In which Jo talks about MY books!!! :D


4 thoughts on “In which Jo talks about MY books!!! :D

  1. “I don’t even know if she has a Table of Contents. Oh, she does, she does have a Table of Contents. That’s awesome!”
    Heh that’s funny. Great video though. I’ve been meaning to pick up your books for – let’s face it – several years now. But between buying your other wares (mostly cords back then) and issues with the monies I, quite sadly, have not. Looking forward to reading them both, when I finally get that chance! Blessings.

    • That table of contents was a pain in the you-know-what, too! I understand the money issues. I have a selection of the stories available on my blog for free, and hope to be able to get ebook versions of both books finished and up on Amazon sometime soonish–it’s more than past time they were updated.

  2. Yes, I did read ‘He sees you when you’re sleeping’ a few years ago. Very cool that you’re planning an update, do you plan to update the hard copies also?

    • It hasn’t been a priority because they came out so long ago, but at some point, yes. 🙂 Assuming I can find my original cover files, that is.

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