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Just added today! Tranquility, calm, serenity: in today’s fast-paced world, we all need more of these things in our lives! We are always doing something, often several things at once (and I know I’m no different). This 108-bead mala was lovingly designed for use in your meditative practice, and/or to be worn as a gorgeous signature piece, to remind you to take some precious time out every day to just BE.

All of the beads for my malas are smudged with white sage, palo santo or mugwort prior to beginning work, and construction happens in ritual space. The process of making malas is both a meditation and a devotional practice for me.

The Tranquility mala features twenty-six white, grey and peach 8mm moonstone rounds, sixteen aquamarine rounds, four ivory and gold Czech glass carved flowers, and sixty-two 6mm natural greywood beads–all hand-knotted one at a time with reverence onto premium white silk beading cord along with metallic gold Czech glass seed beads. The mala ends in a 20 x 10 mm faceted charoite meru bead (framed by two 3mm iridescent Czech glass rounds) on a gold-plated pewter European-style bail, from which a gold-plated pewter Tierra Cast lotus charm dangles.


Circumference – about 40″ (plenty long enough for most people to wear doubled around the neck)
Meru – 20mm x 10 mm (about 3/4″ long)
Lotus charm – about 1/2″ round

Due to the inclusion of wooden beads, this mala is light and comfortable to wear, yet still contains plenty of gemstone energy! Charoite offers protection, healing, and assistance in purging negativity and identifying your highest purpose. Aquamarine enhances intuition and brings courage and clarity to inner knowledge. White moonstone represents the energy of the full moon and enhances psychic perception and dream work. Grey moonstone, known as the “new moon stone,” carries the mysterious energies of the new moon and aids the wearer in perceiving beyond the veil. Peach moonstone has a gentle energy that helps soothe worries and anxieties.

This mala would work well as a devotional tool to use with a deity of tranquility, calm, compassion, and serenity, such as Kuan Yin, Amphitrite, Hestia, Selene, or Shiva. (It has NOT been dedicated to Anyone in particular.)

This mala is $80. Layaway is available with certain restrictions; please take a look at my shop’s FAQs for details!


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