morrigan print by Valerie Herron – $30
  • Lot of 13 crow feathers (legally obtained carrion crow from UK) varying in size between 9 1/2” and 4 1/2” – $20
  • SOLD – Wolf tooth, genuine and antique, legally obtained and drilled for jewelry – $15
  • Professionally taxidermied coyote face – was hanging above my Odin shrine for years – $12
  • Professionally taxidermied squirrel paw, drilled for jewelry – $12