#YTPC Week 52:

In which I admit to a few of my tough lessons over the past year–plus, what I’ll be focusing on in 2017.


4 thoughts on “#YTPC Week 52:

  1. I wish you and Jo all the very best 🙂

    And to say that we learn things all the time, and change, and learn *new* things, (stagnation is deadly after all, and just not normal for people, I believe, because after all, things do change all the time, both in our lives, minds, souls and beyond in the world, even when we’re unaware of those changes) and to share it with an audience as you have done, is intrepid and brave.

    Over the years I’ve known people just disappear rather than share or talk through their experiences (and of course, no-one has to; that’s totally their choice; they’re under no obligation to do so) but it is very ‘real’ and authentic and honest to make time to take people who follow you with you on your life journey and its path.

    Blessings to you both for 2017.

  2. Happy New Year to you and to Jo!
    This sort of thing is not unusual in long term practice-you get these period of feeling something shifting, things don’t look the same. I think it is a good thing sometimes if you try out something and wear a new face for a bit. Gives you the chance to refresh things. Rather like refreshing a web page. Same page, but perhaps it is updated with new information or graphics.

    Do you have Corrine Kenner’s Tarot and Astrology? I know just enough about astrology to want to learn more. I decided I wanted a more regular tarot practice so over the weekend I picked up a brand new tarot journal and started this morning by contemplating my personal year card, the overall year card and something someone on LJ suggested-the Tarot Mentor. (http://speakofsecrets.com/tarot-mentor-card/) I got a good start this morning.

    Good luck with everything!

    • Thank you! ❤ I don't have that book but it does look good; I've had Ivo's book for a while on my Kindle so I'm going back to that, and also got an astrology deck and a 2017 datebook. Of course, I was sick today so I'm off to a slow start. I'm going to be using my bullet journal as a first draft notebook for astrology and the Marseilles Tarot, and then copying things over into a huge black sketchbook that will serve as my art grimoire. Happy new year and good luck to you, too! 😀

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