Brand new today: ANCIENT SEAS Orthoceras Fossil Squid Necklace


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Just added today! Orthoceras were the ancestors of the modern squid who lived in the seas of the Mesozoic Era, about 350-450 million years ago. Today, their fossils are used in magick and witchcraft as protective amulets, to add power to spells, and are also believed to boost health and longevity if worn as jewelry. Best of all, for me, they provide a tangible link with the far-distant past and its creatures. This necklace would be perfect for a sea witch, a devotee of any of the ocean deities, or anyone who loves fossils as much as I do!

This necklace features a gorgeous, well-defined orthoceras fossil mounted on a silver-plated floral European-style bail. The pendant is on a strand of breathtaking 8mm rainbow obsidian rounds (these beads were purchased at a local GemFaire, and they are simply stunning; every single bead is filled with rainbow chatoyance, in whatever lighting they are viewed), complemented by 6mm glowing rainbow moonstone rounds, 8mm ebony rounds, and 5mm black-oxidized rhinestone spacers.

The beads are strung on super-sturdy, thick stretchy cord (1 mL thick, with a 14 lb stretch/break strength), and thus the necklace has no clasp; it stretches to fit easily on and off over your head. The circumference is 22″. (If you really want this necklace but need a longer or shorter length, please add a “note to seller” when making your purchase and let me know your required length; I would be happy to adjust it for you prior to shipping.) The pendant measures about 2 1/2″ x 3/4″.

Rainbow obsidian aids in recovery from deep emotional wounds, and can help in shadow work–journeying down into the dark depths of the subconscious to recover the lost bits of the self and bring them to the light. This stone has an affinity with rainbow moonstone, and by pairing them one can maintain an awareness of the “light” side of consciousness while exploring the depths of the “dark” side. Rainbow moonstone assists in clearing the psychic senses and protects against negativity.

ANCIENT SEAS is $43. This is a one of a kind piece; I will never be able to make another one exactly like it.

Layaway is available, however please keep in mind that I charge a 10% processing fee for all layaways, which is added onto the price, to compensate me for having to wait for payment; thus, with layaway this piece would increase to $47.30 (a fee of $4.30).