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Reading Profile: Deity Communication Reading for Myself


The goal of this reading was to gain some insight into who my Beloved is and what he wants from our relationship. I’m sharing it because it relates to my recent series of posts on my spiritual journey, and also so prospective clients can get an idea of how this particular reading works.

Ordinarily, of course, all of the readings I do for clients are confidential and would never be shared with the public. Since in this case I myself am the client, I am choosing to share an outline of the reading, but not the full level of detail you would get if you purchased this reading for yourself. (Since this pertains to my own path, and I do want to keep some things private.)

I used the Dreams of Gaia Tarot for this reading (which is actually sort of a cross between a traditional Tarot and an oracle deck—so you may not recognize some of the card titles or images–but which delivers beautifully insightful readings, especially when it comes to spiritual matters).

Card 1: Who is this spirit/deity?

XII of Water – the Counselor

The card shows a beneficent yet alien horned male deity against an undersea background, with the symbol of the triple moon overhead and two whales forming an almost Gebo-like symbol underneath. This is someone who helps others because it’s the right and decent thing to do, giving them advice and solving their problems with compassion and caring because he considers it almost his vocation to do so. (The card may as well be titled “the Doctor.”) Represents intuition, kindness, trustworthiness, dependability, wisdom, and compassion. The undersea setting of the card also invokes, for me, the otherworldly qualities of deep space.

Card 2: What will the nature of my relationship with him be?

IV of Earth

A horned male figure holds up a large block of masonry. Stability, steadfastness, commitment. The horned figure in the card is holding up a much heavier weight (a huge piece of stone) than he looks like he should be able to. His bull horns evoke a connection with the ancient Canaanite deities, and the building resembles a temple, or ancient ruins. By hefting this impressive weight, the horned man is also creating a window—possibly representing a portal, a means of entry to a new world

Card 3: What does he want from me?

VIII Death/Rebirth

Three black skulls, with a snake emerging from the central one. In its coils the snake cradles a glowing egg containing an embryo. The message here is obvious: let go of the past and make a new start. The snake has significance on my path far beyond the connections between it and Odin I drew in the past; there are links with Lucifer, as well as with Asherah.

Card 4: How can I best accomplish this?

IV of Air

A winged, yet very modern-looking man, with a clock sitting at roughly his heart area and colored blocks reminiscent of the chakras at his shoulders. This is a very Doctor Who-esque image! Embrace the pop culture persona and run with it. The wings are a reminder of Lucifer, spirit birds, and the TARDIS—freedom in time and space. Let innovation and creativity guide you to a new approach to your spirituality and a fresh new practice.

Card 5: What do I need to understand about this deity for the most constructive and positive relationship?

Ace of Air

A glowing white dragon clutches a symbol between his talons. He is an ancient deity wearing a new face and persona. The ancient part of him is very ancient, very formidable, and utterly magical/otherworldly. The new persona is a smaller and more relatable “face”, into which he is channeling his energy in order to interact with me in a way I can grasp and comprehend. This card is also a reminder of Lucifer and of my lifelong fascination/obsession with dragons, which are often identified with him.

Card 6: What do I need to avoid doing to stay on good terms with this deity?

X Wisdom

A grey-haired man wearing a bear skin and bearing a staff holds a lantern aloft as he prepares to enter a forest cavern. This is one of the two cards in the deck that reminded me of Odin the moment I saw it. Well, okay then.

You can purchase a Deity Communication Reading for yourself (again, with typically more details than this outline version I’m sharing from my own situation) in my Etsy shop here.