#ytpaganchallenge Week 7: How do you view sacred texts and mythology?

There is a bit of a rant in the later part of the video: be warned!


4 thoughts on “#ytpaganchallenge Week 7: How do you view sacred texts and mythology?

  1. This is pretty much my view as well regarding the lore; I believe the stuff that happened to the gods in the past probably happened, although not necessarily in the way that the myths were written down; however, I am of the belief that the future according to the lore is not set in stone (and even if it were, stone erodes), and Loki’s spelled things to me that I’ve adopted as UPG that either aren’t in the lore or that basically completely contradict it, or at least, what the lore says is “fated” to happen (e.g. my UPG/doxa/whatever is that Loki was purposefully set free from the cave and that he is completely free, and that Ragnarok isn’t going to happen). I also don’t believe that the gods should have to adhere to a book written a thousand years ago by humans. (Although this does make me sometimes nervous about posting my own UPG, especially on Tumblr, since a lot of the times mine doesn’t necessarily “agree” with what the general consensus is, if that makes sense. And I know I don’t “need” to post it, but sometimes I want to.)

    • Yeah, a lot of us have gotten gunshy about posting personal UPG recently, for a whole array of reasons. Sometimes it’s better to hold it as something private and sacred for your own use rather than risk having it belittled by others–or to do what I did, and write it up as “fiction.”

      FWIW, I agree with you that Loki is free and I do not believe Ragnarok is a Thing–although I didn’t drill down that far into the lore in my video. 🙂

      • Oh, yeah, I was just using that as an example so to speak.

        I did just think of something though, and I honestly can’t remember if you mentioned it in your vid (although you probably did), but do you think people who have conflicting UPG are each only getting part of the story? Like if UPG X seemingly contradicted UPG Y from the same deity, do you think if they were put into a larger context it’d be like “ohhh, NOW it makes sense”?

        • Maybe, but also maybe not. I think 1) everyone gets their own personal version/emanation of a given deity, so it doesn’t especially matter what other people are experiencing with that “same” deity anyway, and 2) some UPG is truly only for the individual it was conveyed to, and no one else–however, this does NOT make it false, it just makes it personal. It’s always possible to conjecture that if something was put into a larger context apparent contradictions could be resolved; for example, you could say that at a certain level all of the gods are part of the same universal energy. However, on the level we deal with the gods as polytheists that doesn’t make Odin the same as Kali.

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