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#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 5: Energy Work

b4a4450fbf57e18846e7c20c7dc8df3cDay 5: Energy work

Start out rubbing your hands together, and then once they are warm, hold your hands about six inches apart. Push them together and then pull them apart and feel the energy build between your palms. Practice making the space larger and feeling the energy filling the empty space. Do this every day after your breath-work. See how large you can make the energy form. What shapes does it take? How does it feel? Any colors? Sensations? Smells? Make it your own! After you are done, press your hands to your chest and let the energy sink into your heart chakra.

The above is my go-to energy work prep exercise, and has been for years. It’s a nifty little trick, and with enough practice you actually can make the “energetic ball” as large as you want and shape it into practically anything you like, but I usually keep mine as a sphere and change the color/temperature/scent depending as the situation calls for it. It’s also great for charging items such as prayer beads (now you know part of my secret), Tarot cards, and sundry other magical tools.

Today for the challenge, I decided to use the exercise to make a giant energetic sphere and then just let it expand into whatever it wanted to be. It turned into a giant pink bubble, and was actually bubble gum-scented to boot. Which I guess makes sense, since Glinda the Good Witch of the North (famous for her pink bubble mode of transportation) was my baby witchhood role model. (And here you thought I called my blog and Etsy shop The Wytch of the North because of the Norse deities. NOPE.)