“Challenges” for January (and so it begins)

Happy new year! I spent my very first day of 2017 sick in bed with a flu-like thing, but have fortunately bounced back pretty quickly. (Still mildly sick on day 2, but able to be up and doing things.) Today, I set up my bullet journal for the first week of January, did my own Year Ahead 2017 Spread Reading (which are still available on this blog, incidentally), and decided to participate in three January challenges, two of which will require the frequent making of videos! (I’m not sure why, but having a list of prompts makes it much easier for me to keep coming up with material. I think I could have finished last year’s YouTube Pagan Challenge, for example–or mostly–if not for 2016’s mid-year Spiritual Shell Game throwing me off.)

So I thought I’d share the challenges I’m doing, and/or starting, this month, in case anyone else wants in!

1. The 2017 YouTube Pagan Challenge: this is the biggie that I’ll keep coming back to all year long, and I’m setting myself the extra challengey challenge of really applying myself and actually completing it this time. The final list of questions is pinned to the top of the Facebook group.

2. 31 Days of Tarot: This challenge is being hosted by Ethony (go here for the questions), and my first video, for days 1 and 2, is already up:

I will also likely be doing some other divination-centric challenges this year, including Marseilles March (a study of the Tarot de Marseille). As a reminder, you can now purchase a variety of Tarot and oracle readings right here on the blog.

3.  I’m going to be following along with The Yoga Revolution, by Yoga with Adrienne. I’ve sampled her videos before, and honestly felt them to be bit too rigorous for me physically, but the ones she’s posting for this series seem to follow a trajectory from fairly easy to increasingly challenging, and you can also sign up to receive daily email prompts from her (which I just did). She promises that if you follow through with the whole series you will feel better, be in better shape, and lose weight, all of which are health priorities for me in 2017.

Onward into the fray, dear friends! Get out there and fight the good fight! (Oh yeah, and on January 11th, Jo and I are getting married–huzzah!!! A truly awesome start for what promises, at least, to be a highly eventful year.)


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  1. I’m glad you recovered quickly Beth, and it’s exciting to see all these new things you’re doing!

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