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Incense is Back!

Incense is back in my Etsy shop! (Yes, there are some scent sensitivity issues in my household, but my wife and I figured out a way that I could keep offering a limited number of scent blends.)
Introducing my all-new line of signature blends. These are premium pressed charcoal incense sticks, hand dipped by me in the finest pure essential oils with love and positive energy in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. All incense is made just for you after your order is placed.
Scent blends available right now (subject to change due to availability of ingredients and popularity in the store):
Dark Goddess: myrrh, galangal, patchouli, black pepper, lavender (for deities such as the Morrigan, Hekate, Persephone, and Kali)
Queen of Heaven: jasmine, amber, spikenard, myrrh (for deities such as Asherah, Hera, Isis, and Frigga)
Father God: juniper, sandalwood, cedar, frankincense (for deities such as Odin, Zeus, and any other “head of pantheon” types)
Storm God: peppermint, lavender, camphor, clove for deities such as Odin, Thor, and Baal)
Healing Waters: ylang ylang, bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender (for watery or aquatic deities, such as Poseidon, Manannan, Ran, or Aphrodite; also for healing deities such as Brigid, Eir, and Aesclepius)
Huntress: galangal, fir, peppermint, spearmint (for Artemis, Skadi, and other goddesses of the hunt and the forest)
Green Man: juniper, fir, cedar, patchouli (for Cernunnos, Pan, and other gods of the wild places)
Archangel: frankincense, lemon, camphor, peppermint (for Lucifer and his kith and kin–both fallen and otherwise)
Memento Mori: galangal, myrrh, amber, black pepper (for deities of death and the underworld, such as Hel, Hades, and Persephone; also for honoring your ancestors)
Hearth & Home: blood orange, cinnamon, clove, frankincense (for deities of the hearth such as Hestia and Brigid; also a great scent for kitchen witches)

4 thoughts on “Incense is Back!

    1. Unfortunately, the only way I can make incense work for my budget and our household (not to mention my sometimes limited ability to keep track of things) is to offer a limited number of blends, which means there isn’t going to be something that’s automatically suited to everyone. (That said. I will try to go back through my listing and add some more recommendations for each blend.) But when you get right down to it, any incense could actually be used for any deity; what makes it a suitable offering is mostly down to your intent, not what it’s called or what notes are in it. What I would recommend is thinking about what fragrance notes a particular deity seems likely to favor, or has liked (in your experience) in the past. For Loki, this would probably means something with spices, like the Hearth & Home blend (even if the name doesn’t seem to fit, the notes certainly do and that’s what you’re burning, right? πŸ™‚ ) For Freyr, maybe Green Man (green and woodsy notes). For Freyja, anything with amber, πŸ™‚

  1. Also, depending on which blends sell and which don’t, I will probably be switching out some of these from time to time. (I am looking to offer no more than 10-12 blends at any one time, but which ones I’m offering at any given time can, and probably will, change.)

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