Support Your Pagan Artists and Creators!*reblog*

An unabashed plug for my pagan malas from Jo (who gets to see the entire process and knows how much I put into them), in addition to spreading the word about the offerings of a couple of other artist/artisan friends!

Strip Me Back To The Bone

Admin note: As I write this, Beth’s poor computer has arrived at her doctors, and will hopefully be on the mend and on her way back to us soon! Because I don’t have reliable access to a working computer while Vixen is being fixed, I’m doing some link-happy posting. As far as my Story Subscription subscribers go, I have content through February, and we’re hopeful that Vixen will be back with us before the end of February, so I have every confidence that I’ll have that story finished by March 1st. (Most of the end in also done, I’m just missing a middle chunk.) So far, this will not affect my story subscribers. If that changes, I’ll let you know.


For those of you not in the know, Beth has started making malas. I am so very excited about this! Granted, much of my enthusiasm for her creations comes…

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