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#30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge – Day 7

Photo by Diego Duarte Cereceda on Unsplash

Day 7: Yoga pose

“Choose one yoga pose to do every day this month. See how you improve over the month. If you need help finding some yoga poses, check these links out: Jessamyn Stanley or Yoga with Adrienne.”

Yoga is on my list of things I’m supposed to be making time for on a daily basis, and seldom actually do. But then, that’s what this challenge is all about, amirite? Yoga with Adrienne makes me feel hopelessly inadequate and like there’s no point to even trying because my body will never, ever look like hers or do a fraction of the things hers can do, so I checked out the other link, and instantly I am in love with Jessamyn, who describes herself as a “Yoga Enthusiast and Fat Femme,” encouraging a focus on “how do I feel?” while doing yoga rather than on “how do I look?” And bam, just like that her book is on my Amazon wishlist and I’m subscribed to her YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, I think I will tackle boat pose for the purposes on this challenge. I can already sort of do it, but I’m sure not well enough and definitely not for long enough, and I can use all the core strengthening I can get.