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30 Day Magical Roots Challenge – Day 2

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

As I (ahem!) neglected to mention yesterday, this challenge was designed by Plentiful Earth, and is intended to help you revisit your magical roots–or, if you are new to the Craft, set them down to begin with. You can play along privately, or you can post about your progress on social media. Personally, I am posting about the challenge here on my blog, and also on my Instagram account. If you’d like to play along, you can find the prompts here.

Day 2: Grounding

Practice grounding today (and every day this challenge)! What is your favorite way to do this? If you have never done this before go to YouTube and do a search for grounding techniques.

My go-to grounding technique if I am doing readings or ritual, or in general have a little more time, is to sit cross-legged and focus on my root chakra, then as energy builds there I send down a red cord, from my root chakra into the earth. (If I am indoors, it goes through floor boards, foundations, etc, first but it eventually reaches the earth.) From there, it moves down through the soil, underground waters, layers of rock, and so forth until it reaches the earth’s crust. It breaks through the crust and roots itself in the molten core of the earth. From the core, I then draw this glowing red energy up through the red cord until it reaches my body and re-enters the root chakra. I allow this red energy to suffuse my entire body for a few breaths, and then it contracts into the root chakra again.

If I am pressed for time or have to ground instantly, I use a technique I picked up from Christopher Penczak’s book The Witch’s Shield: I envision myself standing on a beach, my feet in the warm sand, and slowly my feet, then my legs, sink into the sand.  I am rooted and empowered. (It helps that the coast has strong connections to my matron goddess, Asherah/Athiratu.)