Norse Jewelry Sale

Norse jewelry sale

All of these are personal items that I no longer wear or use because my spiritual path has changed, and instead of having them gather dust in a box I would rather see them go to someone who will wear them and love them. I have researched the prices I am asking and believe them to be fair (in some cases I’m undercutting myself), but I am also open to best offers (within reason) because I would really like to have these out of my hands to make room for new energies in my life. Please refer to the photo collage above; it should be fairly obvious which item is which.

As with the book sale (which still has a number of items available), if you see something you want to commit to buying, please email me: wodandis@gmail.com. All payment will be via Paypal, and shipping within the domestic US is included in the quoted prices. (Again, I am not shipping these internationally—sorry.) I will cleanse all items before sending them out.

Large sterling silver natural amber ring, size 5 or 5 ½ (I believe). I would consider keeping this, but I don’t think my fingers will ever be that small again. The amber cabochon is huge, measuring about 1 ½” x just under 1”, and is a gorgeous blend of milky and honey amber. – $50

SOLD – Large sterling Ansuz ring, size 8, handmade by a heathen metalsmith – $45

Sterling Odin pendant – $30

Large valknut pendant, handmade by a heathen metalsmith – $45

SOLD – Sterling amber pendant engraved with Othala rune – $30

Sterling bindrune pendant with garnet – $30

SOLD – Sterling-dipped mistletoe pendant – $20

SOLD – Sterling raven or crow pendant – $20

SOLD – Hand cast silver-plated white bronze raven skull pendant, measuring about 1 1/2”. (The chain or cord passes through the bird’s cranium.) This exact pendant is sold by the artist on Etsy for $70 plus shipping; my price includes shipping – $50

SOLD – Hand blown glass evil eye pendant by a local Eugene artist. I would keep this except that it was used during our seidhr rituals for a number of years (representing Odin’s eye in the Well), so it has those associations for me – $35