Life Updatey Vlog Thing, Episode 1


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  1. Hey,, as a former recipient of SSDI and someone who deals with chronic health problems, I wish you the best of luck getting disability benefits. Something to keep in mind is that you can, with a few special exceptions, earn some work-related income while receiving disability as long as you don’t exceed certain income limits (also known as substantial gainful activity or SGA). This option would allow you to receive benefits while earning some income from home doing what you enjoy. Hope this isn’t too personal for a blog comment, but I wanted to share some of my knowledge about how disability works.

    • No, it’s fine–thank you! I have spoken with one lawyer already and even at the revenue level mentioned in my video I am earning too much. I think they actually allow you to earn a bit more once you are on SSDI than before you go on it. So I’m hoping to save up a bit of money over the holidays to have something in savings once I intentionally slow down my business–though it will probably slow down a bit organically, I’m thinking, just by my leaving Etsy. Thank you for commenting! 😀

  2. That journal looks awesome! And I’m sure your store will do great on an independent platform. In the next few weeks if I want to purchase anything from you I wouldn’t mind paying directly, so you wouldn’t have to pay an Etsy fee on the purchase.

  3. I rarely go on youtube because our internet sucks and I’m going to get yelled at for watching an 18 minute video, but it was worth it. How very dare you, tormenting innocent postal workers with that great and fearsome beast on your property, with his very intimidating eyebrows and his thunderous bark! 😛 I’m trying to picture this and CRYING!

    Your craft name is lovely! No side eye from me. Lady Purple Owl Tears may have gotten side eye, had that been your choice, but that’s because I can be a jerk, so it’s no reflection on the Lady Purple Owl Tears of the world.

    I’m very sorry to hear your health hasn’t been good. I hope you keep feeling better! It’s good to hear from you, or see you as it were (and you should be happy to know the automatic captions weren’t bad, except they either totally messed up “Etsy,” or you are sure having some weird problems with Betsy and bats! 🙂 )

    • Thank you! ❤ The captions were a bit sloppy–eventually maybe we can get an actual video camera and some real editing software, lol. Betsy is an eternal plague of my existence. 😀

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