Brand new: Self Love Mini-Mala

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This tranquil, soothing mini-mala was designed for spirit workers, witches, hard-working parents, and anyone else who gives a lot of their time, energy, and compassion to others and can sometimes find it hard to remember to save some for themselves. It can also be used in a devotional practice with deities who teach a practice of self-love and compassion, such as Kuan Yin, the Buddha,Isis, Sigyn, and Nanna (wife of Baldur). It has NOT been consecrated to anyone in particular. All of the beads are smudged with white sage, palo santo or mugwort before I begin work, and the process of making these is both a meditation and a devotional practice for me.

This mini-mala features fifteen 8mm white turquoise faceted rondelles and twelve 6mm Czech glass coral pink rosebud beads (for a total of 27 “working” beads), hand-knotted one at a time onto premium brown silk beading cord in sets of nine, long with silver-lined pink Czech seed beads. Two 8mm rhodochrosite rounds (framed by fluted white and gold Czech glass beads and silver-lined pink Czech seed beads) separate each series of nine beads so that, if your eyes are closed during use, you will know when you have reached the end of that set.

The mala is completed by a 25 x 20mm pillow-shaped semi-matte porcelain jasper focal bead (framed by 4mm red coral rounds), from which hangs an 18k gold-plated pewter Tierra Cast lotus charm.

Porcelain jasper enhances balance in all areas of life (and the silken texture of this bead makes it double as very soothing “worry bead.”) Turquoise is a talisman for communication and spiritual expansion, and aids in achieving wholeness; in the color white, it also assists in opening up a dialog with the Otherworlds. Red coral, as a gem that originates in the sea, encourages emotional balance and the flow of love.


Circumference: about 10 1/2″ (the beads can be slipped over your wrist during use but not worn as a regular bracelet)
Meru: about 1″ x 3/4″
Lotus charm: about 1/2″

The Self Love Mini-Mala is $45. Layaway is available with a few restrictions; please check out my shop’s FAQ section to learn more!




2 thoughts on “Brand new: Self Love Mini-Mala

  1. Oh, wow, love this! I already have the Self-love bracelet so I sort of feel guilty for wanting this mini-mala but I do, lol. (Well, that and the fact that I have my eye on a few other items in your shop.)

    • Thank you, Martin! 😀 Don’t worry, there is no limit on the number of pieces you are allowed to own by me. 😉

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