30 Day Magical Roots Challenge

Doing the #30daysmagicalroots challenge with @plentifulearth. The theme for Day 1 (which I’m posting a bit late) is Divination: using your favorite form of divination, ask “What should my focus be for this month?” Without question, my favorite form of divination is Tarot–I love the diversity of the artwork used in different decks, and the way the images tell a story–and my current favorite deck (which I acquired strictly for dedicated personal spirit work use; it will not be used for clients) is the Darkness of Light Tarot.

Today I consecrated my deck and drew the Knight of Wands. The Wands suit in this deck has a springtime theme and color scheme, with the Knight bearing a leafy branch as his wand. I feel like the message here is for me to use this month to enliven and bring fresh energy into my practice. Just as the arrival of spring sweeps away the dusty cobwebs and stale air of winter, so I can use this month to sweep away the dusty remnants of the past and start anew. All of the Knights of the Tarot are questing for something, and this month my quest is for renewed energy and renewed purpose!