Little Rummer Dog

Merry Christmas and Good Yule, from me, Jolene, Corbie J. and Luna Lu. Don’t say I never got you anything. ;P


12 thoughts on “Little Rummer Dog

      • Er, So long as you understand that by kiss, she means shoves his nose into kiddo’s eyeball, which I’m told is the smellingest place upon the human body, and is his version of kisses for people who are not me. He’s not the kissiest dog in the world. I got so many last night because he was nervous. *lol* as if he’s not on the table on his own whenever he can get up there! Silly pooch.

  1. I just watched it with my best friend (who has thus now “met” you and agreed our friendships are a lot a like) and it was totes awesome. God Jul! ❤

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