Starting Over


So, you can maybe thank (or blame, depending on how you look at it) Jolene for this one. Although, it’s possible that the Great Identity Crisis of 2016 just ran its course and died a natural death, having accomplished what it was meant to.

At any rate, here’s the big announcement: I am moving to a new blog and will be basically archiving this one.In the process, I will also be republishing a lot of my Odin material (the stuff I set to private here during the second half of 2016), and making it available on the new blog, alongside new writings. (And the usual seasoning of shop promo–won’t lie, that’s gonna be there too, but I have some exciting news to go along with it: Wytch of the North is going to be moving towards becoming a full-service occult shop once again. Because it’s what people want, it’s what I’m good at, and in these dark times we need our occult arms suppliers, amiright?)

Why start a new blog and not just make old posts available here again?  Because after eight or so years of blogging here, things have gotten pretty cluttered and I’d like to start fresh, with a new perspective and in a more organized and systematic way. You can read more about my goals for the new blog here.

Beth Wodandis  is up and running and will continue to have new posts go up in the coming days. I won’t be posting anything new to the old blog (the one you’re reading right now) after this announcement, so if you want to continue following me and seeing new material, check out my new pad!


4 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Aha. I knew something was up and after reading your second post on your new blog you have confirmed my suspicions! Seems like folks are making some core changes (another blogger I follow decided to finally quit blogging – I kind of sense that too..maybe I have powers? prolly not..). I’m not a ‘changes’ person in that I don’t like change for the sake of change (mostly anyway) however change is something that still has to or should happen so….can’t fight it either! Anyway, no idea where I was going with that. Of course, I am following you on your shiny new blog! I look forward to reading more of your stuff – I do miss reading your work! Blessings.

  2. I think everybody had an identity crisis in 2016! I definitely did. But I think our follies in these early times of polytheistic revival are important to record. Looking forward to your new endeavor.

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