Tiny little shop update

I’ve added one new necklace and four new bracelets as of this morning!


Spring Frolic Mala-Style Necklace: The unicorn represents purity, innocence, and courtly love, and is a sweet reminder of the fairy tales many of us enjoyed as children (and still do!). Bring this gentle, playful energy into your life, augmented by the healing power of lepidolite and natural white coral for purification and emotional/spiritual balance: $40


And the matching bracelet: $25


Spring Enchantment Mala-Style Bracelet: The hummingbird represents beauty, enchantment, and balance. Lepidolite is a stone of purification and emotional healing–highly appropriate for springtime, the season of renewal, and prehnite encourages inner peace and improves communication with non-physical beings. $25


Turtle Pond Mala-Style Bracelet: The turtle is honored as a symbol of mother earth (as well as elemental earth) in many cultures throughout the world. Prehnite encourages inner peace and improves communication with non-physical beings. This bracelet would be well-suite to anyone following an “earth mother” deity, or to anyone who wants to connect more deeply with the earth and all Her creatures. $25


Guardian Dragon Mala-Style Bracelet: The dragon represents luck, mystery, majesty, protection, and prosperity (dragons are the guardians of treasure!). Green rutilated quartz aids in expanding awareness and grounding desires into manifestation. Moss agate encourages grounding and balancing, and opens portals of communication with earth spirits, nature devas, and the divine. $25

I’ve been spending a lot of time on getting custom orders done this week, but there is more new stuff coming soon, including the return of rosary-style necklaces (with a twist)! Also, there are still some really pretty items that could use good homes in my Clearance and Last Chance sections; don’t forget, everything in the Last Chance section will be disappearing from the shop on 4/1/16!




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  1. Oooh, these are so wonderful! Very appropriate for Springtide indeed. (Random note: the unicorns actually remind me of ‘Legend’, haven’t seen that film in a while.) Blessings.

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