Brand new Witches’ Ladders: Njord and Freyja


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This witches’ladder was designed with Njord–patriarch of the Vanir–in mind but could be used for any deity or spirit with whom the gemstones and imagery resonate for you. There are three sets of nine beads each–8mm teal apatite, 8mm green fluorite rondelles, and 6mm vivid green Russian amazonite–interspersed with 20mm spiral shell beads, solid copper spacers, iridescent aqua seed beads, shell heishi beads, and 8mm clear quartz beads, on light turquoise silk cord. The ends of the 16 1/4″ strand are adorned with an antiqued bronze ax (Njord’s weapon of choice) and a beautifully patterned conch shell.

Njord’s beads are $32.



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This set was designed with Freyja Vanadis in mind but could be used for any deity or spirit with whom the gemstones and imagery resonate for you. There are three sets of nine beads each–8mm dark garnet, 8mm faceted golden strawberry quartz, and 6mm faceted tiger eye–interspersed with 18mm red quartz hearts, pink Czech glass rosettes, metallic gold seed beads, watermelon luster Czech rondelles, and Baltic amber chips, on pink silk cord. The ends of the 18″ strand are adorned with an 18k gold-plated Tierra Cast wing (to represent Freyja’s falcon cloak, and a handmade ceramic pendant with a dragonfly on one side and a flower on the other.

Dragonflies are useful allies in dreamwork, enchantment, and achieving clarity, and are sacred to Freyja.

Freyja’s beads are $28.

About my Witches’ Ladders

Like prayer beads or a mala, a witches’ ladder is a sacred tool for meditation and ritual. In addition to using it to keep track of repetitions while reciting prayers or mantras, it can also be used during spell work, where incantations sometimes need to be repeated a certain number of times.

My witches’ ladders are made with focus and intent to serve all of these purposes, while also making lovely worry beads and looking absolutely fantastic on your altar or shrine. They are constructed using premium silk beading cord, which is hand-knotted between many of the beads to give them beautiful drape and graceful “handle.” They are designed to feel wonderful in your hands, and can be wrapped around your fingers during prayer, looped around the back of your neck while you meditate, or even used as a pendulum! They come in a drawstring organza bag and are small and compact enough to go anywhere with you!


3 thoughts on “Brand new Witches’ Ladders: Njord and Freyja

  1. These are awesome! Yay for Witches Ladders – cause sometimes flying is just not necessary! Blessings.

  2. I was going to comment on your previous entry to say that I think the Odin and Morrigan witches’ ladders you made look gorgeous and that I couldn’t wait to see if/what you made for Freyja, but it turns out that this post makes the last part redundant.
    Njord and Freyja’s ladders look beautiful as well (I’m beginning to think you’re incapable of making something that doesn’t look stunning), and when I’m no longer suffering from plague and can allow myself to make financial decisions again I’ll be having a serious think about buying the Freyja ladder, as although I have your beautiful ruby-in-zoisite talisman those beads have always felt more like they belong to Freyja than me, and that She’s letting me borrow them.

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