Meditation and Cats *reblog*

Yet another testimonial from a happy customer! Plus, cat!

The Druid in the Swamp

For years, I have sat on the same purple cushion in the same little bedroom in front of the same little altar space to meditate.

I am still not allowed to do it without help.

meditation with cats

And no, I can’t just close the door. If I close the door, they sit and paw at the door and meow loudly in protest (there are two of them).

*Since I know someone will ask, the mala was handmade for me by Beth Wodandis, and I can’t recommend her services highly enough. This one is onyx, bone, coral, and amber, and I am absolutely delighted with it every time I pick it up to pray or do magic. I’ve had to keep myself from buying all of the prayer beads that she makes (I’ve had a problem with collecting prayer beads for a long time). Her etsy shop is here.  

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One thought on “Meditation and Cats *reblog*

  1. I loved this one. I have Mojo my 14 lb black cat in the same exact position as the author of the post has illustrated. Since he is perfectly quiet until I come out of meditation I have no problem at all with this.

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