Custom order showcase: devotional necklace for Gaia

Recently, I’ve been getting a decent amount of custom orders for jewelry–which I absolutely love, because it allows me to work with a client to manifest their personal vision, in addition to giving me a little glimpse into how other people view their beloved deities. Sometimes a client has very specific ideas of what they want, down to the beads and pendant they want me to use, sometimes they just have a very vague idea (such as “something icy and sparkly for Frau Holda”–not a real example, but along those same lines), sometimes it’s a mixture of both. But in any case, I thought it would be fun to start a blog series showing off some of the custom orders I make for people–beginning with this necklace for Gaia (a first for me!).

IMG_4091 IMG_4092

Easily one of the most eclectic designs I’ve produced to date, this necklace incorporates many of the ideas the customer came to me with, which then had to be brought together in a practical and harmonious way. The round beads are chrysocolla, which to me look like little models of earth with their patterns of blue and green. They are accented by terra cotta Czech glass spacers, for contrast, spiral natural sea shells (both for the DNA-helix patterning of the spiral, and to introduce an ocean element), copper-plated pewter Tierra Cast turtle beads (because so many of the Native people of our continent, as elsewhere, associate the earth goddess strongly with the turtle), and iridescent aqua Czech glass seed beads. The pendant is a resin globe containing a real fern frond.


I’m very pleased with how this came out–and more importantly, so is the necklace’s owner!

You may have noticed that I’ve removed most of the custom order listings from my Etsy shop; however, this does NOT mean I no longer accept custom orders–quite the contrary! What it DOES mean is that I will want to talk with you first in some detail about what you’re wanting me to help you create, and then I’ll want to price the different components involved, before quoting you a price for the order. For example, I made this particular necklace for $150, yet I recently did a very different custom necklace for only $85, and I have custom malas I am working on that cost $200 each. So, if you place a custom order with me, your price will depend on the complexity of the project, the materials, the amount of labor, etc. I always ask whether you have a budget in mind because that helps me price materials and suggest design alterations if need be, to make sure we can create something special within your spending limits.

If you have a custom order in mind, please contact me on Etsy and we’ll talk about it! (Please don’t worry that you might be “bothering” me; this is what I do for a living, and all orders are very welcome!)

[As a side note: I have placed some recent additional limitations (as of the beginning of March) on layaways because they were getting to be too much for me to keep track of; there is only me working on the store, so I have to make the work sustainable for me.  In addition to the 10% surcharge I had announced previously, I am henceforth allowing layaways only on items priced at more than $100 USD. However, for custom orders, I waive the 10% surcharge, and since these orders usually exceed $100 anyway the price limit is not an issue. If you would like to purchase a custom item on layaway, my only strict requirement is that your initial payment must cover the cost of materials.]



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  1. I love that, original and beautiful.

    Huh, there is a piece I got from you last year which I never posted. I go back and forth on sharing that because it’s so intense and personal.

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