Evil Eye Protection Stretch Choker Necklace/Bracelet & Evil Eye Mini-Rosary

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If you often find yourself the target of envy from other people, these two items are for you! Throughout the world’s cultures, it is believed that an envious person can steal someone’s good fortune away with the power of a malevolent gaze; it is even possible for this to happen unintentionally–if a friend is secretly jealous of you, for example. The evil eye charm first originated 3,000 years ago in Anatolia, and is still popular today for its traditional power to ward against the evil eye and protect the luck and good fortune of the wearer.

IMG_0501IMG_0503In this choker necklace, an ornate pewter eye pendant mounted on a fine silver-plated pewter European-style bail adorns a strand of 8mm traditional blue glass evil eye beads (the color blue is traditionally used to ward against the evil eye) alternating with 6mm grade A lapis rounds (chosen here for their color) and 8mm ebony wood rounds (for grounding and warding–black also being a highly protective color.)IMG_0506IMG_0507Can be worn as a 15 1/2″ choker-length necklace, a 7 3/4″ double-stranded bracelet (for reference, my wrist is 6 1/2″and this fits me very nicely, with a bit of room to spare), or a 5.16″ triple-stranded bracelet. The beads are strung on strong, stretchy Beadnova Crystal String.IMG_0511This light and comfortable stretch choker necklace is part of my “Shapeshifter” collection, so named because it can also be worn as a multi-stranded stretch bracelet. The pieces in this collection look fabulous on anyone, but were designed specifically for younger pagans (pre-teens through early twenties) to give them affordable options for artisan spiritual jewelry featuring high quality materials, and crafted by a spirit worker. These pieces would also make great gifts for younger pagans from a parent, relative or friend who wants to show support for their path without breaking the bank.

The Evil Eye Stretch Choker Necklace/Bracelet is $40.


Evil Eye Protection Mini-Rosary: A hand-worked rosary chain loop of 8mm blue glass evil eye beads (the color blue is traditionally used to ward against the evil eye) alternating with 6mm grade AA hypersthene rounds and 8mm microfaceted black onyx rounds ends in an extension chain with an ornate pewter evil eye pendant. The color black evokes protection and shielding, and the black gemstone beads support the intent of shielding the wearer by contributing strength and grounding (onyx) and a calming, soothing atmosphere (hypersthene). The links are made from sterling silver-plated copper wire.


Loop circumference: 11″
Extension chain: 2 1/4
Pendant: 1/2″ x 7/8″


This set is perfect for slipping into a pocket or purse compartment for use on-the-go, or for carrying while reciting your prayers as you walk, and the beads can be slipped comfortably over your wrist for convenience during use. (They are not meant to be worn as a regular bracelet though, as the loop is too large and will slip off your wrist.) They come with a beautiful little organza bag that can be used to store them when not in use.

You can use these beads to count out specific prayers, to adorn a shrine (or as a travel shrine all on their own), or for breathwork during meditation (which is how I like to use my own; moving my fingers over the beads as I breathe helps me maintain focus). These beads can also be carried on in your pocket or purse for everyday shielding purposes, or used as a focal point in a spell to ward off the evil eye.IMG_0553

The Evil Eye Protection Mini-Rosary is $35.

I do accept layaway, and would be happy to set up a payment plan for you if you really love one of both of these but it would be more convenient to purchase over two or more installments. Please take a look at my layaway policy, then get in touch with me and we’ll make the arrangements.