New: GOD OF LIGHT Pagan Mini-Mala


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Just added on Saturday, April 2nd! This radiant, glowing mini-mala was crafted especially for you to bring the solar blessings of success and prosperity into your life and enhance your devotional practice with any god of light or radiance, such as Baldur, Apollon, or Horus. It would also be highly appropriate for use with a solar goddess such as Sunna. It has NOT been consecrated to anyone in particular. All of the beads are smudged with white sage, palo santo or mugwort before I begin work, and the process of making these is both a meditation and a devotional practice for me.

This mini-mala features 27 gorgeous 6mm citrine rounds, hand-knotted one at a time onto premium gold silk beading cord in sets of nine. Two 8mm faceted white howlite rounds (framed by metallic gold Czech glass seed beads) separate each series of nine beads so that, if your eyes are closed during use, you will know when you have reached the end of that set.

The mala is completed by a citrine meru bead (framed by iridescent clear Czech glass rounds), from which hangs a tiny 18k gold-plated sun charm.

Citrine aids in manifestation and prosperity magick, and boosts confidence and self-esteem. Howlite assists in journeying on the astral and accessing past lives.


Circumference: about 10″ (the beads can be slipped over your wrist during use but not worn as a regular bracelet)
Meru: 20mm x 15mm
Sun charm: about 1/2″

Traditionally, malas are used as prayer beads to help focus the mind during prayer or meditation, and if you like using them in this way you can let your fingers travel over each bead as you repeat a mantra or prayers of your own choosing. You can also simply hold the beads in your hands or over your heart as an aid to relaxation and prayer, and place them on your shrine or altar when not in use. They are small enough to travel anywhere with you!

This mini mala is $45, and layaway is available with certain restrictions.