Shop Review: Wytch of the North *reblog*

A review of a custom rosary I recently completed and shipped off to a VERY happy customer!! Thank you so much for this wonderful, detailed testimonial; I am absolutely thrilled that you’re so happy with your beads, and I hope they will serve you well! ❤

Haunted Song of Scotland

Solid 10/10!

About a month or so ago, possibly more, I had sent Beth Wodandis of Wytch of the North off an inquiry into a custom set of prayer beads. Now, I’ll be clear and upfront here: I was picky as all get-out about these beads. I can’t stress this enough. I knew exactly what I wanted, from the layout to the amount of beads used. I had a very clear purpose, and I sent my inquiry off laying down exactly what I wanted.

Beth responded to my inquiry within a few hours, and after some back and forth we had it down to what I wanted. Green aventurine, verdite, and green sandalwood beads on copper chain links. Beth is, to date, the only vendor I know who can professionally produce a chain link rosary. While I do still like the sets that are produced on silk and jewelry wire…

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