#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 8 – Meditation

I have some major catching up to do, so here goes!

“Write a short meditation to practice on a regular basis. (Bonus if you record an audio version of this and share it!)”

Ummm…nope! Sorry, but I hate guided meditations, whether written by myself or others; they just don’t do anything for me. I like moving meditation (while spinning yarn, for example, or taking a walk), and sometimes mantra meditation. When I’m doing mantra meditation, I use either an affirmation (any positive statement, such as “I am powerful”) or the name of one of my deities, with the help of prayer beads to keep track of the repetitions.

I just made the set of prayer beads shown above for my own personal use. (And I offer a number of prayer bead sets in my Etsy shop, including a custom option.) My newest set that I made for myself has a beach rock pendant with alabaster, turquoise, blue sky jasper, ocean jasper, and chrysocolla with lapis beads. I gave it 33 beads (including the separators) rather than the more usual 27 because I wanted to incorporate the master numbers of 33 and 99 into my practice. (33 is the master teacher number, and 99 is related to universal consciousness.)